Reaction Paper: Mankind: Story of All of Us

Reaction Paper: Mankind: Story of all of us – History Channel The documentary that was assigned for us to watch is all about the beginning of mankind. Not exactly about the evolution of men (ape to human), but how men developed through times and what were the first inventions made by the human beings. It is said that it has been documented for 3 years, and it is such a privilege to be able to watch the episode. For me it was easy to understand. The story is illustrated well by the actors and you could also feel like going back in time together with the people who have been documenting these stories.

I think it is educational and must be required in high school to watch the episodes in their world history class. The stories that’d been shown in the first episode are mostly discussed in my world history class during my high school years. With the illustration, it is easier for the students to understand what really happened at that time and it will surely remain in our mind just like a favorite movie that we once watched. The documentary started from when we were cavemen. We wandered around, looked for place to live and basic needs to survive. We can see from just that scene that men were created intelligent.

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And from the discovery of fire, our developments as being a human have started. I actually started watching from the part where a woman discovers farming. If she didn’t discover the ways of farming, we wouldn’t be able to develop even greater inventions like we have in the present. The documentary explained that this was one of the biggest factor in the history; not only positively but negatively, It has also became the cause of crimes and wars. In the documentary, we could conclude that people are natural warriors. To be able to survive from what we think is a threat; we would fight with the other group of men or tribe.

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We will protect what we think is ours and to conquer others when we think they got more than what we have. Through the years, the development of the weapons has become the greatest part in our history. How the people discovered the material and made it into a sharp object. How they learned to exchange things and to market. In these times they discovered exporting and importing system. From the usage of stones for weapons, it became tin, and then another mineral, then learned to use iron. Which in modern days, iron is very important for building bridges and buildings. Chinese were really clever ever since.

They have invented new kinds of weapons which are more accurate and more powerful. They are also the one who started the mass production in weapons. I think it somehow shows in the current economy of the China. What I really liked in the history that they’ve shown in the documentary are the building of the pyramid and the Great Wall of China. It is amazing how people managed to build such a gigantic architect during those times and without any help of our modern technology. Everything was calculated precisely. And writing was the biggest factor that has helped them in building those.

I still wonder how and where they got the 2 million blocks for building the pyramid. And to think many people have sacrificed in making both of the architectural structure for 20 years for Pyramid and 118 years for the Great Wall of China (if I remembered correctly), it is really amazing. I don’t know if it’s still possible for modern men to build anything that is as amazing without the help of any machinery. Because of the high technological inventions, people have become more dependent and lazy. Even if there’re going to be an amazing new architect, I wouldn’t be as amazed as I do for those old architectural structure.

But it doesn’t mean that the development and advancement in technology is bad. I think it is also important to appreciate the hard work that had been exerted by the men who have sacrificed their life in building it. The documentary has become a great reminder and a lesson to me. I would recommend other people to watch these episodes for it might change us in the way we see life in a positive ways. I hope there will be more great invention and not all those useless inventions made by idle scientists. People really should get a good example from the men in golden times. Not with the invention of weapons but inventions towards peace.

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