1. White persons, percent, 2010: Towson 80% and Maryland 50% 2. High school graduates, percent of persons age 25+, 2006-2010: Towson 94% and Maryland 88% 3. Bachelor’s degree or higher, pct of persons age 25+, 2006-2010: Towson 60% and Maryland 35% 4. Mean travel time to work (minutes), workers age 16+, 2006-2010: Towson 23. 7 and Maryland 31. 3 5. Median household income 2006-2010: Towson $72,949 and Maryland $70,647 What would he or she find? Based on your knowledge of your hometown, list out the positive and negative things you think the ethnographer might find. Positive: In the city of Towson 94% of people 25+ have graduated high school and that is 7% more than the Maryland as a whole. 60% of the people 25+ in Towson have a bachelor’s degree, which is almost double the Maryland percentage. The median household income is also high, $72,949.

The average mean time to travel to work is also significantly lower than Maryland’s average time which implies that the surrounding area has more opportunities for employment than other places. Negative: The population of Towson is 80% white so it isn’t an very diverse area and that coupled with the moderate prosperity of the area could possibly lower the cultural awareness of the people of Towson. *What are some things that strike you about your hometown based on census data?

What might the researcher learn if only reviewing the statistical data from census records? What are some things that might be misunderstood about your hometown from only reviewing census data? The most striking thing is the lack of diversity and high percentage of well-educated individuals in the area. If a researcher only studied Towson through the data it would seem like a city with low diversity and financially stable white individuals. But some thing that could be misunderstood is the area’s diversity.

Towson has Towson University in the center off it, which draws a large amount of international and out of state students. These students increase the diversity of Towson dramatically and influence a lot of the commercial aspects of Towson. *Discuss the utility of qualitative and quantitative research. How does one complement the other? While quantitative research helps generalize the traits of an area through the use of statistics, qualitative research goes past the numbers and looks at factors that are harder to turn into numerical values.

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