Sociology 1-4

The concept that describes opeing a window into unfamiliar worlds taht allows us to understand human behavior by placing it within its broader social context is called
Social Perspective (imaginatin)
C. Wright Mills attributes ? as being the one that sociologists would use to explain individual behavior
External Influence
According to Max Weber, the Protestant ethic was a central factor in the birth of
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Sociology 1-4
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Sociology 1-4
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The sociologist who developed the concept of the power elite
C Wright Mills
Which sociological perspectives are best to use in developing an accurate understanding of society?
All 3 Symbolic interactionism, conflict perspective, and structural functionalism
According to symbolic interactionists, the deciding factor that determines if change in society is good or bad requires
Framework or context from which to view the meaning of the change.
Capitalism is becoming the worlds dominant economic system. This is referred to as ?
globalization of capitalism
The two sociologists who referred to society as being a kind of living organism were ? and ?
Aguste Comte and Herbert Spencer
The social thinker of the 19th Century who predicted that there would be a classless society once the working class united and began a revolution was
Karl Marx
The Wall Street Journal has declared that the 3 greatest modern thinkers were ? and ? and ?
Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein
The university that dominated sociology as an academic discipline when Albion Small headed the department was
University of Chicago
The French sociologist Emile Durkheim is most identified with which of the following areas of study?
Social integration
The book published by WEB Du Bois in 1899 that analyzed how African Americans in a major United States city coped with racism
The Philadelphia Negro
Karl Marx suggested that the force that drives human history and is at the core of human society
Class conflict
juv police officer, corrections counselor and exec dir or urban redevelopment program
Applied sociologist
At the first meeting of the American Sociological Society decided that the primary reason for sociology as the practical application to the improvement of social life was the ……… goal of the disciplines first stage of development
Robert E Park, Ernest Burgess, and George Herbert Mead have ? in common
They were among the first faculty members int he sociology department at the University of Chicago
What was the social even that most influenced Aguste Comte to explore patterns within society and become interested in what holds society together?
The French Revolution
Sociologist who analyze how social life depends on the way people define themselves and others are most likely
Symbolic Interactionists
The term survival of the fittest, which is a principle part of the concept of social Darwinism was coined by…..
Herbert Spencer
People all over the world, including college students, are breaking down national boundaries because of advances in communications, trade, and travel. This is referred to as
What distinction did sociologist Frances Perkins hold in American history?
First woman to hold a presidential cabinet position
Outstanding contributions to social reform, as demonstrated in her work as cofounder of Hull House and a co winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931
Jane Addams
The titles Karl Marx used to describe the two classes in society were the >>>>>>>> and >>>>>
Bourgeoisie and Proletariat
Sociology first took root as an academic discipline at >>>>>>> in 1890
University of Kansas
Society in America, an analysis of American social customs was published by
Harriet Martineau
What quality did Max Weber stress as being the hallmark of social research?
value neutrality
According to Roberty Merton, ?? are the intended beneficial consequences of peoples actions
manifest functions
Which group of social theorists would focus most on macro-level analysis when examining patterns of society
Conflict Theorists and Structural Functionalists
The two sociologists who referred to society as being a kind of living organism were ?? and ??
Aguste Comte and Herbert Spencer
Sociologists who analyze how social life depends on the ways that people define themselves and others are most likely …..
Symbolic interactionists
according to Max Weber, the Protestant Ethic was a central factor in the birth of
Movement of Maytag and other industries from midwest to mexico, changing lives of 1000’s of people is ?? analysis?
The contemporary conflict sociologist who pointed out that conflict is most likely to develop among people in close relationships was
Lewis Coser
College students being classified as students instead of unemployed represents what Merton would describe as>>>
Latent Function
The scientific method requires???, repeating a study in order to compare the new research results with the original findings
French sociologist Emile Durkheim is most identified with which of the following areas of study?
Social Integration
The social science discipline that concentrates on the study of artifacts, social structure, ideas, values and forms of communication is
The first goal of each scientific discipline is to >>>>
Explain why something happens
What is the use of objective and systemic observation to test theories?
Scientific method
Anthropologist who gathered data on hundreds of groups around the world to compare their customs, and then concluded that specific customs differed from one group to another
George Murdock
Examples if countercultures
Bikers in outlaw mc club,
indiv advocating the legalization of prostitution,
gang members operating in prison
HS students recognized most talented athletes and scholars illustrate importance that americans place on which value defined by Robin Williams
Achievement and Success
Ogburn’s term for human behavior lagging behind technological innovations
Cultural lag
3 terms that are interchangable
Evolutionary Psychology
3 statements that describe gestures
Gestures rely on use of the body to communicate
People in every part of the world use gestures
Gestures meaning may change completely from one custure to another
Sick Societies by Robert Edgerton proposed that cultures should be evaluated on their quality of life not just auto accepted which is contrary to
Cultural Relativism
Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
they studied the Hopi Indians and concluded that language has embedded within its ways of looking at the world
Language creates ways of thinking and perceiving
Eating dog that she was playing with earlier in the day and becoming ill
Culture shock
Group is distictive way of looking at life but has same values and norms as the dominant culture of society it is considered…..
The spread of cultural traits from one group to another; material and non material cultural traits
Cultural diffusion
the process by which cultures become similar to one another; refers especially to the process by which Western culture is being exported and diffused into other nations
Cultural leveling
Christian College girls on vacation auditioning for girls gone wild video
Moral holiday
group whose values, beliefs, norms and related behaviors place its members in opposition to the broader culture
5 interrelated values in American Society
Self fullfillment
physical fitness
environmental concern
Society made up of many different groups
Pluralistic society
Norms that are not strictly enforced
norms that are strictly enforced because they are thought essential to core values or the well being of the group
norm so strong that it brings extreme sanctions, even revulsion, if violated
Expectations of right behavior
expressions of approval or disapproval
reward or positive reaction to a norm
positive sanction
dissapproval for breaking a norm
negative sanctions
standards by which people define what is desireable or undesirable, superior or inferior etc
in psychoanalytic theory, the culture within us is represented by
The stage of development called transitional adulthood between 18 and 29
The Harlow experiment concluded as being the key to infant-mother bonding….
Intimate social contact
Football coach as a very important influence
generalized others
Society makes us human
Right of passage
Degradation Ceremony
Technique created by Freud for the treatment of emotional problems through long-term, intensive exploration of the subconscious mind is referred to as
Use of rhesus monkeys to demonstrate the importance of intimate physical contact in the rearing of animal was done by
Harry and Margaret Harlow
3 year old not knowing what the numbers actually mean
Preoperational stage
Mead describes the active, creative, and spontaneous part of the self as
Jean Piaget’s use of the term “operational” is most aligned with the concept of
reasoning skills
male and fem kids getting boy and girls toys
gender socialization
Nature vs Nurture arguement regarding socialization, nurture refers to
social environment
Arrived at boot camp, degradation ceremony and come under control of the officials
total institution
People and groups that influence our orientation to life– our self concept, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors– are called
agents of socialization
Kohlbergs theory of moral development, stage that child has no sense of right or wrong and only personal needs to be satisfied is the …… stage

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