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Submitted by: Aneesa Amjad INTRODUCTION6 SAMSUNG VALUE AND CODE OF CONDUCT6 Business Principles7 ?We promote health and safety. 7 ?We are a socially responsible corporate citizen. 7 ?We comply with laws and ethical standards. 7 ?We maintain a clean organizational culture. 7 ?We respect customers, shareholders and employees. 7 ?We care about environment. 7 Samsung Values8 ?People8 ?Excellence8 ?Change8 ?Integrity8 ?Co-prosperity8 Samsung Philosophy9 NEW VISION9 HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT9 Vision and Mission10 HRD Philosophy10 JOB ANALYSIS11 RECRUITMENT11 Recruitment tools11 Newspapers:11 Online Recruitment (e-cruitment):11

Educational Institutes:12 E-mails:12 4/5 Grade Recruitment12 Selection process12 Application Form12 Document Screening13 SSAT13 Interview13 Physical examination14 Join Samsung14 3 Grade Recruitment14 Person with career and doctorate possessors14 ?Samsung Shared Value program (SVP)15 ?Samsung Business Leader Program (SLP)15 ?Samsung Global Expert Program (SGP)15 SAMSUNG RESEARCH CENTER16 MANAGERIAL DEVEOPMENT AND TRAINING16 TRAINING AND DEVELOPING16 HRD PROGRAMS17 ?SVP New employee Orientation17 ?SVP Samsung summer festival17 ?SLP17 ?Samsung MBA Course17 ?SLP Executive development Course18 SLP Senior Executive development Course18 ?SGP18 ?SGP Regional Specialist course18 ?SGP Premier Course19 ?SGP Overseas Country Manger Development Course19 ?SGP Global Leader Course19 ?SGP Language Course19 EDUCATION IN 201020 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL20 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS21 ?Group insurance21 ?Physical exams21 ?Financial aid for medical costs21 ?Congratulatory/condolence pay21 ?Use of leisure facilities21 EMPLOYEE HEALTH22 Employee Health and Disease Management22 ?Health Research Center22 ?Mental Health22 ?Employee Health Management23 EMPLOYEE WORK-LIFE BENEFITS23 ?Work & Life Balance23 RETIREMENT BENIFITS23 Outplacement Program23 ?Major Reasons of Retirement24 COMPENSATION PLANS24 LABOR POLICIES25 ?Child Labor and Forced Labor25 ?Labor Union Policy and Labor Council25 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS26 Exhibits31 Staffing Manager33 Samsung Electronics America- Ridgefield Park, NJ (Greater New York City Area)33 Job Description33 Desired Skills & Experience34 INTRODUCTION From its beginning as a small export business in Taegu, Korea, Samsung has grown to become one of the world’s leading electronics companies, specializing in digital appliances and media, semi-conductors, memory, and system integration.

Today Samsung’s innovative and top quality products are world recognized. It’s a global company with approximately 190,000 employees and is operating in 61 countries worldwide. SAMSUNG VALUE AND CODE OF CONDUCT Samsung Electronics is fully committed to complying with local laws and regulation as well as applying a strict global code of conduct to all employees. With an aim to become one of the most ethical companies in the world that is respected by its stakeholders, Samsung Electronics continue to train its employees and operate monitoring systems while practicing fair corporate management.

The code of conduct includes elimination of nationality or gender discrimination, transparent disclosure of business information, customer information protection and partner collaboration. All of Samsung Electronics employees will have to follow this code of conduct in their relationship with their colleagues and customers. Business Principles Samsung Electronics announced the Five Samsung Business Principles” in 2005, and it serve as the foundation for its global code of conduct in compliance with legal and ethical standards. (Exhibit 1) These five business principles are as follows: We promote health and safety. * We are a socially responsible corporate citizen. * We comply with laws and ethical standards. * We maintain a clean organizational culture. * We respect customers, shareholders and employees. * We care about environment. Samsung Values Samsung believes that the key to good business is to live by strong values. At Samsung, code of conduct and these core values are at the heart of every decision they make. (Exhibit 1) * People At Samsung, a company is its people and they are dedicated to giving their people a lot of opportunities to reach their full potential. * Excellence

Everything they do at Samsung is driven by a passion for excellence and a persistent commitment to develop the best products and services on the market. * Change In today’s world due to globalization, change is constant and innovation is very important for a company’s survival. And Samsung have done that for 70 years, they set their sights on the future, predicting market needs and demands so that they can achieve long term success. * Integrity The foundation of their business is that they operate in an ethical way. Everything they do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness and respect for all stakeholders. Co-prosperity A business cannot be successful if it does not create prosperity and opportunity for others. Samsung is socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen in every community where they operate around the globe. Samsung Philosophy At Samsung, they follow a simple business philosophy: to devote their talent and technology to creating superior products and services that contribute to a better global society. Everyday their people bring this philosophy to life. Their leaders search for the brightest talent from around the world, and give them the resources they need to be the best at what they do.

The result is that all of their products have the power to improve lives. (Exhibit 1) NEW VISION “Inspire the world, create the future” This new vision shows that Samsung Electronics is committed to inspire the world by leveraging Samsung’s three key strengths: “New Technology”, “Innovative Products”, and “Creative solutions. ” and to promote new value for Samsung’s core networks—Industry, Partners and Employees. (Exhibit 2) Samsung has planned to become one of the world’s top five brands by 2020. Samsung has also established three strategic approaches in its management, “Creativity, Partnership, and Talent.

HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT To achieve long term goals, human resource department plays a very important role. Employees are its most important asset. Human resource department plays a crucial role in the company’s success. Samsung Electronics believes that human resources and technology development both have separate functions and both are important to overall quality management. For the success of Samsung electronics it is very important that all employees enjoy doing their jobs and gets along with each other in the company.

Vision and Mission Samsung has its own Human Resources Development Center. The aim of Samsung Human Resources Development Center is to become the world’s best HRD center and to develop people with creativity, passion and a challenging spirit who will make Samsung the world’s leading company in the 21st century. Samsung HRD Center devotes itself to carry the management philosophy into practice, spread Samsung Values, play a centripetal part to bring the values and actions of Samsung people toward one direction, lead the creative innovation nd change in the global era, and support the global management as the leader of the globalization. HRD Philosophy Since its foundation, Samsung has focused on and respected people with “A company is its people”. Samsungs management philosophy and traditions have become the key driving force of materializing its continuous growth and making it one of the world’s best companies. Since its introduction to open recruitment system in 1957, Samsung has developed its people in earnest. For about 50 years, Samsung has continued its history and tradition of developing people.

After Samsung HRD established HoAm-Kwan in 1982 and Chang Jo Kwan in 1991 to implement “Samsung with high potentials” as the birthplace of educating Samsung people, they have played an important role of maintaining, succeeding, and developing the culture of Samsung. JOB ANALYSIS When a new position is established, the Human Resources department prepares a job analysis clearly identifying the positions responsibilities and overall relationship to the company. (Exhibit 3) RECRUITMENT Samsung Research Center intends to recruit, hire and place applicants on the basis of the applicant’s relative knowledge, skills and abilities.

The decision to employ an applicant will be based solely on the individual’s qualification for the particular position along with other requisite job skills. Recruitment tools Upon getting informed the HRM Department invites a wide pool of applicants through any or all of the following mediums. Newspapers: Vacancies are advertised on leading newspapers. Online Recruitment (e-cruitment): Application forms are available online at Samsung website and interested candidates can fill and submit them online. Educational Institutes:

The HRM Department conducts annual job fairs in various educational institutes in which presentations about job prospects and the company is given. E-mails: Interested candidates can email their CVs to HRM Department, which are then collected in a file and consulted whenever job opportunities arise. 4/5 Grade Recruitment This is the recruitment for the production/manufacture class. It proceeds with announcement when there are vacancies. The selection process is given below: Selection process Application Form Document Screening SSAT

Interview Physical Examination Join Samsung Application Form The employment application is candidate’s first chance to present his qualifications to the organization. As such, it is extremely critical for his/her continued participation in the examination process. Before beginning, one has to review thoroughly what the Job Announcement specifies as the requirements to qualify for the position. Candidate must meet these criteria to be considered for the position; ensure that, otherwise candidate will be wasting his/her effort in completing the application.

Document Screening They screen the documents provided by applicants on the basis of job requirement. Those who do not fulfill job requirements are screened out during this step. Those who are passed through this step have to take Global Samsung aptitude test. SSAT Samsung aptitude test is designed to determine level of technical and/or analytical abilities associated with the particular position for which candidate had applied. Interview The List of Eligible Candidates is established after SSAT and then it is sent to the Department(s) that is hiring to fill a current vacancy.

The Department Head is responsible for setting up selection interviews. Further the management of Samsung takes three types of interviews 1. First interview is taken by the HR manager which they name as “initial interview. 2. Manager of department, HR Manager and two V. P takes the second interview. 3. Structured sequential interview is taken by HR manager and C. E. O The Department Head will be looking for the candidate with the best qualifications for the particular position. Physical examination

The candidates who are selected to fill the vacancy will undergo a medical examination, drug screen, background investigation, and a probationary period before attaining permanent employment status. Join Samsung After checking all physical exams, medically fit candidates are called to fill the vacancy. 3 Grade Recruitment This is the recruitment for Management/the Management support department, various Research and Development organizations. It is processed with dear Samsung job advertisement. The same selection process is being followed for 3 grade recruitment as well.

Person with career and doctorate possessors When there is a vacancy in each department, the resume of applicants are reviewed by the HR department and they make contact with the applicant on the individual basis. Application Form Individually contact with applicants Interview Physical Examination Join Samsung HRD STRATEGY To create innovation and challenge, Samsung HRD center develops human resources by the following three programs: SVP, SLP and SGP * Samsung Shared Value program (SVP) To achieve “Samsung toward one direction” by sharing Samsung values (Future Management) cultivate next generation leaders Samsung Business Leader Program (SLP) To become “world leading company” by developing leaders of the next generation (Trust Management) Share core values of Samsung * Samsung Global Expert Program (SGP) To achieve “Global Samsung” by developing global competencies (Globalized Management) Develop Global Competency SAMSUNG RESEARCH CENTER Samsung Research center is an innovative organization offering unlimited opportunity to those who struggle to develop and grow to their fullest potential. They work together to bond individual achievement with company goals.

The rewards for superior performance come personally as well as professionally. To create an environment where everybody feels a close relationship with the company, understands its policies and operation is one of the priorities of Samsung research center. MANAGERIAL DEVEOPMENT AND TRAINING Samsung electronics have in- house development center (human resource development center) and universities. They combine classroom learning (lectures and seminars) with other techniques such as assessment centers. TRAINING AND DEVELOPING

Samsung Electronics assesses individual work capabilities according to job function and offers a wide range of training opportunities to nurture all employees into experts in their respective fields. To provide all employees, including those based overseas, with access to comparable levels of training programs regardless of location, they have set up a global education portal and mobile education system led by the HR Development Center, and diverse programs are offered through training departments according to business division and work function.

There are a lot of programs which Samsungs’ HR department follows to train and develop their employees and they are as follows: HRD PROGRAMS * SVP New employee Orientation This course is to develop Samsung people for the 21st century to have the basic quality for Samsung people and proper business creed. The 4 week course helps new recruits understand the history, tradition, key values, and management philosophy of Samsung, in addition to building teamwork, creativity, and a challenging spirit through various experimental learning. * SVP Samsung summer festival

This festival is to enhance group identity and pride as Samsung people, CEOs of affiliates, new executives, global leaders in overseas offices and branches, representatives from various classes as well as new recruits participate in this course, which is held every June, and this course acts as a cultural and value group activity for all. * SLP It develops high potentials who will lead the future of Samsung and fosters them as the leaders of the next generation. * Samsung MBA Course This course is to expand the pool of potential leaders of the next generation of Samsung.

Every year since 1995, Samsung has selected qualified Samsung people and allowed them to study in famous overseas or local business schools for two years to learn practical management knowledge and global management. * SLP Executive development Course This course is to develop the leaders of the next generation who have global competitiveness and all around management competency. Qualified general managers learn global business management competency, leadership development, and problem solving in the field via action learning through this five month course. SLP Senior Executive development Course This course is to encourage the management leaders of the next generation who have strategic thinking abilities and management insight. Elite senior executives learn business modules to boost their global competitiveness and advance leadership development focusing on value, and perform various activities through action learning in this four month course. * SGP It is Samsungs global competency enhancement program that develops global business competency and foreign language skills. * SGP Regional Specialist course

This course is to develop global experts with global sense as the spearheads of globalization in the 21st century. Since 1990, every year, qualified Samsung people have been dispatched to the world including North America, Europe, china, Japan, East Asia, West Asia, and Central and South America for 1 year to acquaint themselves with local business customs and cultures through various experiences for localization of Samsung people. * SGP Premier Course This course is to encourage global leaders who have excellent foreign language ability and global business competency.

For foreign language ability, Samsung people focus on learning how to communicate effectively and speak in foreign languages at the advanced level. For business competency, they focus on developing their global business skills through the best practices of management and learning how to accept different cultures. * SGP Overseas Country Manger Development Course This course is to develop global leaders and executives for overseas offices. Samsung people who will be and are already dispatched to overseas offices learn the practical management and management research for their overseas offices, leadership development and global mind. SGP Global Leader Course This course is to provide overseas executives and managers with a deeper understanding of Samsung values to enhance awareness of a shared value community. The course’s highlight is to participate in the Samsung Summer Festival at the end of the course. * SGP Language Course Samsung people who will be dispatched to overseas offices or they have to handle foreign related works learn ten weeks of English, Japanese, Chinese or Spanish to enhance the foreign language ability. EDUCATION IN 2010 Samsung Electronics continues to enhance employee competencies by utilizing online and offline education programs.

Education enhances the effectiveness of employees by offering more online and mobile course. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Samsung Electronics evaluates performance of all its employees against a consistent goal. Required capabilities by position are identified, based on which capability performance is conducted. The jobs are evaluated on yearly basis under 360o method; the competent employees are rewarded in shape of promotions, bonus, increments and annual holidays and promotion. The results of an appraisal can be used to identify areas for further development of the employee.

The organization also uses different questionnaires, which consist of numerous questions about the behavior of the employee, and then on the basis of these answers personality of the employee is judged. When evaluation is made the unsatisfactory performers are given warning. The employee after warning is put under observation, for some period of time and if the employees’ performance is still unsatisfied then are demoted or fired. Samsung SDI has institutional means up and running to guide fair and understandable evaluation and for the evaluated to defend themselves.

If the evaluated submits an application to file a protest within five days after disclosure of evaluation results, HR committee is convened with the evaluator and the evaluated present and adjusts the results, if necessary. INCENTIVE PLANS Individual performance determines individual capability reward and group performance determines Productivity Incentive (PI) and Profit Sharing (PS). EMPLOYEE BENEFITS They offer benefits to their employees required by law as well as internal benefit programs to enhance quality of life for employees.

Both regular employees and those working on contract basis can take advantage of numerous benefits which include: (Exhibit) * Group insurance * Physical exams * Financial aid for medical costs * Congratulatory/condolence pay * Use of leisure facilities In 2010, they increased the physical exam components to promote the health of employees. Other benefits offered to employees are as follows: EMPLOYEE HEALTH Samsung Electronics makes every effort to create a safe and pleasant work environment. All of their production plants have obtained OHSAS18001 certification for occupational health and safety management system.

Senior executives of the company have special interest in recent concerns on workers’ cancer risk. From July 2010, they have commissioned a leading international environment and health consultancy to conduct an epidemiologic survey to ensure objectivity and transparency in the survey findings. This objective investigation is expected to cover every possible cause and clear up suspicions completely. Employee Health and Disease Management * Health Research Center They have opened the health research center in April 2010.

The Samsung Electronics Health Research Center was established under the Semiconductor Business to carry out mid- and long-term research projects related to employees’ health and wellbeing. The center is manned by researchers in health sciences, medicine, chemical engineering, pharmacology and nursing. It is conducting research into matters such as hazardous chemical substances, work environment and epidemiology, and new substance manufacturing processes. * Mental Health They have expanded psychological evaluations in the regular physical exam from 2011 to help employee’s better cope with emotional strain and stress.

The evaluations will check whether employees suffer from any conditions caused by stress related to problems with work or their personal lives. If necessary, employees will be able to receive professional counseling based on online and offline diagnoses. These measures help employees lead healthy and productive lives. * Employee Health Management As part of efforts to promote employees’ health and maintain a pleasant work environment, they offer customized health management programs including programs for weight loss, smoking cessation and emotional health.

They also operate a center for the prevention of musculoskeletal diseases which allows employees to check their spinal health. (Exhibit ) EMPLOYEE WORK-LIFE BENEFITS * Work ; Life Balance Work hours are continuously monitored at Samsung Electronics to promote work-life balance. In particular, they have introduced a flexible time program for administrative staff so they can set their own work hours to enhance quality of work life. Work hours at the global production subsidiaries are adequately managed according to local employment standards nd the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) guidelines. RETIREMENT BENIFITS * Outplacement Program Up through 2010, they have provided assistance for 2,216 retiring employees find new jobs or start a business through the career development centers. In 2010, they signed an agreement with the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business to help seasoned specialists find new jobs at small and mid-size enterprises. In 2011, they offered career planning courses for incumbent employees. (Exhibit) * Major Reasons of Retirement

Korea Overseas 1. Study 1. Change of Occupation 2. Change of Occupation 2. Family Reason 3. Health Problem 3. Study 4. Domestic Affairs 4. Health problem 5. Contract Expiration 5. Dissatisfied with Type of Work COMPENSATION PLANS

In 2010, Samsung Electronics made upward adjustments in the salaries of all employees and applied a system of accumulated annual salary for individual workers to differentiate compensation according to performance. Samsung’s compensation scheme is based on ‘compensation without discrimination and compensation for performance’ to ensure internal impartiality and external competitiveness. Those on the same position are given same amount of base salary disregarding gender, nationality, religion, social status, and age. On top of it, differentiated compensation is made according to individual performance.

LABOR POLICIES * Child Labor and Forced Labor Discrimination, forced labor and child labor are prohibited in accordance with articles 4, 6 and 16 of the company’s rules of employment. In addition, they strictly abide by the 24 ILO conventions ratified by the Korean government. In 2010, there were no violations of laws and regulations related to child labor and forced labor. * Labor Union Policy and Labor Council Samsung’s basic HR policy is summarized in the following statement: “The workers and the company will cooperate for mutual advancement based on the principles of co-existence, co-prosperity and harmony. Samsung Electronics strives to provide superior working conditions relative to its peers so that employees do not feel the need for a labor union. All of their business sites across the globe have a labor council to facilitate dialogue between labor and management. Other major communication channels include the GWP committee and safety council. Each of their business sites in Korea has a worker council. Each worker council holds at least one regular meeting per quarter. The council also gathers when the need arises to discuss matters such as salary adjustments.

It enables grievances and requests to be swiftly conveyed to management so that the necessary corrective measures can be pursued. Due consideration was given to employees’ requests to improve the work environment. In 2010, the worker council addressed several issues through expanding the flexible time program, establishing infrastructure for stress relief, and improving office environment. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ————————————————- What are Samsung values and code of conduct? ————————————————- _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What tools do you use to recruit job candidates?

Like do you use advertising, employment agencies, college recruiting or some other method? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you prefer outside candidates or inside candidates? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What types of test do you use to measure a wide range of candidate attributes? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you check applicant’s background before selecting him? ————————————————- _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the selection process of Samsung? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What type of interviews is done at Samsung? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is the HRD strategy of Samsung? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ————————————————- What is the function of Samsung Research Center? ————————————————- ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are HRD programs implemented for training and developing employees? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What education programs are being offered at Samsung? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What types of benefits are being offered to employees at Samsung? _____________________________________________________________________________