Principles of Marketing

Based on the definition of Boone and Kurtz (2006), “Marketing channel is a system of marketing institutions that promotes the physical flow of goods and services along with the ownership title, from producers to consumers or business user and is also called distribution channel”. (Boone, 2006)   Stephen Diorio defined Distribution channel as “an organized system of marketing institutions and their interrelationships that promotes the physical flow of goods and services, along with title that confers ownership, from producer to consumer or business user.”   Source: Harcourt College Publishers (Diorio)

On the other hand, marketing intermediary was defined by Boone and Kurtz as “wholesaler or retailer that operates between producers and consumers or business users” and referred to as middle man.     It is the link that connects the producer to the ultimate users.    (Boone, 2006)

Boone, Louise. E. a. Kurtz., David L. (2006). Contemporary Marketing Part 5: Distribution Decisions   Retrieved March 10, 2007, from

Diorio, S. Building a Growth Engine With Technology.   Retrieved March 9, 2007, from

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