Social Studies Portfolio Entry 1 Draft 1

Social Studies Portfolio Entry 1 Draft 1 Independence of Singapore Introduction This portfolio entry is about the independence of Singapore. I chose this topic as I will learn about it in Primary 5, in relation to Social Studies. The independence of Singapore led us to full self-government. We had little resources, but the determination and perseverance to survive. What Happened Before Independence After the war, the British were no longer seen as capable leaders of Singapore, as they had failed to protect her from the Japanese.

The British granted Singapore self-government in 1959, and the PAP won during the general elections, making Lee Kuan Yew the first Prime Minister. Singapore and Malaya merged with Sabah and Sarawak to make the Federation of Malaysia. However, Singapore separated from Malaysia because of the racial and religious tensions between both countries. Lee Kuan Yew feared that there would not be enough resources for Singapore to survive. How the Government governed Singapore after Independence

The government tried to have harsher punishments for crimes, so that there would not be many criminals and Singapore would be freer of corruption. Lee Kuan Yew grew Singapore’s economy by making education compulsory and maximising business opportunities. He also provided more housing for citizens. How others felt about the Independence of Singapore At the time of independence, citizens and even the ruling party of Singapore felt apprehensive about the future. With no natural resources, many felt that she would not be able to survive without the help of the other countries.

My feelings towards the Independence of Singapore I feel the forced independence was a blessing in disguise. With wise steps, active participation and determination, Singapore has become a thriving country. If there had been no sudden separation from Malaysia, Singapore might not be what it is today. Conclusion In conclusion, Singapore’s independence allowed her to be successful. If Singapore had been a part of Malaysia instead and decided to become independent at a later stage, she would have to spend more time adapting and probably would not be as advanced as she is now.

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Social Studies Portfolio Entry 1 Draft 1
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