Should There Be a Ban on Cell Phones While Driving?

Should there be a ban on cell phones while driving? Over the past decade, the technology of cell phones has progressed tremendously. With this technology, people can now make phone calls, text, check their e-mail, and surf the net. More than ever people are using their cell phones while driving; this has caused an increase in the amount of deaths caused by distracted drivers to increase tremendously. Many states have placed a ban on the use of cell phones while driving; some states will allow people to talk on phone if they are using a hands-free device.

Many states have placed bans the use of cellphones for bus drivers and teens. Florida, however, does not have any bans on the use of cell phones while driving. The National Safety Board is trying to place a ban on all cell phones while driving in every state. Many people say that they do not want a ban on cell phones. People believe, that it’s not just a cell phone that causes distractions that cause accidents it’s also eating, putting on makeup, etc. ; therefore if there is a ban placed on cell phones while driving, so should the other things that cause distractions..

New data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that, “The updated assessment estimates that at least 23 percent of all traffic crashes – or at least 1. 3 million crashes – involve cell phone use per year”. There are many deaths every day, caused from distracted drivers using their cell phones while driving; a ban on cell phones would be a good starting point to help put an end to the unnecessary deaths, caused by cell phone distracted drivers.

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Should There Be a Ban on Cell Phones While Driving?
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