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Assignment 1. 1 Overview and Situation Analysis – Sanitarium evolution of marketing A brand that down any New Zealand supermarket? s breakfast cereal aisle which dominates the shelves… that is Sanitarium! Sanitarium Australia and Sanitarium New Zealand are owned and operated by Australian Health & Nutrition Association and New Zealand Health Association. The company produces over 150 products and employs approximately 1700 people in the manufacturing and distribution sites throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company is leading manufacturer of breakfast cereals, soy beverages plant based meat alternatives, , and yeast spreads.

Sanitarium – the maker of Kiwi staples Weet-Bix and Skippy Cornflakes – has evolved into a giant of the local food manufacturing sector over the last century. They are proud to be a group of people who believe passionately in the potential of every New Zealander. The potential to be healthy: physically, mentally and emotionally. They believe this journey all begins with good nutrition. “What you feed your body and your mind, changes the way you feel. ” Sanitarium’s range of healthy breakfast options not only includes Weet-Bix, which is New Zealand’s favorite cereal, they also offer something for everyone in the family. for example, products like beverages, spreads and another kinds of cereal… all of them focused to sell the idea to be and eat healthy. Following that conception, Sanitarium is always looking at ways of sourcing ingredients and making products on a local level, to help minimize our impact on the environment. They do care about sustainability! The commitment to sustainability don? t stop at the farm gate but covers the entire supply chain and life cycle of foods, from inception, through manufacturing, to minimization of waste and the disposal of any waste, being inclusive of all resources that they control within the supply chain.

Sanitarium’s mission is to lead, inspire and resource the experience of happy health living in the community. For any business, growth is a significant element of being competitive within their industry and as discussed prior Sanitarium holds the largest portion of the market. The ability to create revenue allows Sanitarium the cash flow needed to put into costs such as marketing, advertising, and development of new products and brands. Without this Sanitarium’s life cycle would be short as even the cereal market will not lasts forever. In this segmentation, Sanitarium marketing has been improved.

The company promotes events like “The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids Tryathlon” which is a community-based event that encourages Kiwi kids, aged from 7 until 15, to participate in a fun day out, to encourage exercises in a healthy life. There is also the program called “KickStart Breakfast” which was recently established by Sanitarium and has been recognised by Prime Minister John Key with an award as the ‘Best New Initiative’ at the annual Prime Minister’s Social Heroes Awards. These awards acknowledge businesses supporting charitable purposes as well.

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The company? s advertising has been always inspiring the community to make healthier food and lifestyle choices, with this proposal, Sanitarium invests a significant portion of resources into providing the community with free nutritional information and diet related advice by a team of nutritionists, receipts. All healthy information can be found in the company? s website. One of the recent marketing opportunities for Sanitarium was well done. The company had a perfect time to maximize its decade-long sponsorship in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Rather than promote the Up;Go and Weet-Bix brands individually, Sanitarium decided on a parent-brand approach for its Game Plan campaign. However, it knew there would be an onslaught of companies jostling for in-store space and consumer attention in such a key year. The solution was thinking bigger, so Sanitarium had a display concept in mind that used 3. 2m goalposts in-store. They had used effective displays to demonstrating Sanitarium’s support for the team, and driving the sales required to meet business objectives.

Another recent marketing activity, was the return of their Marmite. Sanitarium and their advertising agency Saatchi ; Saatchi made the most of Marmite’s long-awaited comeback, with a Facebook countdown. Marmite (brand that is protected by trade mark laws) is back in production and supermarket shelves. A full year after it disappeared, Marmite has returned in a marketing campaign that included free jars sent to politicians and media types, recipes and a midnight supermarket opening that generated queues around the block in some centres.

Sanitarium’s marketing prowess could yet desert the company, however. One of the risks involved in taking the product off the shelves for a year could be that Kiwis lose the taste for Marmite – possibly lowering their sodium levels at the same time. Anyway, Sanitarium must continue to provide and create value in the short term and long term future and also focus on three main of areas being: product development with market demands, communication regarding products, operations, services and refocus its attention around charity and community involvement.

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