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Hannah Smith 30 December 2012 Clinton Speech Summary The main idea of William J. Clinton’s speech “Remarks to the Convocation of the Church of God in Christ” is that the United States is becoming more violent every day, many innocent children are dying every day, and that he wants the American people to start doing something about it. In his speech Clinton spoke at the church where Martin Luther King Jr. last delivered a sermon about freedom. Clinton used the opportunity to address issues of crime, violence, and family as he launches his plans to make America safer for future generations.

He addressed many stories where young kids were being killed and being violent towards others. Clinton’s main argument is that the people of America need to lower the crime rate in the United States and make health care available for everyone. In his speech, Clinton claims in lines 62 and 63 that a hundred and sixty thousand children stay home from school every day because they are scared they will be hurt in their school. Clinton is saying that violence and crime is affecting many of the children here in America. In line 19, Clinton claims that the American family is being destroyed.

Clinton is claiming this as he is reenacting what Martin Luther King would say if he was still present on this Earth. In line 58, Clinton backs up his argument that we need to lower the crime rate by stating a statistic that more than 37,000 people die from gunshot wounds in this country every year. He also says in line 20 that gunfire is the leading cause of death in young men. The audience of this speech is the people of America, the members of the church that Clinton is speaking at, and anyone that is willing to make a change in America.

For example in the speech Clinton specifically mentions “so I say to you today, my fellow Americans, you gave me this job, and we’re making progress on the things you hired me to do”. In lines 147 to 149, Clinton talks about how the people of the church should stand up for what is right because they are filed with the spirit of God. Towards the end of Clinton’s speech he talks a lot about the things he would like the audience to do and accomplish. In lines 149 and 152, he says that he wants the church to make a partnership.

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He also says that he wants America to be there to give structure, discipline, and love to the children of America. In the last two paragraphs of the speech Clinton talks about how he wants the audience to recognize that the ravages of crime and violence are due to the breakdown of families, communities, and the disappearance of jobs. Clinton also tells the people to honor the life and work of Martin Luther King and to honor the meaning of the church. He wants the people to replace guns with books, give the children a future, take away despair and give hope, and rebuild families, neighborhoods, and communities.

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