Physical Abuse Letter

Physical Abuse Letter

Shondra Gant 91-1413 Halahua St. Kapolei, HI 96707 (123)456-7890 [email protected] com October 7, 2012 Theo Bark Writer TheBoomBox. com 770 Broadway New York, NY 10003 Dear Mr. Bark, Your article written on October 5, 2012 concerning the Chris Brown and Rihanna matter, writing how her father approves of their reconciliation is not a subject that should just be taken lightly.

Abusive relationships are a serious matter and stating that it is okay to continue a relationship with your abuser is the wrong message to be sending to people, including those that are in abusive relationships and won’t speak up about what they go through. Considering that 80% of girls in abusive relationships continue to be in the relationship with their abuser( Bhatti paragraph 7, statistic 2), ending a relationship and starting it back up again is the same circumstance. Writing this article IS NOT the correct message that you should be sending.

That ultimately the people that hurt you once can change and won’t hurt you again, “He used to hit her…. He swore that it wouldn’t happen again but it only got worse;”( Sparks, P. 64). 33% of teenagers do not speak up if they are being abused( Bhatti paragraph 6, statistic 3), 24% of women ages 18-35 haven’t said if they were being harmed in an abusive relationship( Glamour magazine). When Rihanna spoke up about he matter, they said goodbye, there was a hearing, and they stopped speaking.

Now these rumors of a reconciliation are bringing up memories and making this a hot topic again. And now coming out, saying her father approves of this, that this event between them is just a ‘mistake, and everyone should be forgiven once'( Bark, paragraph 3). People who continue to forgive abusers realize they shouldn’t have, and by writing this article this is what you are saying: Just go ahead and forgive! Abusive relationships are a major issue, but seeing how these are music professionals that people listen to and look up to, this hits home much more.

The children that look up to these individuals will think, “well she took him back! I can too!!! ” Do you have kids Mr. Bark? I don’t, but I have 6 younger siblings, seeing your article that a family member approves of an abuser getting back together with the abused, and every other article stating they are back together IS NOT something I want my siblings thinking is acceptable in society. Thank you for your time in reading my letter on what I thought of your article. Sincerely yours, Shondra Gant