Renaissance period

In the Renaissance period, there had been evidence that mentally people did already exist. In this period, the beliefs which mainly came from the Middle Ages were dragged into renaissance period. This is the ideology that people under mental disorder or people who are mentally ill are those who were casted by or cursed by evil spirits (Administrator, 2006).

Certain people under this kind of disorder where locked away during this time, they are being placed in cells and they are not being taken care of by any physicians. These people are said to be tortured instead of being cured, they are often being locked up inside the closets and even in cages because of their being disobedient caused by their unknown mental disorder (Administrator, 2006).

On the year 1493-1541 Paracelsus had this ideology that mental illness is not really cause by evil spirits but then people during this time did not took his idea as merely fact and instead the people continued the way on how they treat mentally disordered ones.

It is explained that people with this kind of problem during the renaissance time only talk and interact with people of their same disorder. It is because they are the ones who are considered dangerous and incompetent (Administrator, 2006).

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Renaissance period
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As a result to lack of care and attention for seeking cure, people who are mentally ill during the renaissance period are experiencing difficulties which cause their mental health to be more of a problem because instead of being reversed, they become more mentally ill (Administrator, 2006).

The cruel treatments such as torture for the mentally ill people were lessened during the 17th century where the first mental hospital was established in England. People in this ward were viewed like animals in the zoo during this time and there were no further studies made to cure such mental problem until the mid 18th century (Administrator, 2006).


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