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Sunrise Over Fallujah

Last Year Popular author Walter Dean Meyers published his newly book titled Sunrise Over Fallujah, His final book in the anticipated war series. This is the best war book he has ever written. Since he was in Vietnam, and he has relatives that have fought in the war against terrorism. So he has major experience in the war factor, knowing what could possibly be going on. Sunrise Over Fallujah is about a teenage boy from Harlem, New York. His name is Robin, and he joined the army. He’s not so sure why he did because he is always so nervous about it. When he joins he meets someone named Jonesy.

Jonesy black man who is very confident in himself and loves to write and listen to blues music. Robin also meets some pretty harsh people like Marla, Marla is a very pretty lady who thinks she is better then everyone she meets. In the beginning of the book it starts off describing how Iraq is and if Robin is going to be in the war. Everyone wants to go into the war for some reason, but Robin, and Jonesy are pretty nervous about it. Since Mr. Meyers knows about war there’s nothing in this book that can disappoint. The real problem is that they have their enemies trying to get them with detonators, and other dangerous explosive weapons.

Mr. Meyers shows in this book how soldiers can grow brotherhood with other soldiers. He is very descriptive so it’s like you’re watching a movie. Meyers shows how gruesome war could really be. He also shows that the war could effect everyone including children. In the end Jonesy becoming a hero, and Robin overcame his worries. Jonesy became a hero because a blind kid was lost in a street battle and Jonesy ran after him and saved him. Then later Jonesy died because of his gun wounds he had suffered. Robin finally became used to the fact that he was in the army, and stopped worrying.