Socile 201

with respect to war the text explains that
there is nothing in our human biology that makes it natural to go to war
which of the following categories of the us population is least likely to vote in national elections
hispanic people
people who attract followers including gandhi and mlk display
charismatic authority
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modernization theorist see large corporations as
unleashing the productive power of capitalism to speed development in poor nations
turning metal into automobiles is work that falls within the
secondary sector
which of the following countries best exemplifies a system of state capitalism
contrasted to socialist economic systems capitalist economic systems are typically
more productive
a pluralist approach to the us political system suggests that
power is widely dispersed throughout society
computers are having which of the following effects on the work place
all of these responses are correct
the concept of global economy refers to
economic activity that moves across national boarders
refers to the use of violence by government often against thier own people
state terrorism
the social thinker whos idea supported the operation of a free market economy most was
adam smith
a power elite model if the us political system suggest that
power is concentrated in the hands of a few
in the us yesterday’s family farms have given way to
corporate agribusiness
which social institution do most sociologist claim has the greatest effect on society as a whole
the economy
in general terrorism is the strategy favored by
A a weak organization aginst a stronger foe
which of the following statements about political parties. in the us is true
C national political power tends to swing from one party to another over time
industrialization decreases the importance of which type of authority
A traditional authority
as a social institution the economy
all of these responses are correct
which of the following reasons might you argue that the us is not truly democratic
all of these responses are correct
three technological revolutions that transformed all of social life
immigration revolution
concept that refers to the formal organization that directs the political life of a society
in recent decades union membership
has declined in the us and other high income nations
which war was the deadliest in terms of us lives lost
civil war
how does income affect the likelihood of voting in the us
most high income people vote most low income dont
capitalist societies base thier claim to democracy on
people having personal liberty
the economy first became a distinct social institution during which historical stage of technological development
agrarian society
what weber called the routinization of charisma involves charismatic authority
transforming into some combination of traditional authority and rational legal authority
refers to a political and economic system that combines a mostly market based economy with extensive social welfare program
welfare capitalism
which of the following concepts refers to a political system in which a single family rules from generation to generation
in traditional regions of many lower income countries such as sir Lanka marriage
has little to do with romantic love
sociological analysis of religion in concerned with
understanding patterns of religious activity and their effect on society
first to permit legal same sex partnerships with many benefits of marriage
looking for evidence about how much the traditional family is eroding you might point to the fact
all of these responses are correct
in his analysis of protestantism and the rise of capitalism max weber stated that it
stressed duty and hard work boosting economic production and fostering the rise of capitalism
assume you were visiting a society which people traced family ties only through woman this society is
patterns that describe many latino family’s include
all of these responses are correct
supporters of liberation theology hope this social movement will achieve which of the following
reducing social inquality and especially poverty
in the United States family violence is
A serious often criminal problem
which region of the world would you travel to if you wanted to visit many countries where the law permits polygamy
guided by symbolic interaction approach sociologist examine
all of these responses are correct
which of the following are typically traits of marriage
all of these responses are correct
max weber carried out historical analysis of the rise of the industrial revolution
religious values and beliefs especially those associated with calvinism
following structural functional theory the family
is important enough to be called the backbone of society
The claim that the United States is a posted nomination society is based on a movement
supporting spiritualism but away from formal denominations
which of the following religious organizations begin is as a cult
all of these responses are correct
The concept Endogamy a refers to marriage between
people of the same social category
what do the sacred text of Christianity Judaism and Islam have in common
support for patriarchy
almost all adults who abuse children typically have what in common
they were abuse themselves as children
A system of marriage that you nines one woman with two or more men is called
an analysis of how religion supports the interest of a societies elites would fall under which of the following theoretical approaches
social conflict approach
the concept patrilocality refers to
hey residential pattern by which a married couple lives near the husbands family
durkheim pointed 23 functions of religion for society which of the following is not one of them
fostering social conflict
Faith is a way of knowing based on what
conviction or believe in things unseen
all throughout the south the largest number of Protestants are of which denomination
and the United States a slight majority of adults claim to be what
which of the following are reasons for the rise and divorce rates in the United States
all of these responses are correct
A family that includes parents children and other kin is called what
and extended family
which of the following concepts refers to a religious organization that is largely outside is the site is cultural traditions
most people in United States who divorce
remarry within five years
Scientific medicine typically develops in
industrial societies
in the United States and important medical issue
shortage of nurses
which of the following is a latent function of schooling
providing childcare
The concept of euthanasia refers to what
assisting in the death of a person suffering from a terminal illness
which sexually-transmitted disease and effects 25 million US adults
genital herpes
assume that you support the school choice movement what are you likely to say is the reason the US public schools perform poorly
schools have no competition
for the United States as a whole about what percent of people between ages 16 and 24 drop out before completing high school
The rise of scientific medicine in the United States began about when
1847 with the founding of the American Medical Association
according to the World Health Organization about how many of the worlds people suffer from a serious illness caused by poverty
1 billion
during the early decades of the industrial revolution
all of these responses are correct
getting into college in Japan compared to the United States is more a matter of what
performance on achievement tests
The concept socialized medicine refers to which of the following
A medical system mostly owned and operated by the government
approximately what percentage of US adults is overweight
in the world as a whole about what share of children reach the secondary grades in school
two thirds
which of the following world regions is expecting. The most of severe epidemic of aids
sub-Saharan Africa
of all high income nations which country relies the most on a direct free market system to pay for medical treatment
United States
to improve US cooling a nation at risk recommended what
all of these responses are correct
The greatest cause of death among young people in the United States today is caused by which of the following
Community colleges are in important part of higher education in the United States because they
all of these responses are correct
and the United States the focus of education has always been
what is particle and job-related
which of the following categories of the US population has the highest dropout rate
which of the following diseases is the biggest killer in today’s high income nations
heart disease
if you were to visit a low income nations to study it’s high death rates what would you find to be the most common cause of death
infectious disease
today more than a century after the onset of the Industrial Revolution there has been an increase in the share of deaths caused by which of the following
chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer
The topic of psychosomatic disorders is of greatest interest to sociologist guided by which theoretical approach
The symbolic interaction approach
and his structural functional analysis Talcott Parsons claimed that society response to illness bye
using the sick role to relieve Sick people of many daily responsibilities
which of the following statements applies to the symbolic interaction approach to schooling
if teachers think some category of students are superior though same students may end up doing superior your work
Society shapes human health because
all of these responses are correct
One indication that there’s a problem upgrade and inflation is the fact that almost half of all groups given to today’s high school students are
The world’s poorest nations today life expectancy is as low as about
50 years
which of the following statements correctly describes society is at the post industrial level of technological development
both a and B are true
which of the following for statements about migration is not true
migration has little or no effect on population size
as a rich nation that values consumption in convenience the United States can be described as what
a disposable society
Wenden the worlds population reach about 1 billion
United States is a high income country therefore we would expect population increase to result from which of the following
both immigration and natural increase
demographic is defined as the study of
human population
which of the following concepts refers to the number of Live births in a given year for every thousand people in a population
crude birth rate
that environmental racism thesis falls within which theoretical approach
The social conflict approach
about how long to go in history did the first cities emerge
10,000 years ago
currently about how much of the global population increase is taking place in low income nations
which of the following concepts refers to the study of the interaction of living organisms in the natural environment
urban decentralization has led to what
all of these responses are correct
The concept environmental deficit refers to what
long-term harm to the environment caused by a short sighted focus on material affluence
The basic idea behind demographic transition theory is
population patterns reflect a society level of technological developments
which of the following nations would you expect to be most concerned about declining population
I high income countries such as Japan
about when did urban centralization the industrial metropolis reach its peak in the United States
in medieval cities of Europe what was founded as the city center
The cathedral
with the industrial revolution how did the physical design of cities change
all of these responses are correct
which of the following concepts used by Emile Durkheim’s means about the same thing as Tony’s concept Gesselshaft
organic solidarity
if you were to compare Sunbelt cities such as Houston to Snowbell cities such as Detroit what differences would you find
sunbelt cities Jenna really have larger populations and are larger and physical size
which of the following is evidence of the shortage of freshwater now found around the world
all of these responses are correct
mounting evidence suggests that the average temperature of the planet is
in the preindustrial stage of technological development population
increases very slowly with a high birth rate offset by high death rate
throughout most of human history families had many children because
all of these responses are correct
in the United States the birth rate is currently
at the replacement level
which of the following concepts refers to the maximum possible childbearing for women
The Industrial Revolution influenced urbanization in many ways including where cities were cited if you were to look back in history you would find that almost every US city was founded where
on a waterway
according to Emile Durkheim without traditional world societies were built on modern urban societies were held together bye
likeness and difference
into thousand 13 the world is home so about how many people
7 billion
looking at countries around the world what is the relationship between average income level and rate of population increase
The lower the average income the greater the population increase
sociologist explained that the consequences of social change is
usually both positive and negative
which of the following is the best example of an issue that defines a new social movement
Mobile warming
individuals experience modern mass Sideys in terms of what
pronounced moral relativism
Herbert Marcuse challenge Max Weber but claiming that modern societies are
The irrational because they failed to meet most people’s needs
Ferdinand Tony’s describe modernity as the loss of
social movements are defined as what
organize activity that encourages or discourages social change
The concept of relative deprivation based on the idea that
people evaluate themselves by making specific comparisons
if you’re following the class society approach which factor would you focus on as shaping a modern society the most
demographic change in the United States over the course of the last century includes a trend towards what
all of these responses are correct
The assumption that the people who participate in the occupy Wall Street demonstration feel that they lacked sufficient income and job prospects offers support for which of the following theories explaining social movements
deprivation theory
A criticism of Tony’s thinking about modernity is that he
overlook the fact that strong social ties still exist in modern society
in what way do new social movements differ from those in the past
all of these responses are correct
Emile Durkheim claimed that the defining trait of modernity was what
AN increasing division of labor
A riot differs from a mob in that the riot
typically has little focus or clear goal
collective behavior involves actions that often
all of these responses are correct
comparing various social changes would correctly conclude that
some changes matter more than others
Durkheim’s greatest concern about modern societies was focused on what
a rise of anomie
The stage of a social movement call bureaucratization refers to what
developing a capable staff to keep the movement operating
moving on has always been an important part of the experience of the United States society remembering the map in the chopper in which part of the country are there a larger number of households that stay put where the same people have lived for 30 years or more
The great plains
David Riseman describe other directed social character as which of the following
openness to the latest fashions and fads
that you Normas oil spill by the tinker Exxon in 1989 is an example of which of the following types of disasters
technological disaster
Hurricane Irene which devastated parts of new England into thousand 11 as best thought of as an example of which of the types of disasters
natural disaster
One stage in the life of a social event is called coalescence the states refers to which of the following
The movement defining itself in going public
Karl Marx understood modernity in terms of which of the following
The rise of the capitalist economy system
read the four statements below only one is correct which is it
members of both traditional and modern society is conform but two different degrees for different reasons
because of their intense emotion mobs can
be violent and destructive
The atomic tests near you trick island in 1954 were a disaster for the 159 people who live their Kia Erickson explain this disaster as
never really had an ending
Peter Burger describes modernization and terms of several important changes read the responses below and select the one that is not a trait that burger links to modernity
The decline of large cities
what did Herbert Marcuse have to say about science
Science causes as many problems as it solves
read the following statements about modern the side he Wednesday but would not be likely to be made by someone who thinks we live in a mass society which statement is it
there are more poor people of been in the past

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