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Related Literature of Brand Preferences on Mobile Phones

How to resolve Conflict Conflicts may be solved using three simplified ways: 1. The win-lose method – The protagonist assumes an ether I lose or I win attitude. Explanation: the win-lose method is a kind of method in resolving a problem or case wherein, one party will have the possibility of winning the case or they will lose on the case. 2. The win some–lose some method – One party attempts to get the most of the other using the primary tactical work of bargaining. It is also called as “compromising stance”. Explanation: the win some-lose some method is a kind of method wherein one party is aggravate because he/she is compromise in a certain problem or case. For example I am a driver. And accidentally my car was bumped in a sari-sari store. The store-owner suggested that I will only pay the damages so that I will not be on jail. Because I am in a compromised position, I should pay the damages so that I will not be jailed.

In my part I “win some” because I will be not jailed anymore but “lose some” because, I’ve lose some money in paying the damages. 3. The win-win method – A process where both parties attempt to get the sources/causes of disagreement together in the hope of getting a solution that would together benefit them not only as individuals but also as organization. Explanation: the win-win method is to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties, and leaves both parties feeling that they’ve won, in some way, after the event.