Reaction Paper

Reaction Paper

A REACTION PAPER ON THE TALKSHOW STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART YEAR 2 VALUES EDUCATION S. Y. 2012-2013 I. Introduction: This year, is the year 2 of the said talk show in which the Holy Name University High School Department were preparing. The title of the talk show was STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART YEAR 2. Of course, the talk show can’t be done without our handsome and beautiful guests. The 1st guest was our own Fr. Ruel Lero. The 2nd guest was the wife of Gov. Edgar Chatto, Mrs. Pureza Chatto, the 1st lady in the province of Bohol. The 3rd guest was Mr.

John Geesnell ‘Baba’ Yap, the Tagbilaran City’s future mayor. Well if, there were guests, there will be hosts. They were Dr. Marlon Jala, a 4th year, math teacher. Mrs. Mary Faith Barette was also the host of the said talk show, Dr. Asuncion Pabalan, our Asst. Principal of the Night Department. The talk show was held at Holy Name University Main Gym, on November 29, 2012 at 1:00-5:00 p. m. II. Contents: The issues were all about young people today who were involving in romance, the regarding and disregarding of the RH Bill. The guests were honored to be invited in the talk show.

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They responded the questions straight from their hearts. Some of them were surprised by the questions given by the hosts. The guests responses were very striking and we can also relate it with our lives. They honestly responded about the issues they were asked and I salute them with their answers and I can see a model within them to all the Boholanos. III. Reaction: All I can say about the issues discussed is it’s very useful for the understanding of the teenagers specially in this new generations and for the future about love.

It is important for the young people today because they will be reminded of the things they were probably doing or involving. This issues would affect students specially in high school because some of them have their own problems about their girlfriends or boyfriends, or the closeness of their family. They will be reminded to study first, or they will be warned because they’re still young to do these or to do that and they’re old enough to do these or to do that. The lessons we can get from Mrs. Chatto is being humble or just to be ourselves, and always SMILE and the whole world will smile back at you.

The lessons we can get from ‘Baba’ Yap is to be patient and study first before entering romance. From Fr. Lero, we can get also some inspiring lessons like being close to GOD and obey to your parents. IV. Reflection/Realization: I realized that the program is a useful idea to teach students like me about some of the Filipino Values. The program is very interesting and I like the talk show. Students like me would reflect that each person has a time for everything and that time can be waited because God has set all the things in our lives and all has a reason that God let you wait for that time to come.