Problem and Solution of Plastics

The problem and solution of plastic Recently, plastic has become one of the most serious pollution problems in the world. According to a piece of news, it shows that every year worldwide plastic trash has been estimated at 260 million tons, and around ten percent ends up in the ocean. Many clean any more. As a result, in order to get back our beautiful ocean, people must recycle plastic and transform it into other energies. The tourism has become a great share that contributes to a country’s economy. Such as Maldives, every year, many people go to Maldives to take a holiday.

It used to be a beautiful beach there, but now, a lot of plastic trash is thrown on it. Maybe at this moment, the economy there is not so good anymore; furthermore, the clean ocean and the good air condition are disappearing. The same situation also happens to some cities that are famous for mountains, for instance Taian, Huangshan. Their tourism is a large support to their economy. A piece of news has reported that in Huangshan, the cleaners have to climb to the mountain to pick up the plastic bags, bottles and other trash.

Therefore, people must recycle plastic; it is not only good for our environment, but also beneficial to save the energies. The best action to address this problem is to recycle plastic and transform it into other energies. The first way is burning plastic in a special incinerator. The heat can be used for industrial power generation, according to a survey; it shows that recycling 1 ton of plastic saves the equivalent of 5,774 kilowatt-hours of electric energy. In addition, many companies that using plastic to generate power have established in recent years. Another way to address this problem is Hydride decomposition.

This method could transform sixty to eighty percent of the composition of plastic to crude oil. Crude oil is one of the most essential fuels in the world, about eighty-eight percent of the crude oil is used to be fuel, and so recycling plastic can make a contribution to saving the crude oil. In order to realize this transformation, the government should spend more money on developing technology. Maybe it will cost much money, but once a country has an incinerator or a Hydride decomposition machine, they can be used for many years; much plastic can be transformed and a lot of energies can be saved.

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Problem and Solution of Plastics
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Thus, recycling plastic and transforming it into other energies is the best action to address this big pollution problem. Everyone in the world should not throw plastic anywhere; people should care more about the environment not always about themselves. Because a good environment is the insurance of people’s health, a clean ocean will get back to people’s life soon. The marine animals will live happy lives with their best friends-human being.

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