Roman Empire Quiz

how did romans feel about people who followed religions other than the roman religion?
the romans were tolerant of others religions as long as their followers were respectful of the roman religion
what is the religious significance of constantinople , the city founded by the emperor Constantine?
it became the of the eastern orthodox church
how did the roman empire prosper during the reign of the five good emperors?
the economy became more stable because of tax and legal reforms that favored the poor
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Roman Empire Quiz
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Roman Empire Quiz
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how did emperor diocletian affect the course of roman history?
he divided the empire into two halves and shared his power with a co-emperor
constantine became the first christian emperor. what incident led to his conversion to christianity?
a vision of a christian symbol promised him victory during a crucial battle
which of the following is proof of the influence the byzantine empire had on the countries of europe and asia?
byzantine money was found as far away as europe and china
what was the advantage of a tetrarchy, the form of government diocletian created when he came into power?
it made the empire easier to manage because responsibilities were divided among four people
how did the emperor augustus promote patriotism during the golden age of ancient rome?
what effect did theodora, wife of empire justinian, have on the byzantine empire?
she influenced policies regarding women, including divorce laws and property ownership
which of the following did NOT happen during the period of decline following the reign of the five good emperors?
the army received a huge reduction in pay
what was the importance of the justnian code that was created during emperor justnian reign?
it was a code of laws that served as the foundation of international law that is still used today
which of the following was NOT a source of tension between the eastern orthodox church the roman catholic church?
the churches disagreed about whether or not christ was the son of god
what specific event do historians refer to as the fall of rome?
the surrender of the roman emperor in 476 c.e.
what defensive measure did the romans use to protect rome in the period of decline after the five good emperors?
they built a wall around the city to keep out invaders

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