Practicum in Educational Leadership

Practicum in Educational Leadership

‘As for the best leaders, the people do non detect their being ; the following best, the people honour and praise ; the following, people fear ; the following, the people hate… when the best leader ‘s work is done, the people say, “ We did it ourselves. ” ‘ Lao-tsu ( circa 500 BC ) .

The Council of Chief State School Officers has adopted the undermentioned as the organisation ‘s mission statement: CCSSO, through leading, protagonism, and service, assists main province school officers and their organisations in accomplishing the vision of an American instruction system that enables all kids to win in school, work, and life.


During old ages as a instructor, leading manner has been collaborative, enthusiastically seeking sense engagement. Always take part in determination devising and seeking an chance. I believe that instructors learn a great trade from their experience, and besides “ I see failure as an chance for alteration ” .

I will seek to stand for the features of effectual leaders in schools. Research workers say that pupils gain important accomplishment in schools in which principals province a clear school mission, present in schoolrooms and hallways, hold high outlooks for instructors and pupils, spend a major part of the twenty-four hours working with instructors to better tuition, are actively involved in naming instructional jobs and make a positive school clime.

A twenty-four hours in the life of a principal can be spent seeking to maintain little unpleasant incidents from going an unattractive chief catastrophe. Good principals in some manner find clip to develop a vision of what that school should be and to portion that vision with all members of the educational community. Successful principals can show a specific school mission, and they strain invention and betterment.

A Clear School mission could be ‘providing instruction of first-class quality to all students irrespective of spiritual economic, cultural and societal background ‘ and a Clear School Vision could be ‘to aid upgrading the educational degree of Cyprus youth set uping Cyprus as an one good educated state with a really valuable human resource plus. In less effectual schools, instructors do non hold a common apprehension of the school ‘s mission, and they seem as persons be aftering their ain separate classs. The demand for the principal to portion his or her vision expands non merely to instructors but to parents as good. When instructors work as a group and parents are connected with the school ‘s mission, the kids are more likely to carry through academic success.

The cardinal function for a caput instructor is that of authorization, making a civilization in which the ability and endowment of the staff is non merely valued, but to the full applied. If caput instructors do non do it clear that all staff ( learning and support staff ) have the authorization to do determinations, to be advanced and originative, so they will presume that they do non. If that happens, the immense assets of cognition and experience that exists in all schools will remain undeveloped.


School context

We consider a High School which functioning about 960 pupils. A large chance starts at a school which its edifice appears to be non to the full constructed and the school premises are 25-year-old. It is a challenge of first principal. It is really a comprehensive school, with approximately 85 % of bulk cultural pupils.

The school enjoys a really good repute, locally and nationally, as a successful, advanced school and has done for many old ages. On entry to the school, pupil public presentation is loosely in line with national outlooks. More than 70 % of pupils systematically achieve nucleus topics. 58 % of pupils achieved five or more A* to C classs ( 2005 ) . 95 % of pupils achieved A-E classs at GCE A degree, with about all pupils deriving their first pick higher instruction topographic point. Consequences across the school have been systematically good for many old ages, although betterment is a current focal point for us.

The aim is to make a unagitated professional environment in which pupils move about in smaller, calmer groups. Some schools have managed to accomplish a state of affairs where staff takes their categories down to interrupt or tiffin during an drawn-out lesson, and return to go on the lesson.A These relationships between staff and students are implicative of extremely effectual acquisition environments.

Prosecuting instructors

All of the developments discussed here rely on holding the right staff making the right occupations. Teachers should be involved in advancing the positive values of the school and the school civilization, planning and implementing the most effectual and motivational lessons possible. Teachers will be back uping all pupils to guarantee that they are larning every bit good as possible and supervising the advancement of all students so that they can move where advancement is unequal. That is a immense occupation.

School leaders should non let instructors to go delayed in inordinate study authorship, look intoing behavioral issues, executing societal attention ( beyond that which we would anticipate from any caring instructor in that it could be provided in the schoolroom ) , school responsibilities, screen for absent co-workers ( unless there is a clear educational ground for making so ) . Workforce development has moved us on well with this. It is non that we should non make these things in school ; it is merely that we should use the right people to make them, and they are non teachers.A

Many of these activities are so of import that we need professional staff to see them as their chief function in school. We should non go forth them in the custodies of instructors who may be able to suit them in between lessons, at interruption or at lunchtime, while seeking to concentrate on their instruction activities.

Future programs

We are committed to the thought that every pupil should win and accomplish, although they may show this in many ways.A

The Government has set a considerable challenge for us through its docket, which opens up the course of study to present a scope of vocational and academic paths. It has besides challenged us to put a new outlook that most pupils will go on instruction in a coherent and planned manner to the age of 19, with GCSE, IGCE and tantamount makings merely a marker along the way.A

To run into the challenge of this immense course of study entitlement, we must join forces with other schools and colleges in a manner we have non seen earlier. Schools and colleges will necessitate to better their footings to run into the demands of all pupils, instead than convert students that the footings we have traditionally offered is what they want.A

To make this, the collaborative spirit will hold to replace the competitory spirit. The hereafter is non so much about being an effectual school as it is about being in an effectual teamwork to supply broad-ranging individualized acquisition.


Surviving the first twelvemonth

Plan your clip. Decide what issues you are traveling to work on during the hebdomad. If you assign clip to work on fixing points required for regulating organic structure meetings, so seek to maintain to this timetable. It is impractical to believe that you will be able to maintain stiffly to the timetable you have made.

Trust others and larn to depute. As a new caput instructor, deputation is sometimes a small hard to take clasp of. Schools are full of professional and really capable people. Let people cognize your outlooks and enable them to acquire on with the undertaking in manus.

Get to cognize your leading squad. However large or little your school is, your senior leading squad is important and their support, committedness and finding to take the school with you are critical. Allocate quality clip to speak, work and reflect with this group of persons and listen to what they have to state.

Stay focused and productive. Try non to do instant determinations and dramatic alterations that affect the work of other staff and kids, where they have had no engagement or make non understand the principle behind the determination made.

Detecting effectual schools

An effectual school is a school in which pupils achieve high criterions that they can utilize in their future instruction or the workplace, a school where pupils experience safe and happy. It promotes those values that will assist pupils to go good and responsible citizens, enable them to go involved in their community and go good household members. We all write these kinds of things in our school mission statements and school paperss, but we are all excessively frequently distracted from them in daily planning.A

High criterions are non the preserve of a few socially advantaged persons and we should ne’er take down our outlooks on the footing of societal background. For that ground, contextual informations can go forth us excessively easy satisfied with hapless performance.A

I am privileged to hold worked in some effectual schools with staff that have developed extremely effectual schemes. There are many extremely effectual schools across the state. Visiting them with an unfastened head makes you come off with a firing desire to develop something of what you have seen for your ain school. I would urge this as a scheme for caput instructors every bit good as for instructors, support staff and pupils from across the school.A

Establishing precedences in your ain school will needfully come from a audience with school stakeholders.A I have sometimes found it utile to keep visioning yearss, where stakeholders are invited to place future precedences for the school and these are so used to assist the senior squad set precedences within the school betterment program. When making this it is of import to affect all stakeholders: instructors, support staff, pupils, parents, governors, spouse schools and many other groups that work with the school.

Bettering behavior

The get downing point in any school has to be behaviour. We all know how to cover with the Acts of the Apostless of terrible verbal or physical aggression that sometimes take topographic point in our schools. They are upsetting but they are, in general, occasional and are non the major break from assisting pupils to learn.A

The behavior jobs that cause a existent job in schools are by and large low degree, but can render everything else we attempt to make virtually useless. Lack of attending from pupils, speaking out of bend and small argues in the schoolroom are far more likely to damage effectual instruction than anything else.A

It is this type of behavior that instructors seldom deal with efficaciously or mention to other school leaders. While it is of import that we continually back up instructors to make a schoolroom environment in which they are in charge and which encourages good behavior, we besides have a responsibility as school leaders to pull off the effects of hapless behaviors centrally.A

Develop Behaviour for larning programme.

The attack is simple: no student is allowed to interrupt another pupil ‘s acquisition or to do anyone feel uncomfortable, threatened or unhappy. Students are made cognizant of the effects of making these things and all grownups in the school are empowered to enter the fact that a student has disobeyed this codification. A cardinal squad of staff, including senior staff and support staff, ensures that the effects are ever carried out.A

Students and parents regard the programme as just and consistent. It empowers all staff ; given all staff do precisely the same thing when a pupil misbehaves. It besides ensures that instructors carry on making their occupation, learning the well behaved pupils who are all excessively frequently left waiting while they watch instructors seeking to cover with uncooperative students.A

Wagess for larning are every bit of import and can be administered in accurately the same manner. The thought that pupils can derive wagess that have financial value and can be spent in a school wagess house is peculiarly effectual. Behaviour for larning schemes can hold dramatic effects on a school in footings of drawing the whole school community together around a common focal point.

Making right larning environment

We are seeking to develop a school that is professional larning environment, where pupils feel that they are in school to larn and will be supported from the minute they walk in through the door.A

Create this through good thought out be aftering when the school was built. Whatever type of edifice we have, it will normally be possible to make the infinite to observe pupil accomplishment and guarantee that everyone who visits the school and every pupil who enters the school knows how well pupils achieve and how good they, as persons, will accomplish in the future.A

The issue of corridor behavior and overcrowding may look unimportant but it is an facet of school life that pupils do non like and sometimes fright. Surely, overcrowded corridors and the hapless behavior that frequently accompanies them sabotage our efforts to make professional acquisition environments. We need to undertake the ‘school mill ‘ environment through originative timetabling and school administration. One manner we have gone about this is to make an uninterrupted twenty-four hours.

Achieving personalised acquisition in pattern

Making the right civilization, environment and ethos in a school, where pupils know they have come to larn, hold high self-pride and swear the school to present, are critical innovators to good instruction and learning.A No sum of attempt to better criterions of instruction will hold much impact unless they are in topographic point.

However, holding established the right civilization, the schoolroom experience must present and run into the single demands of every student. This requires each instructor to cognize the demands of each single student, and for constructions to be where pupils can be assigned to the right instruction groups to run into those needs.A

The personalizing acquisition docket presents us with many challenges.

First of wholly, it is now indispensable that every instructor has instant entree to student informations in the schoolroom in an utile signifier. This means that either every schoolroom needs a computing machine or every instructor needs a laptop that will entree the school network.A

Right construction

If head instructors create level leading structures that inquire all staff to lend to problem-solving, that do non get down out with defined solutions that everybody else is supposed to think, so that corporate cognition and experience will be used to travel the school forward.A

Structures need to reenforce the construct that every member of staff can do determination. This is non to state that staffs are non accountable for their determinations ; it is of import that they are. It is non to state that a caput instructor or other senior leader should non set forward their ain positions or solutions ; they should. It is non to state that we should non sometimes justice that, on this juncture, this is a affair that the caput instructor needs to make up one’s mind. However, it is of import to listen to all members of staff ( and parents and pupils for that affair ) , to be clear about which determinations you are doing and which 1s they are able to do and to swear them to do many more determinations than has been the instance traditionally in schools.

Trusting on coaction

Making an effectual school is believing about coaction, sharing thoughts and networking. I am thankful to those who have shared their thought with me and look frontward to future duologue, which I trust will assist us all to develop first-class schools for all immature people.

Choosing the appropriate webs to work with is a affair of personal pick and school context. It is deserving developing relationships through national webs excessively. The advantage to working in webs outside your ain vicinity is twofold. On the one manus the scope of schemes to which you become exposed is greater and will affect schools that have developed otherwise and under different restraints. It is frequently easier to look objectively at a school when you do non hold a preset image of the school and when you are non in competition with it for students.

A Safe and organized Climate

Surely before pupils can larn or instructors can learn, schools must be safe. An insecure school is considered uneffective and besides the public see it as deficiency of subject to be among the most serious jobs confronting schools. Schools must supply safe acquisition environments. Safe schools focus on academic accomplishment, the school mission, affecting households and communities in school activities, and making an environment where instructors, pupils and staff are treated with regard. Student jobs are identified early, before they get worse into force. School psychologists, particular educationA plans, household societal workers, and school broad plans increase communicating and cut down school emphasis.

Monitoring Student Progress

We could observe attractive shows of pupil work on bulletin boards and walls. Besides, posted few pupil documents and charting of advancement towards academic ends. Students could hold a clear sense of how they were making in their surveies ; they kept advancement charts in their notebooks and think of ways to better their academic public presentation. Teachers referred to student booklets that contained thorough records of pupil tonss onA standardised trials, every bit good as samples of category work, prep, and public presentation on hebdomadal trials. It is really of import that school carefully proctors pupil advancement and communicates this information to pupils and parents. Effective schools carefully monitor and assess pupil advancement in a assortment of ways.

Using trials such as Norm-referenced testsA and Objective-referenced testsA to compare single pupils with others in a nationwide mean group and step whether a pupil has a ‘chosen ‘ organic structure of cognition ( assessment trials ) . Furthermore, some instructors ask pupils to follow their ain advancement in acquiring class aims as a manner of assisting them presume more duty for their ain acquisition. Homework is another scheme to supervise pupils. Homework additions student achievement tonss and accomplishment is increased when prep is ranked and commented on. Even though ranked prep is an of import ingredient in pupil accomplishment.

High Expectations

Students could have extraordinary tonss on a trial than predicted and kids could achieve outstanding academic additions. An effectual school ever depend on the power of instructor outlooks in determining pupil accomplishment. A termA of self-fulfilling prophecyA is publicized as ‘students may larn as much or every bit small as instructors expect ‘ . Although, teacher outlooks do, in fact, produce high pupil accomplishment, and low outlooks produce low accomplishment.

Excessively frequently, teacher outlooks have a negative impact. An inaccurate judgement about a pupil can he do because of mistake, unconscious bias, or stereotype. For illustration, fine-looking, well-groomed pupils are often thought to be smarter than their less attractive equals. Often, male pupils are thought to be brighter in math, scientific discipline, and engineering, while misss are given the border in linguistic communication accomplishments. Students of coloring material are sometimes perceived as less capable or intelligent. A hapless public presentation on a individual standardised trial ( possibly due to illness or an “ off ” twenty-four hours ) can do instructors to keep an inaccurate appraisal of a pupil ‘s ability for months and even old ages. Even a insouciant remark in the instructors ‘ sofa can determine the outlooks of other instructors.

When instructors hold low outlooks for certain pupils, their intervention of these pupils frequently differs in unconscious ways. Typically, they offer such pupils fewer chances to react, less congratulations, less ambitious work and fewerA nonverbalA marks ( oculus contact, smilings, positive respect ) . In effectual schools, instructors hold high outlooks that pupils can larn, and they translate these outlooks into learning behaviors. They set aims, work toward command of those aims, pass more clip on direction, and actively monitor pupil advancement. They are convinced that pupils can win.

Do high outlooks work if pupils do non believe they be? Probably non, and that is excessively frequently the instance. While a bulk ofA secondary schoolA principals believe that their schools hold such outlooks for their pupils, merely 39 per centum of instructors believe this to be true and even more discouraging, merely one in four pupils believe their school holds high outlooks for them. We need to make a better occupation of pass oning these outlooks to pupils, and doing certain that these outlooks genuinely challenge pupils.

And it is non lone pupils who benefit from high outlooks. When instructors keep high outlooks for their ain public presentation so the full school benefits. Always endeavoring for excellence, these instructors felt that no affair how good a category was taught, following clip it could be taught better.


Actions to do effectual schooling ( Memoranda-Letter )

Early start

High-quality plans include parent preparation, particular showing services, and appropriate acquisition chances for kids. Such plans are rare, but can significantly raise IQ points and enhance linguistic communication accomplishments. Some of the kids are notA readingA at grade degree and by the terminal of the first class face a one-in-eight opportunity of of all time catching up. In math, pupils who do non get the hang basic constructs find themselves playing catch-up throughout their school old ages. Effective schools identify and rectify such lacks early, before pupil public presentation get worse.

Smaller classesA

Smaller categories are associated with addition pupil larning, particularly in the earlier classs. Children in categories of 15 outperform pupils in categories of 25, even when the larger categories have a instructor ‘s protagonist in attending.

Increased acquisition timeA

Longer school yearss, longer school old ages, more efficient usage of school clip, and more ranked prep are all proved methods of heightening academic acquisition clip and pupil public presentation. Appraisal: A Investing clip is utile, but measuring how efficaciously the clip is spent is besides of import. Testing pupil public presentation has been tied to greater accomplishment, and some territories have gone so far as to pay instructors inducements for betterments in student trial tonss.

Teacher trainingA

The best manner to better school effectivity is by puting in teacher preparation. Stronger instructor accomplishments and makings lead to greater pupil larning. On the other manus, pupils pay an academic monetary value when they are taught by unqualified and uncertified instructors.


Trusting relationships among parents, pupils, principals and instructors is a necessary ingredient to regulate, better, and reform schools. As trust degrees addition, so does academic public presentation.

What about engineering? A

Schools that are unsure to pass financess on instructor preparation, category size decreases, orA early childhood educationA plans nevertheless are speedy to put important amounts in computing machines and upgraded engineering.

Get to cognize the schoolA

Create an being without being over-powering. Spend some clip standing in the resort area in the forenoon and after school. Welcome the kids into school in the forenoon, smiled and talked to parents as they looked suspiciously at the new caput and spoke to the community constabulary officers who control the traffic in the busy route around the school. You will derive a huge sum of information about the school from the kids, got to cognize the parent population and enabled them to see that you are interested in what they had to state about the issues that mattered to them.

Do non walk around the school without a clear intent. Teachers and learning helpers have categories to settle at the beginning of the twelvemonth and do non desire to experience that they need to affect the new caput as you all of a sudden turn up in their schoolroom. By no agencies that you do non see schoolrooms and spend clip observing and acquiring to cognize staff and kids, but this should be planned into your apprehension of the school procedure and should hold an purpose of which the staff should be made cognizant.

Developing the bigger pictureA A

Tell staff and kids ( what you feel is relevant ) about yourself, your experiences, and your outlooks. It is of import that they see you as a individual and non merely as the caput ship. Ask the staff what they expect of your function and what they hope you will accomplish in your first twelvemonth. I personally found this a really interesting exercising. Expectations ranged from back uping them and listening to their positions to being a confident leader and enabling them to portion and contribute.A

It is of import to pass planned clip with each of the categories speaking to the students. Ask them what they like larning about, what frustrates them about the school, what their want for the school would be, what they believe your function within the school is and how are they able to assist you better the school.

Above all, ask for the staff and kids to state you about what they truly like about the school, what would do it even better for them personally and for the school community as a whole. Remember that this is the ‘getting to cognize the school ‘ procedure and, while you will derive priceless cognition about the school, staff and kids, store the information you gain to develop your apprehension of the school you have been appointed to take. Do n’t, nevertheless, promise to alter the universe or connote that you will take on every suggestion for betterment it will non go on overnight and you will merely be puting self-expectations that you may non be able to run into instantly.

Always remember that you are non entirely. The fantastic staffs in the office frequently have a immense sum of cognition, understanding and skill that they are trusting you will do usage of. Their cognition of the parent population, pupil attending forms and local concern contacts should surely non be underestimated.


It would be a fantastic accomplishment if all parents were all of a sudden on the side of the new caput ; eager to delight, raise tonss of money for the school fund and line up up to lend to the school betterment program. It may be an unrealistic idea ab initio, but working on acquiring the relationship right with parents will guarantee that positive support is achieved from these valuable stakeholders.

Invite parents to run into with you in an informal but structured scene. Held two separate meetings in order to supply parents with a pick of clip. During the meetings acquiring the balance right is important. Do n’t offer a vision that you may non be up to gaining in the immediate hereafter as it will merely take to discouragement. Do portion with them, nevertheless, some of your values and rules and how you see them working with you. Invite them to state you in the signifier of a simple questionnaire what they believe to be positive facets of the school, countries they would wish to see improved in the immediate hereafter and what they would wish to see improved in the longer term. Keep parents good informed of any school betterments, peculiarly when a alteration has been made in response to facets that parents have suggested.

Memoranda – Letterss

Beloved Parent ( s ) :

It is hard to show the exhilaration I am experiencing in being the new principal. It is an honor and privilege to be at the service of an outstanding faulty and the fantastic parents and pupils that make up the community of the school. With the reaching of new first, 3rd, and 4th class instructors, every bit good as a new secretary, I think you will experience and see a sense of newness and exhilaration as you walk through the halls of our school. I hope that you will experience welcome as you become involved with your kid ‘s experiences.

Throughout the school twelvemonth, your kid ‘s instructor and I will be doing a particular attempt to remain in touch with you. We will maintain you informed of your kid ‘s advancement and school activities. Look for documents coming place from school each twenty-four hours, newssheets, invitations, updates, tips, and reminders.

Your communicating with us is really of import, excessively. Please do n’t waver to reach your kid ‘s instructor, or me, whenever you have a inquiry or concern. The school ‘s phone figure is 22-xxxxxx, and our facsimile figure is 22-xxxxxx.

I hope you will take portion in your kid ‘s instruction by asking about their clip spent at school. Ask about their friends and instructors. Get involved as they complete their prep or seek you help on particular projects.. I am confident that your kid will show greater motive as you continue to demo involvement in their academic and societal experiences. We will surely work on our terminal to supply your kid with the best instruction possible. Let ‘s work together to do this an first-class school twelvemonth in every manner!

Thank you for your support.



Principal ‘s Message to instructors

October is here and larning is in full move backwards and forwards! Before I highlight the exciting activities we can anticipate toA enjoy this twelvemonth, allow me foremost reexamine the work that has occurred this far.A

Thank you to everyone who attended our New Families Orientation, The Welcome Coffee, Back to School Night, Parent Volunteer meeting and a host of grade degree events. It ‘s ever a dainty to see old faces, recognize new 1s, and to see the exhilaration that these events bring to the beginning of the twelvemonth. As usual, your energy and enthusiasm for doing this a fantastic twelvemonth is infective and exciting!

Along with the societal events, the start of the school twelvemonth besides marks the beginning of instructors acquiring to cognize their pupils. In September, we began the first of a series of treatments refering to our appraisals and the analysis of our SPSA ( Single Plan for Student Achievement ) . These treatments involved grade degree and cross class degree analysis of pupil public presentation and how we as a staff can aline our resources to guarantee the academic advancement and accomplishment of our pupils. These conversations will be ongoing throughout the twelvemonth and will climax in the development of new ends and challenges for ourselves and for our students.A

Even though we are difficult at work, there is still clip for merriment by implementing some alterations! In October we start the month off with our fund-raising event of the twelvemonth, Family Picnic on first Sunday! This is a fantastic event that showcases our school and our community. Thankss to the dedication and coordination attempts of many, the twenty-four hours is filled with walking, games, nutrient and merriment. I look frontward to seeing everyone there.A

During the twelvemonth, every Wednesday is walk to school twenty-four hours, staff and parents will be observing the twenty-four hours by walking to school with those of you who choose to make so. Come walk with us and assist the environment at the same clip!

It ‘s of import that we support and provide the construction and assortment of a ambitious academic plan every bit good as a rich array of extracurricular activities. Our larning environment must supply our pupils with the chance to meet issues, inquire examining inquiries, appreciate differing positions, and grapnel with understanding. In making such an environment, we need to maintain in position, a vision. The confidently cognizant and oddly engaged alumnus, armed with a important organic structure of cognition, plus the tools to encompass, decipher and contribute to the universe which awaits them. With this terminal in head we are challenged to make much more than merely present a prescribed course of study. We must continually look for chances for pupils to build significance, make connexions across subjects, engage in relevant and ambitious undertakings and show their sentiments on a broad array of subjects drawn both from their texts and their experiences. This twelvemonth, we will be committed to supply clip for the module to work together in grade-level squads to put wide aims for all pupils to get the hang and so to analyze the chances which exist to incorporate and organize the bringing of lessons in such a manner that pupils can associate what they are larning to the universe around them.

Keeping the pupil ‘s learning experience at the Centre of our planning, we will be taking a close expression at prep outlooks and all of the excess demands our school plan demands with the end of streamlining and incorporating these demands in a manageable work burden and calendar. We will besides be concentrating on the usage of engineering in direction, the development of strong research accomplishments in all class degrees and increasing an consciousness of environmental issues in our school, community and beyond. We have a strong course of study, knowing and inspiring instructors, a supportive community and ample resources to maintain our school invariably working to supply the best possible acquisition experience for our pupils. I will be describing our advancement in making our ends as the twelvemonth in front unfolds.

We ‘re off to a great start! PleaseA allow me cognize if you have any inquiries or concerns.A