Quality Control of Car Seat

To All Valued Customers:

Tchou Tchou is fully committed to serving the product needs of infants and children.  As such, we want to address a recent market development of our infant car seat model number: 0907-888-TTICS.

As you may know, Tchou Tchou has issued a voluntary product recall of all infant car seat purchased in the last three months. In the wake of this development, we are offering to replace your newly purchased infant car seat with one of our earlier model at no extra cost on your part.

To ensure the safety of your children, we would like to request you to either return the infant car seat at the store where you purchase the product or email us at [email protected] and we would be glad to arrange for a pickup.

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Quality Control of Car Seat
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We recognize the inconvenience this causes you.  However, this action reflects Tchou Tchou’s commitment to high quality standards and ensuring that our products fully meet your expectations.

Please know we are working hard to provide you with the high-quality products and customer service you have come to expect from Tchou Tchou.  If you have any questions, please contact our toll free 24/7 customer service hotline at 1-800-82468.


(Your Name)

Manager, Sales and Marketing Analyst

Date:  January 4, 2008

To :  Fred Lucas, Manager, Manufacturing Department

From:  (Your Name), Manager, Sales and Marketing Analyst

Subject:  Quality Control of Car Seat Model Number: 0907-888-TTICS

English Language Training

Due to the recent complaint that we have received from our client with regards to the tiny fragment of glass in the upholstery of the infant car seat, we have voluntarily recalled the products that were purchased within the past three months.  This step was undertaken to give us the opportunity to thoroughly check the quality of our recalled product.

Although our overhead cost would be greatly affected we would like your department to replace the upholsteries of all the recalled infant car seats.  In addition to the quality control inspection that we have been doing prior to the release of all our products, our engineering department will also perform a thorough check on all the machineries and equipments that are being used in the production of all our products.

We appreciate the suggestion made by some employees to improve the workplace in your department.  The management officers have considered their suggestion and have recently made an arrangement with a language instructor who could provide a program that would facilitate ease of communication and learning of a second language among employees in the department.  The in-house language instructor will visit your department tomorrow and will present the program to you and your staff.

Please keep me posted on any development.  Thank you very much.

Hi Ms. Kathy,

I have recently written a letter addressed to all our customers who have purchased the infant car seat model number: 0907-888-TTICS.  I have informed them about the company’s decision to recall the product and our willingness to replace the infant car seat with one of our earlier model at no extra cost on their part.  This is in line with our commitment to provide them with the best quality products which our company has been noted for.

I have also written the manufacturing department and asked them to replace all the upholsteries of the recalled infant car seat.  The engineering department will likewise conduct a thorough inspection on all the machineries and equipment in the production area to ensure that none of the fragment of glasses came from our production area.  Furthermore, the language instructor will be coordinating with Fred Lucas in line with the in-house language program that will be provided to the employees.

Although the complaint of one customer is an isolated case, the company’s overhead expense will be greatly affected as a result of the product recall.  However, the reputation of Tchou Tchou and our customers’ satisfaction is our foremost concern.  This may be the first time that we have recalled a product in our six years of existence but given the time, the public will be fully aware that we have been at par with our product standard.

Please be assured that I will use my skills and expertise in projecting the good image of the company and to make the public aware that this problem did not arise from our company.

I will keep you posted on any development.


(Your First Name)


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