Study Guide History 17b

History 17B-13 Second Midterm Study Guide This exam (November 1) will be closed book and closed note. Please bring a small bluebook or greenbook, a Scantron form #882E, #2 pencils, and pens. You will need to use pencils for the Scantron form and pens for the blue/greenbook. If you must write in pencil in the blue/greenbook, make sure it is dark and sharp enough to be read clearly. I will not allow any electronic devises to be visible during the exam.

If I see one out in the classroom, you will flunk the exam. I strongly prefer that no one leave the room while they are still taking the exam. If you must, you will need to ask permission. Once you have completed the exam, turn it in and you may leave. Part I (50 points) In this section of the exam you will be given twenty-five true/false and multiple-choice questions based on the lectures only. These will only cover lectures SINCE the first midterm. Each answer is worth two points. Part II (50 points)

In this section of the exam you will be given two of the following questions on the day of the exam and asked to write on only one of them. Your essay should be well developed, with an introduction that contains a precise thesis statement, an essay body that proves that thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes your argument and points out its historical significance. I expect the essays to be based on the lecture material. 1. The home front period of World War I and the year following the war (1917-1919) was marked by wide-scale patriotism, mass unity, and relative peace and calm.

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Study Guide History 17b
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