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Movie: On Golden Pond

On Golden Pond Cassandra Mclean Central Carolina Community College I would have to admit that this was my first time ever hearing of this movie until this assignment but once I saw it I absolutely fell in love with all the characters and the different dynamics of family. It begins with Norman and Ethel Thayer moving back to their lake house in Maine for the summer. Norman and Ethel have been married a long time and will be celebrating Norman’s eightieth birthday and welcoming back their daughter Chelsea and she brings along her boyfriend Billy Ray and his teenage son Billy Ray Jr.

Chelsea asked her parents can Billy jr stay with them while her and Billy go to Europe. When Billy and Chelsea return form Europe she discovers that her dad and Billy have the relationship that she always wanted and decided to confront him and deal with her emotions. Norman Thayer will be eighty years old his next birthday he is suffering from some health problems and have dementia where he is beginning to forget things like a photograph that he took years earlier and the road that he been on for years and now can’t remember how to get there.

Norman is in between late adulthood and very old age Erikson’s nine stages of psychosocial development says that in late adulthood stage you take stock of your past and in old age you face new sense of self over failing bodies and need of care. Norman is always talking about getting older and dying he has declining cognitive functioning and that makes him irritable and confused.

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The Little Rock Nine

The movie “The Little Rock Nine” is based on an event that happened in the 1950’s. The movie is based on the first time that a school allowed black students into an all white school. This event happened in Little Rock, Arkansas when a school allowed nine black teenagers into their school. In this essay you will read about the respect that the black students got at the beginning of the movie and the respect they got at the end, how society has changed today, how this relates to the Hebrews experience, how this relates to moral values, and my personal experience on this theme.

In the movie the nine black students got no respected at all. The students were treated the same as every other black person at this point in time. The black students took abuse and bullying that no other person would be able to take. They got pushed, threatened, excluded from events and even spit on. This was the respect they got when they first came to the school. The guards stationed around the school didn’t even do much at times. They were afraid at times, because if they tried to retaliate they knew things would only get worse.

Even people outside the school tried to get the students out of the school. There were rallies and marches, mostly led by parents, to get rid of the nine black students. Then things got even worse when bomb threats started coming in. Finally on of the students named Minnijean Brown started to fight back. Minnijean Brown was the first of the students to be targeted to recieve the most abuse. It started one day when she was just heading to class and a group of girls blocked the door to her next class.

She asked them politly to move and when they didn’t she tried to move in between them, but she got pushed out of the way. That was the start of the incidents. Eventually Minnijean was expelled for dumping a bowl of chili on students head that was blocking her way and refused to move. Minnijean was upset by this because the white people of the community got exactly what they wanted. The next target was Ernest Green. Ernest was targeted next because he was a senior and, if he made it, would be the first black student to graduate from Central High School.

The white students and parents did everything they could to prevent him from graduating. One female student even tried to get him to like her so she could say he “harassed” her,but Ernest graduated 1958. These two students are probably the most recognized two of the Little Rock Nine becausse of what happened to them. Society has changed alot since 1958 in many ways. The Central High School in Little Rock is now 50% black students. The story of the Little Rock Nine relates to the Hebrews when they are in Egypt because they are being treated just like the nine black students.

They were forced into labor every day and were beaten and spat on as well. This relates to moral values because everybody should be treated equal. Alot of people back then were Catholic, but they treated people diffrently, when everyone was actually the same. This relates to my personal experience because me and a friend of mine went through a little bit of this last year. It wasn’t as bad as the Little Rock Nine, but it hurt. My friend and I were excluded from games some games in P. E. , we took alot of hateful phrases, and other things.

Then around graduation they stopped and things went back to normal. The Little Rock Nine is a good example of what black peolpe had to go through in that point in time. I think the Little Rock Nine was and still is a great example of how racism can destroys people and their self esteem. And It also shows how brave some people were during the Civil Rights Movement. I also think it is very important that three of the Little Rock Nine graduated from Central High School which I think this is a great accomplishment. It also proves that blacks were able to do the same school work as whites.

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The movie Super Size Me

The movie Super Size Me, is an in your face way of making people realize how the fast food industry is negatively affecting our nation. The surgeon general has declared the increasing rates of obesity an “epidemic”. In this documentary movie, Morgan Spurlock conducts an experiment, to investigate if indeed, fast food is the correlation to our nations obesity epidemic. The movie has severally bonus features such as an interview with Eric Schlosser, the author of Fast Food Nation, and an interview with Phil Lawler about the PE 4 Life program. As well as, The Smoking Fry, an interesting experiment looking at the decomposition of food. The movie Super Size Me, and all of its bonus features, revolves around two main components, the importance of nutrition and physical activity.

I. Fast Food Nation

The interview between Morgan Spurlock and Eric Schlosser discusses how fast food is processed and flavored, the unhealthy agricultural settings, obesity trends and how both the government and the people need to make a change for the better. I was appalled by the information provided in the interview, I had a basic idea of all the concepts but did not realize how extream they were. I can easily say that after knowing how fast food is made I have no interest at all in eating it. The fact that while in feed lots, cattle are pilled in fecal matter which can make it into the hamburgers that we eat, and that is why there is a higher increase in poisoning and disease from eating fast food. I think that is absolutely disgusting and it should not be allowed. I definitely will read the book Fast Food Nation, if this short interview opened my eyes this much; I am very interested to see how the book will make me feel.


Phil Lawler pointed out that, Illinois is the only state that enforces mandatory physical education k-12. During his interview talked about the PE4Life program, how it refocuses testing based on a healthy zone, that physical activity is the “fertilizer” for the brain, and the importance of creating a pattern and habit of exercising. PE4Life departs from the traditional approach to physical education by not focusing on traditional sports, but rather physical activities that assures every child is active. Testing in the PE4Life program assesses results on whether the students “does it well enough that he/she is considered healthy. While the traditional program assesses testing based on what percentile the student falls into compared to their peers.

If the State of Michigan were to adopt a serious daily approach to physical education, such as the PE4Life program the outcome would be extremely beneficial to the students overall heath. We discussed in class how students in Michigan do not meet the set goal of exercising five times a week for thirty minutes at a time. Also, how forty percent of children in MI are currently over weight. The end of the Super Size Me video made it a point to state that Detroit is now the fattest city in the United States. Obviously something needs to be done to change these trends, implementing mandatory physical education k-12; using a PE4Life philosophy may be exactly what Michigan students need.

III. The Smoking Fry

The Smoking Fry was an experiment conducted by Morgan Spurlock to examine how different McDonalds food items and less artificially enhanced flood items would decompose after periods of time. I thought that all of the different food items would start to mold after about a week, and they all would get worse as more time went by. I just assumed that food that wasn’t frozen or at least refrigerated started to mold after a period of time. My reaction to the results was disgust; it made me wonder what kind of crazy chemicals are in those fries that they do not show any signs of molding after ten weeks.

I think that as our bodies decompose food we ingest from fast food chains it is exposed to the many chemicals preservatives put in the food, and does not receive the proper nutrients. I would also assume that the same logic would apply from the experiment, to our bodies, meaning that it is more difficult for the body to decompose fast food as opposed to more natural foods. My mother eats mostly all organic food whenever possible, so when my birthday came she was going to make a cake from scratch like usual. I told he that I would rather have a funfetti box cake instead; begrudgingly she made the cake for me.

Not without going on and on about how bad it is for you, and how many chemicals, and ingredients you cant even pronounce and in it and that not even like eating a real cake. What was interesting and supports the results from the Smoking Fry is that, she pointed out to me that after a month of sitting in the tupperware not a speck of mold was on it. Processed foods contain so many preservatives that they may never mold, for instance a Twinkie has no expiration date, I think that is absolutely crazy. The fact that processed foods are filled with so many chemicals to they have a longer shelf life should be a good indication as to how bad they are for your body.

IV. Movie Super Size Me

The movie Super Size Me is a documentary by Morgan Spurlock. In this movie Spurlock undertakes eating nothing but McDonalds for thirty days, to determine if fast food is the fast track to becoming obese and if its unreasonably dangerous. Spurlock had a set of rules for the month; can only super size when asked, can only eat food from McDonalds water included, has to eat everything on the menu at least once, and he must eat three meals a day, lastly limit the amount of steps per day.

Before the experiment Spurlock consulted with a cardiologist, gastrologist, and a general practitioner, all three doctors concluded that he was currently physically healthy. The doctors said that increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels, weight gain, and an increased risk for heart disease were expected outcomes of this experiment. The actual end results of the experiment where much more serous than expected.

Spurlock gained twenty four and a half pounds, the liver had basically turned to fat, cholesterol shot up sixty five points, body fat percentage increased seven percent, he doubled his risk for heart disease and failure, felt exhausted and depressed, experience rapid mood sings, had a non existent sex life, and developed an addiction, he craved more and more and had headaches when he did not eat the food. There was a point where he considered stopping short of the thirty days because his health being seriously affected.

The movie addressed the lack of regards to the state of our nations physical education programs. Again it was stated that Illinois is the only state that makes physical education mandatory k-12. Brain Philips a physical education teacher stated that students in his elementary school only receive physical education one day a week for forty-five minutes. According to the surgeon general, a person needs to be physical active thirty minutes a day, every day to maintain your weight and a healthy well-being.

The Nations schools are not close to implementing these standards, and its only getting worse. In 2001 while President Bush was in office he created the No Child Left Behind reform. Due to this reform schools cut recess time, heath, nutrition, and physical education classes back to allow for more time to prepare for the more “academic” classes. Naperville, Illinois setting the standards for the model program of physical education because they are creating an awareness in the community about the importance of physical activity, and in turn receiving the support to make the PE4Life program possible.

In my opinion other states are not pushing to adopt this model due to the No Child Left Behind reform, lack of effort, fear of change, and the financial expenses. Physical education should be of the utmost importance for individuals making decisions about education in Michigan. Detroit is heaviest city in the United States. From class lecture we no that in Michigan forty percent of children are over weight compared to thirteen to fourteen percent Nationally. It can no longer be ignored; it must be addressed by the school systems, to stop this growing epidemic of obesity.

This movie mad an impact on how I view fast food. I do not consume fast food on a regular bases, but occasionally when I am starving and I do not have time, or am not around to cook something, I will eat it. That is definitely going to change, after watching this how could you eat fast food, its disgusting. When I have children of my own, I will not allow them to eat fast food, except on very rare occasions. I grew up with a mother that always cooks dinner, buys organic food, and has always been very couscous on the making sure I eat a balanced diet. I plan to use the same nutritional approach with my own children.

V. Conclusions

After viewing Supper Size Me, my position of consuming fast food still stands, as it not being a healthy choice. Proper nutrition directly related to a persons heath, and with a sufficient amount of physical activity a person is at their optimal level of overall health. After watching Super Size Me, and its bonus features, it opened my eyes wider to both the importance of nutrition and physical activity, and how the Nation is in a fight against obesity epidemic. I do now think that eating fast food is truly the fast track to obesity. I now will make a more conscious decision about the things I am eating. My periodic fast food visits will be eliminated, and I will try to stay away from all process foods, anything with artificial flavoring, and definitely increase my eating of organic foods.

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Antz vs Lion King Political

People may just watch Disney movies and walk out of the theater without having any knowledge of the meaning in the movie they just watched. They take their kids to pass the time away and maybe laugh for a few moments. Despite this, these people should know that inside every movie there is a meaning, even if it is an animated Disney movie. In this paper, I will discuss the movie Antz and the movie The Lion King. In the movie Antz, directed by Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson, Z 4195 is a worker ant.

Feeling unimportant in this conformity system, he accidentally meets beautiful Princess Bala, who has a similar problem on the other end of the social scale. In order to meet her again, Z switches sides with his soldier friend Weaver. By doing this, he ends up crossing the path of General Mandible (Bala’s fiance), who wants to divide the ant society into a superior, strong race (soldiers) and an inferior, soon to be killed race (the workers). But Z and Bala, both oblivious of the dangerous situation, try to leave the cruel system by heading for Insectopia, where there is no such system and all insects coexist in harmony.

In the movie The Lion King, directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, a young lion prince is born in Africa, making his uncle Scar the second in line to be king. Scar plots with the hyenas to kill King Mufasa and Prince Simba, in order to make himself King. The King is killed and Simba is led to believe by Scar that it was his fault, so Simba leaves the kingdom. After years of exile he returns back to the kingdom to take back what was once his father’s, and now his. After watching both of the films, there seemed to be a political message in both of them.

In the movie Antz, it seems as if they are trying to show a totalitarian government. According to the American Heritage dictionary, totalitarian is defined as: being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed (American Heritage). In other words, General Mandible runs a totalitarian government in order to make the army ants superior than the worker ants.

He wants to take full control of the ant colony by marrying the princess and trying to kill the queen in order to make himself king. The one ant, Z, tries to promote individualism so it can be the remedy for the totalitarian government General Mandible is trying to run. Individualism is defined as: belief in the primary importance of the individual and in the virtues of self-reliance and personal independence (American Heritage). He tries to tell the other ants that they don’t have to work if they don’t want to. The work they do is the reason why their society is becoming larger.

In the movie The Lion King, it seems as if it shows a dictatorship. Dictatorship is defined as: Absolute or despotic control or power (American Heritage). Despite this, Scar, the inferior brother to King Mufasa, tries to take control over Mufasa and Simba and rule the lands. King Mufasa and the animals of Africa are the protagonists. The antagonists are Scar and the Hyenas, who want to control Africa. Some critics have said that Scar is portrayed as Hitler, who leads the hyenas (Nazis) to overthrow King Mufasa and the rest of the animals (Europe) (IMDB).

When Scar does take over, everything starts to deteriorate (such as the Nazis did to Eastern Europe). It seemed as if they were running concentration camps. When Simba returns, everything returns to normal-the trees grow back and the grass turns bright green again, symbolizing the relief ceased (The Nazi fall). In a way, these two films are similar. In each movie, both of the antagonists are depicted as evil and angry. They try to take control of the whole colony or kingdom. When they see an obstacle in the way, they try to eliminate it so they can obtain an easy path to the throne.

In the movie Antz, individualism is represented as a great value. Z, the individualistic ant, tries to confront General Mandible for his wrongdoings. He tries to stand up for himself and what he believes in, and soon after the rest of the colony starts to follow his ideas. Seeing that Z has now won over the colony with his beliefs, General Mandible gives out a compelling speech about how the colony needs the workers, and that they have their place in helping build a better colony.

He goes on to tell his soldiers, “Gentlemen, now you can see how dangerous individualism can be. It makes us…vulnerable. ” (Antz, General Mandible). This is why he wants to destroy the working ants. He knows that if the ants all become individualistic, that he will be overrun and not be able to pursue the superior race that he greatly wants. Later on, Z goes on to tell Princess Bala, “…he just died in my arms. I don’t think that once in his life he made his own choice. ” (Antz, Z). Here he is talking about one of the soldiers, who told Z not to follow orders all of his life.

This scene depicts the reality of the ant colony; unfortunately, the entire colony, especially the ants, were always following commands and following orders-they had no choice. On the contrary, The Lion King does not depict any degree of unhappiness under the rule of King Mufasa. All the animals are living in harmony, doing as they please; therefore, their individualism is not threatened by King Mufasa’s power. Once Scar comes into rule, he begins to dictate and change everything about the kingdom. He gave the hyenas superior authority over the lions and the other animals.

Soon, the rest of the animals start to leave the area and the kingdom becomes infested solely with hyenas. With the dictatorship of Scar, the animals’ freedom and sense of individualism was diminished. The political power in each film is exercised in a similar matter. Both movies contain a monarchy, which contains a queen in the movie Antz, and a king in the movie The Lion King. In the movie Antz, the queen ant has a daughter who is the princess. Soon after the Queen dies, the princess will take her place and so on.

In order for General Mandible to take control of the whole colony and become king, he must marry Princess Bala. He takes advantage of the monarchy, and turns it into more of a totalitarian government. On the other hand, The Lion King, has a different approach to its monarchy. King Mufasa expresses to his son that they follow the “Circle of Life” (Allers, Minkoff). In the “Circle of Life”, King Mufasa explains that, “When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life”. (Allers, Minkoff).

The kingdom in which they live, is not about exercising a control in one’s power, but rather, it is about respect. King Mufasa does take pride in being king, but he does not command and tell the other animals what to do in every aspect of their lives. Scar was second in line to the throne, being King Mufasa’s brother, but Simba’s birth made him the direct heir to the throne, thus pushing back Scar to third in line. And as the story goes, Scar becomes furious and turns on his own family because he is greedy. He then goes on to kill his brother and he tries to kill Simba but with no success.

Simba returns from going away for a while, and goes back to being king and completing the “Circle of Life”. In each of the films, it shows us what a government should do in a situation where it endangers its people. In Antz, after General Mandible takes the soldier ants out of the colony, and closes in the working ants, the worker ants come together and help each other out. The people (ants) of the government (ant colony), need to stick together and not be against each other. In the end, General Mandible says, “I am the colony”, and soon after tries to kill Z but ends up killing himself.

The colony came together and stood up for what they believed in, and took down the tyrant who was trying to make the colony “better” by turning it into a totalitarian government. In The Lion King, the government (jungle) does not really put up a fight against Scar. They let him control the lands and do whatever he pleases with the hyenas. Only when Simba comes back, the other lions are motivated to fight. In a point in the movie, Scar is cornered and blames everything on the hyenas and is soon after pushed over the cliff by Simba.

Although Scar killed King Mufasa, Simba did not want to kill Scar. Instead justice was served when the hyenas attacked Scar because he had turned his back on them after false promises. You can see that all over the world, there have been dictators, such as Fidel Castro or Hitler, that have fallen. They have fallen not only because of their decisions, but because of the people. Like the aforementioned, there is more to a movie than you think. Before doing this paper, I just thought these movies were just animated films that were made for children.

But the truth is that they have a meaning towards the adult viewers also. I believe that in Antz, the ants try to overthrow General Mandible’s totalitarian government in order to achieve a full sense of individualism. In the movie The Lion King, I believe that there is a dictatorship when Scar is in command. He does not rule the lands like King Mufasa, who gave everyone an equal right to live and be happy. Despite the antagonist’s attempts to rule, their justice is served, and in both movies the protagonists get what they want. All in all, always find the true meaning behind a film.

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The Count of Monte Cristo

The movie The Count of Monte Cristo took place in France in the nineteenth century around 1814 on the islands of Elba, Chateau d’If and Monte Cristo. This was during the time after the fall of Napoleon’s empire. The Count of Monte Cristo tells a story of betrayal, ultimate revenge, and undying love. Edmond Dantes, a sailor who was falsely accused of treason by his best friend was sentenced to prison where he plots his revenge against those who betrayed him.

Armond Mondego the friend who out of jealousy plotted against Edmond to win the beautiful Mercedes and fortune was later destroyed by the revenge and hate of Edmond who became known as The Count of Monte Cristo. The string that Mercedes ties around her finger represents that she is bound to Edmond by undying love forever. The transformation that Edmond made in becoming The Count of Monte Cristo was the beginning to Edmond taking his life back; He became bold, dark and vengeful.

Throughout the movie chess pieces are referred to as places of stature. Napoleon refers to kings and pawns as emperors and fools. When Edmond gains the position of captain of the Pharron ship Armond tells Edmond “victories are kings of the moment. ” Armond hands Edmond a King as he is being arrested as a symbol to remind him of better days. In prison this chess piece is used as a reminder to Edmond of how he was betrayed and his life stripped from him. This later is returned to Mondago as his life falls apart because of the revenge from Edmond.

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Remember the Titans: Movie Review

The arrival of African slaves, sold in the plantations of colonial America, definitely triggered a superior-inferior relationship and mentality between “the whites” and “the blacks”. This present-day culture, resulting from a society of masters and slaves, has struggled against central concepts deeply rooted in the nations past . With strong cultural values on racial discrimination, the path towards the concept of racism in America was a vital moment in the course of the nation’s history. Social concepts and attitudes could not be altered overnight, but it can be altered.

Indeed, in the quest for social progress, the struggle for equality has gone a long way, with black Americans now holding high-ranking positions in specialized fields in government and society. The issue on racism started when slave ships arrived in America from the coasts of Africa in the 17th century . Since then it has haunted and continues to haunt the history of the American nation. Racism was generally an issue in Americas history, which included sports as well. Race limited the sporting opportunities of many Americans (mainly African American).

During the 1920s, few blacks played in the National Football League before being unofficially banned in the 1930’s. That eventually changed and today it is a sport dominated by mostly African Americans. In the mid 1880’s, whites rejected racially integrated baseball. This changed in 1947, when Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play Major League baseball outside of a segregated black league. He became a living milestone for racial equality and changed the sport of baseball forever. Many stories like these became inspirations to future movies. Many movies, as in numerous things or behaviors in life, show social psychology.

In movies (whether they are illustrating racism, pro-social behavior, unselfishness, or even aggression) there are fundamental themes or life lessons to be learned. Throughout the history of sport, you can see that it has collided with several cultural values: gender, class, ethnicity/racism, religion, or region. In the film “Remember the Titans”, we see a cultural environment in 1971 refusing to accept the idea of racial equality (the main issue raised in the movie).

The film displays the issue of racism and illustrates how one can overcome prejudice by uniting for a ommon cause or goal. During the course of this movie, there were many social behaviors at work that dealt with racism and discrimination. These obstacles didn’t stop the football team from socially overcoming those difficulties. In brief, this film is about two schools in Alexandria Virginia that integrated in the early 1970s to form T. C. Williams High School. The white head coach of the Titans (Coach Bill Yoast) is replaced by an African American coach from North Carolina (Coach Herman Boone). Tensions arise when players of different races are forced together on the same football team.

Many of these tensions are eased during the two-week training camp in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. When players returned to Alexandria the players found the city in turmoil due to the forced desegregation of the high school. As the season progresses the team’s success caused the community to accept the changes. After the Titans’ perfect season, the team and the city were closer than ever. There were many scenes in the film that were meaningful to the theme of racism. One important scene is at the Gettysburg battle location. Here, Coach Boone makes an impacting speech to the players on overcoming their racism.

During Boones speech there is a shot of Boone and the cemetery behind him. This gets the viewer to focus on the words he is saying as well as the cemetery behind him. While looking at the players, Coach Boone says “Fifty thousand men died right here on this field… fighting the same fight that we’re still fighting among ourselves”. When they got back to the camp, during a training session, the two captains shout the chant, “left side” “strong side” to each other. This shows a new understanding and respect towards each other. They impact the rest of the team, which then come together as well.

Gettysburg is the turning point in the film, where the players overcome their racism. Another important and meaningful scene is one of the locker room scenes. The scene starts off with everyone laughing with one another while making “Mama Jokes”. Then, the radio is turned on and the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye comes on. The title of the song alone gives great symbolism, showing that racism can be conquered. Slowly but surely, the tension between the players (and eventually the community) diminished. The scene where a few of the players call a team meeting in the gym is another relevant scene.

The players get a sense that they’re good because they won a few games. They came together in camp, but they returned back to school and the “world” told them that they didn’t belong together. In that gymnasium they come together in singing, clapping, and a huddle to conclude the scene. The story of “Remember the Titans” is not about football. It is about the times of inequality, racism and narrow-mindedness. Students refused to go to class with those of a different race and adults did not want to associate with others that did not look like them.

This movie is about the struggle for civil rights, but what makes this movie great is the struggle the football team faced to become one to work together to attain a common goal. Sports made this a powerful movie. Watching the players come together proved it is okay to be friends with, associate with and even care for people that don’t necessarily look like you. If the T. C Williams Titans had a lesser role in the movie the concept of coming together (no matter what your background is, even when everyone else is divided) would not have been as strong.

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The Theories from the Movie of Confessions of a Shopaholic

Instances with cultural dimension are everywhere. The very normal everyday affairs that relate to cultural field could intricately stand on behalf of, or are shaped by, wider social and cultural forces (Miller, McHoul, 1). For instance, in the movie of Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009), fashion as a significant element, including the appearances of projection, consumption and aesthetics, as well as the status of upper class, determines self-identity and expresses one’s personality and discourses. This essay will first briefly introduce the movie, followed by defining and elaborating two theories.

Subsequently, two of the movie clips deemed as culture examples, each exemplifying the key notions from two scholars will be analyzed. Ultimately the essay would draw the conclusion with cultural lead ideas. According to the introduction of Metacritic (2009), the movie of Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) mainly describes a girl named Rebecca Bloomwood who is absolutely a shopaholic. In order to achieve the dream of working for her beloved fashion magazine, she snags a job of being an economic columnist for a financial magazine, which is published by the same company.

Ironically, she guides people to effectively manage money on the one hand and has loads of debts to pay off on the other hand. She has to make up lies to evade creditor’s tracking. Eventually, the comedy ends with Rebecca turning over a new leaf and celebrating both career and love after harsh introspection and self-reflection. The movie of Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) is occupied by fashion, glamour and shopping. This refers a person with a compulsive desire to shop. This movie lightly involved gender bias and stereotypes with the terms. For instance, women who love buying are called “shopaholics”.

While, occasionally, men are called “collectors” which have the same situation as women. However, the movie principally illustrates people’s desire for consumption and self-expression through styling and taste, which will be detailed by theories as following. In the movie, the view of simplified consumption is widely and reasonably acknowledged. Shopping, an approach of leisure and consuming time, offers people happiness and enjoyment. Due to the reports and evidences from Carlson (2008), it can be powerfully argued that people consume for the sake of consuming in real life.

The Polish sociologist, Zygmunt Bauman (1925- ) illustrates the modern consuming in the theory of “consuming life”, based on his theory of consumerism and liquid modernity. With the heuristics understanding of consumers and “consuming life”, he discovered three ideal categories, namely consumerism, the society of consumers, and consumer culture, to demonstrate consumers as a part of the society as well as the possible relationships among them. (Patterson 4). Bauman chiefly addresses consumerism about the subjectivity of individual consumers and states the motivated role of the unfulfilled desires and unsatisfied needs.

As for the second ideal type, Bauman argues the inevitable relationship between individuals and the world. In addition, ‘salability’ is coined to define the cause of social membership raised by individual’s consumption. The third ideal type, notably consumer culture, is claimed to “moves to a mes-olevel discussion of the social networks and interactions that exist within liquid modernity. ”(ibid. ) In Bauman’s theory, people are believed live in the postmodern consumer society and consumption is increasing in volume. Consumer’s satisfaction is instant and delayed.

As the report of Miller (33), at the moment of purchase, women are hardly satisfied in situations of purchase. The satisfaction brought by consumed goods is limited and short-term, the length of which normally should be reduced to bare minimum. However, Bauman (17) argues that the impatient, impetuous, and restive consumption would be more likely and much easier to fade off and lose interests as well, which reverses the traditional relationship between satisfactions and instant needs. At the beginning of the movie, Rebecca Bloomwood, who already has a debt of $900, is still fascinated by the green scarf that she does not really need.

Finally she buys it due to her immediate desire even it is not necessary. Throughout the movie, there are numerous scenes in which she regrets for her impetuous perchance. “Do we really need another chair? ” as David Report asked. They claim that things that are not really necessary cram people’s homes and people purchase them because of imputation and short time self-satisfaction (Carlson 4). Moreover, Bauman clarifies ‘consumer game’ as the excitement of sensation, which excludes the greediness of obtainment as well as the tangible sense without wealth.

Consumers ought to consume rationally and in control. Desire, is regarded could be reproduce by itself, and has self-perpetuating motive. As Mark C. Taylor and Esa Saarinen once said, “Desire does not desire satisfaction. To the contrary, desire desires desire. ” (Bauman 5). The movie of Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) presents numerous and various scenes of fashion judgments. For instance, one of the clips depicts the astonishment of Rebecca, who discovers the illustrious background of her boss, whom she thought was nonentity and nobody.

When asked why wearing these low-priced clothes, he answers that he does not want to be labeled by his clothes and the appearance, which says the underlying tastes and sense of fashion. Pierre Bourdieu (1990-2002), who was born in an out-of-the-way corner of southwest France, illustrates and clarifies these situations with the conception of ”habitus” and the class taste. In his youth, He was cultivated in philosophy. However, after the experience of participation of the Algerian War, he transformed to be a social scientist. Nevertheless he had philosophic logic and accuracy (Grass 1) as well.

In Bourdieu theory, drawn from a long-term scientific observation, cultural needs are demonstrated to be the product of upbringing and education. Cultural practices, including literature, painting or music, are closely attached to the educational level and subsequently to social origin. According to both the influence from the strongest ‘extra-curricular’ culture and the extent of the cultural practices, which are recognized by the educational system, the background and formal education could change. Therefore the manner of tastes and ‘class’ forms within the discourses as well as structures (Bourdieu 2).

The different lifestyles associated with them (Wacquant 7) could be understood as the approach to categorizing and distinguishing people. In addition, the theory shows how individuals characterize and reversely define themselves to others. For instance, the upper class makes adjudication based on the mannerisms, interests and tastes (Bourdieu 2). Habitus, meaning the way that the body is shaped by discourses as well as the environment, is clearly visible through taste.

Through the process of which people recognize, judge, and operate in the world, habitus successfully assigns the system of ispositions, which is shared by countless people who have similar experiences and ideas. Habitus, the mediation between both the past and present stimuli, is socially structured and is simultaneously structuring the society. The reason for Bourdieu’s exemplification of the “unchosen principle of all choices,” as well as “the product of structure, producer of practice, and reproducer of structure” to hibitus is that it provides form and unity to a range of activities of an individual by crossing the separate spheres of life.

Moreover, habitus is a principle of both social continuity and discontinuity. It is social continuity because of its ability to store social forces in individuals and transport them across time and space. Furthermore, It is discontinuity in that it could “be modified through the acquisition of new dispositions and the reason” that “it can trigger innovation whenever it encounters a social setting discrepant with the setting from which it issues”. Wacquant 7). All in all, the comedy of Confessions of A Shopaholic (2009) could be intensely analyzed by culture theories. After the briefly introduction of the movie, Bauman’s theory was introduced to illustrate the conception of consumption. Moreover, the three ideal categories detail the conception and the hypothesis of satisfaction of desire, suggesting the impetuous purchase would fade off yet the desire never would.

Subsequently, Bourdieu’s theory of taste classifies and categorizes people with respect to taste and education. The dissimilar manners are closely linked to the dissimilar positions in social factor, which possibly bound up with the systems of habitus of the different classes (Bourdieu 2). In fact, despite the fact that the cultural studies about “desire” as well as “habitus” has been already made progresses, it is obvious and plain that they would still be discussed and argued within a long period of time.


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Movie Critique of Mean Girls

Developmental Psychology Film Critique Number Two I believe the main character in the film to be Cady Heron who is played by Lindsay Lohan and is a sixteen year old girl. She was homeschooled her entire life until now. I would place Cady in the Adolescence stage of Erikson’s theory of development. It is described that the basic conflict in this stage is identity vs. role confusion. In this stage teens need to develop a personal sense of self and personal identity. If one is able to succeed it will lead them with the ability to stay true to their self.

Failure to do so leads the individual to role confusion and a weak sense of self. In the beginning of the film it shows Cady as a nice young shy and naive girl who is tries her best to fit in. She is nice to everyone around her and has a hard time finding someone who will accept her. She ends up meeting two other people who are like minded as herself. She is dared by one of her new friends to change in order to get back at a girl who she wants to get revenge on from the 8th grade.

Cady does such a good job at changing who she is that she begins to lose her sense of self and her personal identity. She realizes one day that she ditched her real friends for her new fake ones and it reminds her that she has developed a weak sense of self. At the end of the movie she is able to regain her true self and become friends with her original friends again. Yes the character named Cady did experience changes in the social role they occupied over the course of the film. When she first came to the school she wasn’t really accepted and nobody paid any attention or respect to her.

Once she sold out and joined the fake group of girls called the plastics she was only then able to gain popularity and respect from her classmates. When she became part of the plastics she lost her first and only true friends as well. Like I said earlier she did leave the plastics and became friends with her first friends again. I would place Cady in level 2: conventional mortality. Views of other people matter to the individual at this level. People at this level also try to avoid blame and seek approval.

I would also put Cady at stage 3 of this level. In this stage people have good intentions. They want to behave in a way that is considered “good behavior”. Cady definitely cares about how other people view her and it really matters to her. She changes a lot in this film just so people accept her. She joins a group of people that gets attention. People really don’t like the group of girls she joins but they continue to look up and respect them. She lies to her old friends to avoid blame several times throughout the film.

She also tries to get approval from her original friends for her to join the plastics but they do not approve. She leaves the group because she doesn’t have good intentions of being in it. The only reason why she joined the group was to help her friend get the inside on her in order to get revenge. I would say that the easiest indication of identity issues within the main character comes from her level of self –esteem. She feels bad at first that she can’t find friends. She comes home from school on the first day and doesn’t even speak to her parents because she got picked on so bad.

She also joined the plastics and became so popular but she knew it wasn’t her and she still had low self-esteem. It wasn’t until she left the plastics became friends again with her original ones was she able to gain her self-esteem back. She learned to accept everyone for who they were. I would say that in the end of the movie it does show that Cady experiences a sense of life satisfaction. She is able to find out who she truly is and is able to help others do the same as well. She destroys the prom queen tiara that she receives at the beginning of the school’s prom dance.

She breaks it into pieces and gives it to all of the students telling them that they are all special. I think that this part of the movie really shows best the sense of life satisfaction of Cady and also her classmates. I believe that this film is more of a chick flick but it does have an impression that can be perceived by anyone who watches it. It shows real life events that go on everyday throughout the high schools across the world. Students are at a time in life where they need to decide who they are and what they want to become.

I believe that it does portray the adolescence stage of Erikson’s very well in a positive way. I think it shines light on what it is really like for both the group of classmates who gets picked on and also the people who are doing the picking. It shows that people who used to not get along can learn how they can accept each other and live much happier lives. I think that the overall message the film sends about adolescence is that it isn’t an easy road to travel down and that it may take several attempts at trying new things to help someone truly find out who they really are.

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The Grapes of Wrath

The movie “The Grapes of Wrath” I watched recently is the classic adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel written and published in 1939 only one year before the movie was released. When the movie production was approved the director John Ford and his crew were able to accomplish a major task and finish the project without getting involved in the conflict with labor unions what was very important since many members of the crew belonged to them.

The script which is based on Steinbeck’s book adopted a very specific dialect, the language spoken by the villagers living in rural Oklahoma so the authenticity impression was preserved. The movie presents the times of the Great Depression in the American Mid West and West coasts. This was a tough era of American history that got the historically accurate documentation and John Ford’s movie shows us perfectly the experience of many people those days – farmers and their families, drifters and strikers.

For many Americans who watched the movie in the theaters in the big cities it was not easy to find out how hard and stressful it was for the people living in the country to be forced out of the lands they were working on. Here the director introduces us to the family of poor farmers from Oklahoma Dust Bowl and their struggling during the tough times of the economic crisis. While watching the movie I observed the contrast between the representatives of the lower class and the wealthy landowners who take an advantage of the unfortunate circumstances.

From the events presented I’ve learned that the economic crisis and the advancing technology which was used to farm the land were responsible for drastic and extreme changes which were imposed on thousands of people against their own will. All the farmers’ families which for many generations made the living out of their farms in the short period of time received the notifications demanding to move out and abandon the properties which they were residing at.

Obviously it was not their choice and the decision was made on their behalf without giving them the alternative opportunities. The main characters in the movie are the members of Joad’s family who are not only dealing with the problems inside of their family but also with the basis of their existence which is endangered. Those poor people understand very well that when fighting all the odds the only solution is to stay together and rely on each other and when facing the unpleasant reality they decide to remain as a family while entering the new chapter of their lives.

In order to find a solution to their problems Joad’s family decides to embark on the journey to California. They have high hopes and strong beliefs that if they will get there, their situation will change for better, they will be able to find jobs and as a result will settle in their new home. On the way to their destination they experience many unexpected events which they have to deal with as they appear. They loose two members of their family and while staying at the camps for the similar migrants they learn about the sad reality which was awaiting them.

It appeared that all the information they have been provided before they left Oklahoma were not exactly true and the land owners were trying to earn profits by using the unfair labor practices. Being fully aware of the desperate conditions the owners of the large farms offer low wages jobs and exploit all those hired to work on their lands. The new comers were not welcomed and treated with very suspicious manners. The local residents who were afraid of losing their own source of income were acting very unfriendly and openly demonstrated their opposition.

People like Joad’s family while forced to stay in the camps and awaiting the potential employment were treated by local authorities like trouble makers. All those who tried to stand up for their rights were considered difficult and wrongly accused of trouble causing. Rich and wealthy class representatives were simply misusing the power of the local authorities in order to protect their own interest and increase the potential profits. Whoever was brave enough to disagree with those kinds of methods was considered as a threat and forced to leave or had to face the mistreatment and abuse.

While majority of migrating families were subjected to the hardship and constant struggling, the smaller number of this group were lucky enough to find the temporary accommodations provided by the Federal authorities as a form of social assistance during the economic depression. Once they were able to reach such facilities they were offered decent and reasonable housing with the basic sanitary installations. The life in those places was organized by the rules which campers could set up so all the residents were treated with respect and there was no tolerance for any form of abuse.

However some of the local land owners did not like the situation and were trying to sabotage the camp. Quite often those government managed facilities were subjected to the organized attempts of purposely initiated disturbances which will give the arguments to the local authorities to act while “preserving law and order”. It should be noticed that even tough it was not the director’s intention the conditions showed and the form of management in those camps succeeded in building up the reputation of the Government and helped in recognizing efforts directed towards continuous improvement during the crisis.

The democratic methods which were giving all the residents the right to protect their status were successfully maintaining the stabilized life while staying within the borders of the camp. Even the police authorities were not allowed to enter without the warrant. Many residents quickly realized how fragile and valuable it is for them to continue preventing the established order in the camp so they could organize the system of the comities which were overseeing all the key aspects of every day living conditions.

Under those circumstances surviving the difficult times until the employment opportunities appear was much more acceptable and helped to build the confidence in the better future. The movie definitely proves that people while facing major difficulties have much higher chances of prevailing if they help each other and stay together instead of resisting and fighting those problems just on their own. Even the strongest and most determined attempts to resist and fighting the reality by one single person will not last long and at the end will not be considered successful.

The Joad’s family proved to themselves that together they can manage to survive and use the difficulties which they went through as the learning experience. By using the combination of wisdom and wise assumptions together with good will and honest intentions they were able to help each other in the process of the decisions making. As we all now go through the inconveniences and carry the burden of struggling economy, while watching the movie we can relate in some certain way to the presented story.

We are fully aware that unfortunately seventy years later there are many Americans who do have to find answers to resolve their problems and react to the drastic changes which the economy imposed on them. As Casy, the former preacher perfectly summarizes his view when performing the funeral rites by saying: “I wouldn’t pray just for an old man that’s dead, ‘cause he’s all right. If I was to pray, I’d pray for folks that’s alive and don’t know which way to turn”.

The fact that the American Academy of Motion Pictures nominated John Ford’s movie was one of the reasons why even the President of the USA Franklin D. Roosevelt was present there and gave the speech which consisted of comments regarding the movie unique character. For someone like me whose knowledge of the United States modern history is not so deep I found the movie as being very educating and presenting Americans’ lives during the Great Depression from a different perspective.

Comparing to the recent production, the “Cinderella Man” I found quite few similarities and issues which were particularly important however the director John Ford is not trying to create a fairy tale but instead is exposing the dark side in which both the rules of economy and human nature compete with each other in the most important fight as the only possible way of surviving without loosing the human values such a dignity and pride.

We can say that the main characters, their interactions and behavior even if originated from the natural instincts of human beings slowly but steady helped them to built up the resistance and eventually made them stronger than they were ever before. Just like Russell Crowe in the “Cinderella Man” was given a second chance and did not waste it but succeeded in his journey to the victory on the boxing ring, Joad’s family under the spiritual leadership of Tom’s mother proudly emerged out of all difficulties and remained faithful about awaiting them much better future.

In my opinion the history of this country taught us a very valuable lesson which proved that even the Great Depression was not able to destroy the strong American spirit and discourage people from using their skills and joined efforts to help each other in the times of need. People need to believe that the tough times will end and they will be able to enjoy living again. Nothing motivates people in need to take an action and engage in many long term efforts better than having hope and faith that the better future is in their hands, that nothing else can help them better than their own determination.

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Crash Movie Review

?? Misconception The 2004 movie Crash, directed by Paul Haggis, is a resemblance of how our society is today. It demonstrates people’s actions during their daily lives. There is a disconnection between every person and that is what makes each individual who they are. One way of depicting each person is through their actions, decisions, and the way they deal with people. Throughout the movie hate crime and hate speech was captured in the movie Crash through several characters. The one which I could easily identify was with the Persian family, Farhad the husband, Shareen the wife, and the daughter Dorri.

Several incidents occurred that could be portrayed in reality. The family business store was robed at gun point and to prevent the incident from occurring again, the family decided to purchase a gun for protection. Protection of a gun was the only way that Farhad could feel safe. Often people think that having a gun is the only way to not be harmed and the movie challenges that perception. Purchasing the gun was difficult because Farhad was from the Middle East. Dirk, the gun owner, gave the family a hard time when he denied them the right to purchase the gun.

I believe the gun seller had the mentality that the Persians were Arabian and that they were planning a terroristic attack. After the 911 attack in society, most Americans judge anybody with Arabian characteristics as the “evil” people. They feel that they are in America for one purpose and that is to cause terror. The store was vandalized and graffiti of the nationality Arab was mistakenly (the family is Persian) drawn on the wall of Farhad’s store. The family was victims of hate crime and hate speech without any justice; they were being attacked because of assumptions of being Arabian.

The judgment on the family’s ethnicity is something that constantly occurs around America. Personally, my family is Haitian and they speak Creole, since my family looks African American but speak another language, some people easily assume that they are African. My family has an accent and there were times when we would go to stores and people of other races would insult my family and tell them to go back to Africa because they could not understand what they were saying. My family had several situations where they had to leave a store a restaurant because of being a different ethnicity.

Throughout the movie, one would think that Farhad would have better treatment toward other people because of how others treat him and his family, but he displays the same treatment given to him, to others. After the store was vandalized, the shopkeeper called a locksmith by the name of Daniel to repair the lock. The lock was repaired, but it was the door that needed to be replaced and Daniel informed Farhad of this. The cold harsh treatments of other people cause Farhad to treat others the same way.

He becomes offensive and disrespects the repairman because he feels that the repairman is trying to rip him off. Daniel constantly told Farhad that the door needed to be replaced and Farhad did not take his words into consideration. Farhad insulted him and the repairman was so angry that he left without getting paid for his work. The door not being fixed caused Farhad to have more animosity to people outside his race. Aside from showing the animosity of foreigners, this movie also shows that Americans are not friendly people and mistreat foreigners who come to America for a better life.

The Persian family has their own store and it was their most prized possession in America. The young people hated them so much that they broke into their store and vandalized it. The vandalized store caused Farhad to blame the repairman. Whenever there is problem, human beings seem to never take accountability for their actions and blame other people before blaming themselves. Farhad accused the repairman for being at fault for the destructions of his store and tried to get his insurance to cover the damages.

The insurance could not reimburse Farhad for the damages of his store because the repairman told Farhad that the door needed to be replaced. Therefore, Farahad decided to get justice on his own. He wanted to retaliate and he identified the home address of the locksmith and waited on him to come home from work. Farhad saw the locksmith approach his home so Farhad walked toward him and pointed a gun at him. The Daniel’s daughter, Laura, saw the altercation, ran and jumped up on her father to give him a hug and protect him from getting shot.

Farhad pulls the trigger and nothing happens to the little girl. Farhad’s decision was selfish; he was too concerned about his shop and did not realize that killing a human being was not the right decision. Being that the shopkeeper, Farhad, is an immigrant, he was hated by Americans and it caused him to hate other nationalities as well. He wanted justice and he felt that the only way he can get it was by matching the hatred of his, with the hatred of his ethnicity, from other people. The people who vandalized Farhad’s store were negligent and did not accept diversity.

Farhad’s was tired of being hated because of his ethnicity, so he decided to take action. He was mistreated and he wanted the mistreatment to stop, he wanted to retaliate and make Daniel pay for the vandalism of his store. People in our society often feel that the only way that they can feel better about a person or situation is if they resolve it through fighting or killing. These conflicts are resolved by negative decisions of crimes and hurtful words because of being different in a society. There needs to be more peace and less violence in the world and the movie Crash exemplifies why.

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Knocking on Heaven’s Door

The movie tells us the story of two men who have heard bad news: they have to live a little, just a week and hardly one day more. For them, this is certainly a shock as they are still so young, but it is already the time for them to go to heaven. Of course they want to continue their lives, but unfortunately it is too late to change things. Trying to drown the sorrow with tequila, one of the main characters, demure Rudy realized that he has never been at the sea. On what second man lad Martin replies with a grin that on heaven all talks are about the sea as it the most remarkable and surprising phenomenon in the world. That’s how it all begins …

It would be wrong to say that the story is only about the thirst for life and the man’s fear of not having enough time to do something important. Partly it is, but this film examines many valuable things and events in our lives that we perceive as a given, but still they are no less valuable. For example, the love of parents, real friendship, a desire to help and bring to the world something good.

Every shot means something and teaches something, inspires and makes you think of. For example there is a scene in which Martin gives a Cuban cigar to a little girl who accidentally met him on the road from the bank. He wants to make random people happy, but what to give to a child? Candy? He hasn’t got any. Money? Children don’t really need them. There is only remaining a cigar, which he gave to her as an ice cream on a stick. The scene is funny and very touching.

Generally, the film is about life with all its oddities, fortunate events, disappointments and of course loves. In some ways, the film looks like a zebra. White band, then black and white again and again the black. Everything goes well with the disappointing events, the opportunity to live in grand style at least slightly overlaps with the pursuit and arrest … Everything is exactly how it is happens in the world …

This movie consists of small particular things. Martin calls the stolen car sky blue colored Mercedes, not blue, it was heavenly blue. How Rudy complains about the cheap suit for 2000 dollars. Of course because they have found a million of dollars in the trunk of stolen car. And many other significant moments from which the content of this film constructed.

The duet of main actors is incomparable. Their heroes are complete opposites of each other. Perhaps in real life they would not even said hello, they are so diverse – desperate daredevil Martin and calm and quiet Rudy. But facing a total disaster, they rallied and become friends. Even for such a short period. They affect each other. Rudy gets Martins quality – lack of fear and a desire to taste more and more freedom. And Martin gets Rudy’s – caring for loved ones and the thought of the generous assistance. And yet they managed to do this, give their selves and their loved ones a little bit, but true happiness …

All this happened only because they had a goal. One goal! To do in one week everything that they failed to do in whole life!

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Roger and Me

The movie “Roger and me” by Michael Moore is a documentary about Roger Smith’s takeover of General Motors in the late 1980’s. Moore documents the transition from prosperity to poverty in the city of Flint, Michigan. There are three different angles from which to look at the situation in Flint. These three different angles are a conflict theorist’s view, a functional analysis’ view, and a symbolic interactionist’s view. The first view, conflict theory, is looking at who has the power, how they’re using this power, and who they’re exploiting with it.

A conflict theorist would view the situation as Roger Smith using his power to ruin Flint, Michigan. Smith became the CEO of General Motors and started making massive changes immediately. He started by laying off thousands of auto workers at the Flint, Michigan auto plants so that GM could make new plants in Mexico, even though GM was making record profits. The auto workers were devastated and although they strived to better themselves and get new jobs, there were none available.

Secondly, the functionalist’s view can be applied to this situation. A functional analyst’s view is a pretty broad one that consists of looking at the big picture and how everything works or doesn’t work together. Functionalists would say that it was a necessary step for GM to close its plants in Flint because it will bring in more profits and allow the company to grow larger. Having cheaper labor in Mexico will lower the prices of new cars too.

On the other hand, GM is being dysfunctional by closing the plants since that is where most of the citizens of Flint work. With so many people unemployed, the economy of Flint became horrible. No one bought anything so stores went out of business, creating even more unemployment. The final view if that of the social interactionist’s. Throughout the movie, Roger Smith is portrayed as an evil figure. Everyone that Moore interviews view General Motors and Smith as the devil.

Flint, Michigan is viewed as dying town that isn’t worth anything anymore. Celebrities such as Robert Schuller, Pat Boone, Anita Bryant and Bob Eubanks all come to Flint in an attempt to raise the citizens’ spirits. Robert Schuller looks like a savior when he comes with motivational ideas to preach to the towns unemployed and tell them what they should do. Bob Eubanks, who is seen as the guy who made it out of Flint and became famous, comes and has a live newlywed game to cheer everyone up.

Even the President of the United States comes to talk to some of Flint’s citizens, but he doesn’t have much to offer other than a free lunch. To bring it all together, Michael Moore did a very good job at documenting the reactions of everyone involved from the workers to the CEO of the company. Conflict theory, functional theory, and social interaction are the three important views that can be applied to the “Roger and Me” film. Looking at all three views together is essential to seeing the whole story and how everyone involved feels about it.

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The Movie Crash

I don’t normally review English movies coz they don’t affect me emotionally, as much as Indians movies do. Reviewing for me is more an emotion driven act than a critical, objective exercise. Crash is one of the few English movies, out of the tons I’ve watched this year, that really touched an emotional chord. Crash – ’’Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other. ’’…This is the tagline for the movie. This movie is set in Los Angeles and explores tense racial relations amongst the various communities that exist in LA.

Crash is an ensemble piece in which the stories of different characters intersect and intertwine…kinda like Tom Cruise’s Magnolia. Each of the sub-stories involves racism, which is the central theme of the film. Other than racism, the film also highlights the alienation and isolation of the individual in a big city. The title “Crash” comes from the fact that the movie is full of car crashes and people colliding into one another, which, as one of the central characters in the movie states, seems to have become the only way people connect with each other today.

Plot – It is hard to outline a plot here. There is so much going on in the movie at all times, so many different characters, so many plot twists. You have Sandra Bullock and Brendan Fraser playing a white, upwardly mobile couple who are victims of a car-jacking, at the hands of a couple of black guys, further increasing their prejudices. You have the black car-jackers, Ludacris (the hip hop star) and Larenz Tate, who are quite unrepentant about what they’ve done, who feel as long as they are not robbing their own community they are “Aw.. iight”.

Then there is a Korean guy who’s run down by these car jackers while they are speeding away. As the audience, you are tempted to feel sorry for the Korean guy, but maybe he’s not a victim after all…maybe he’s involved in crimes even greater than stealing. There is Matt Dillon, as a frustrated, stressed traffic cop, who pulls over a black couple for a very trivial reason and harasses them unforgivably just because “he can” (very bollywood, corrupt cop style). Ryan Philippe plays his partner, who is quite disturbed by Matt’s behaviour, but is too much of a rookie to have a say.

Don Cheadle plays an upright black cop, who is kind of at the centre of this movie, almost like the conscience of the movie, but he too has his own prejudices, and is not above stereotyping his Hispanic girlfriend. These are only some of the subplots in a very busy storyline. If this sounds complicated on paper, well, it is. I had to watch this movie thrice to get all the subplots. But like a patchwork quilt, the mismatched parts and pieces all come together to create a whole that’s far more significant — and, thankfully, understandable — than the mere sum of its parts.

None of the characters are completely bad or completely good…they all have their shades of grey, and most of them have a chance to play the perpetrator of racial prejudice and the victim of it…. …which is pretty true to life. Casting – The casting of the movie is truly inspired. Sandra Bullock, Brendan Fraser, Ludacris…artists who haven’t done roles like this before, are wonderful. Don Cheadle is nothing less than brilliant. In one scene, he doesn’t say a word; he simply walks away. And yet the look of naked anguish on his face actually brought me physical pain as my heart broke for him.

Matt Dillon is surprisingly good as a man who exemplifies both the worst and the best of humankind. In fact, there’s not a bad, or even a mediocre, performance in the film. Crash actually uses its many facets to tell a story of mutual racial intolerance and of snap judgments based on nothing more or less than skin color or an accent. It seems easier for us to deal with a stereotype than to take the time to get to know someone. I guess what I felt after watching the movie was that I was just as guilty of racism as the next person.

This is not a movie you’ll walk away from with a smile, but you will leave with something to think about and discuss for days to come. It also made me think about the alienation factor, which is so prominent in Western society, and maybe in some big cities in India as well. I watched this movie with my mother in tow, who likes to “talk” movies as much as I do. When we left the hall, we found ourselves strangely silent, looking around us, scrutinizing other people who’d watched this movie in the theatre, wondering what they felt, trying to eavesdrop on their conversation, being very “racially” aware, and yet wanting to connect.

We weren’t the only ones, we were being similarly checked out by other movie goers! Normally, at least outside India, one doesn’t really “look” at other people in the hall…one is content to discuss the film with whoever you’ve been watching it with and then go about your business. So I guess this film did get its message across really well. Do watch this film. It will make you think and feel. Please do comment on this review… even if you havent seen this movie, do you have any opinions on some of the themes this movie addresses?

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Competition in the Movie Rental Industry in 2008

Competition in the Movie Rental Industry in 2008: Netflix and Blockbuster Battle for Market Leadership Although the corporate strategies implemented by Netflix and Blockbuster have allowed them to become leaders of competitive advantage in the movie rental industry, they sometimes encounter strategic issues that slow down their product and services process. My research of Netflix and Blockbuster will enable me to present a SWOT analysis and recommendations for each company.

Netflix, founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings, has achieved its goal of becoming the largest online movie rental service in the world. By the end of 2007, Netflix recorded revenues of $1. 2 billion. With a library of 100,000 movie titles and a subscriber base of over seven million, they had become the leaders of the movie rental industry (Gamble & Thompson, 2011). Netflix’s business model of internet subscription enabled them to compete in the movie industry. Consumers love going to the movies, but with increasing theatre prices found it too expensive to attend public viewings.

Netflix provided an inexpensive way to view movies which could be done from the comforts of home. According to the text, (Essentials of Strategic Management, 2010), “Netflix’s success is due to its six-pronged strategy of providing comprehensive selection of DVDs, easy way to choose movies, fast delivery, no return due dates, and convenient drop in mail movie returns” (Gamble & Thompson, 2010). In an online survey by Nielsen Online, Netflix was rated number one for three years and for nine consecutive periods by Forsee/FGI Research (Netflix, 2009). Netflix Strategic Issues

Blockbuster, Netflix’s fiercest competitor, experience many rental issues until 2007 when they regained market shares forcing Netflix to reduce subscription prices. Not only did Blockbuster gain presence, other competitors like Redbox also gained presence in the market due to new technologies (VOD & DVR) that are influencing the business environment. The business model used by Netflix caused a stir in the market industry. However, the damage control strategies of competitors and competitor recapture of market shares is threatening Netflix’s competitive advantage.

Netflix has to change with the times. Competitive Forces Netflix and Blockbuster are affected by the five forces of competition which are potential new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, threat of substitutes, and rivalry among existing competitors (Gamble & Thompson, 2010). The companies must understand how these forces work and affect their operation. Threats of New Entrants -In the home video/game industries, new entrants must own large amounts of movies/games for rental or sale to fulfill customers’ demands.

Meanwhile they have to build up various distribution channels for products to reach customers in a very quick way (Xie & Lin, 2008). Bargaining Power of Suppliers -The inputs of suppliers in the home video/game industries are very important and since there are only a few qualified suppliers in the industry, their bargaining power is high. Netflix acquires its movies from movie studios and distributors, buying DVDs on a fee-per-DVD basis, paying license content fees, and signing revenue sharing agreements.

Blockbuster also has revenue sharing agreements with its suppliers. To some extent, these agreements reduce the bargaining power of suppliers. In terms of the computer system, Blockbuster is using Provia’s Viaware warehouse management system (packaging, sorting, and distributing rental products) in its supply chain management to keep costs down (Xie & Lin, 2008). Threats of substitutes -Substitutes include movie theaters, satellite TV, and cable TV. Customers can go to movie theaters and enjoy the vivid atmosphere.

Alternatively, they can order “pay-per-view” or subscribe “on-demand” from satellite TV and/or cable TV providers to watch movies at home. Users can watch anytime they want. Satellite and cable TV offer sufficient selections of new releases and are is easy to watch with just click on remote. Netflix and Blockbuster compete for customers by offering various kinds of movies and internet access (Xie & Lin, 2008). Rivalry among industry competitors – Netflix and Blockbuster are in a highly competitive industry.

Competitors include merchant retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Target; video and game store like Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery, and Game Stop; supermarkets, convenient stores such as Publix, and McDonald’s. The significant rival is Hollywood Video which offers movie and game rentals (Xie & Lin, 2008). Bargaining power of buyers -Buyers are not in concentrated groups and do not buy in large amounts. However, within the entertainment industry, customers have a lot of alternatives and have no switching cost.

However the introduction of DVDs, influenced customers to purchase DVDs since the cost is almost the same cost of rentals. This makes buyer power moderate (Xie & Lin, 2008). The five forces of competition of the movie rental industry presents little force against a competitor’s market position based on buyer power, supplier power, and new entrant threats. However, threat of substitutes and rivalry among competitors can affect the amount of profits a company will gain and retain. Netflix SWOT Analysis

The presence of Netflix and Blockbuster in the movie rental industry has assisted me in developing this analysis of each corporation’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as followed: Netflix’s strengths are: Good reputation, unlimited movie rental subscription, no due dates or late fees, easy website access, and large movie selection. Netflix’s weaknesses are: Limited to internet rental access, and long waiting period for new releases. Netflix’s opportunities are: To provide Video on Demand media access, music and movie download, and acquire partnership with gaming industry.

Netflix’s threats are: Low DVD rentals, government regulation of rental distribution, high level of competition, and new movie media technology. Blockbuster SWOT Analysis Blockbuster’s strengths are: national and international recognition provides movie and game rentals, various vices for rental access (i. e. stores, kiosk, and internet), offers snacks and beverages for purchase in stores, and accommodates all customer types. Blockbuster’s weaknesses are: Poor distribution process, increased operating expense, decreased reputation, limited new released video games, unable to compete with game distributors (i. e.

GameStop), and constant rental policy changes. Blockbuster opportunities are: Unlimited access to downloadable media libraries, increased production of brand movie rentals, and partnership with gaming system industry. Blockbuster’s threats are: New video formats, decreased DVD movie rentals, increased competition, and government regulation of movie rentals. The SWOT analysis shows that Netflix and Blockbuster have strong strengths and opportunities, however in order to Netflix to maintain its competitive advantage there needs to be an upgrade in innovation and technology that will strengthen their reputation and reliability.

Blockbuster’s loss in reputation will continually plague their ability to remain competitive and maintain the customer base that they have. Blockbuster will continually face challenges until they upgrade their innovation and technology to level where they will enter into recovery mode. As I studied the financial information presented in the text, it appears that Netflix has been able to offer customers the benefit of low rental fees because they have been able to maintain a low level of expenses. The benefits offered to customers have increased the amounts of net income and movie rentals.

Netflix prides itself on promoting customer satisfaction and meeting demands of its internet base. According to the numbers presented by Internet World Stats, the percentage of internet penetration by the North American population was 74. 2 percent in 2009, which was a 134 percent increase from 2000. At this rate, Netflix could secure an internet rental customer base of 74. 2 percent which would strengthen its success (Miniwatts Marketing Group, 2009) Blockbuster’s biggest challenge is development of a viable strategic approach to price setting.

When Netflix entered the game, Blockbuster began to lose profits. In an attempt to recoup some of its losses, Blockbuster presented campaign where the rental policy constantly changed leaving customers confused and unsure of the rental process. Although Blockbuster has a large selection of movie titles and global presence, its reputation of dissatisfied customers and inefficient distribution has caused its overall cost to rise significantly. Blockbuster’s competitive advantage is that it offers various channels by which customers can access entertainment media.

According to Blockbuster, “The same customer can choose different ways to access media entertainment on different nights” (Blockbuster, 2010). Recommendations In order for Netflix to maintain its competitive advantage there must be an adjustment of their strategy. Customer satisfaction should be a key factor of its strategy. I recommend that they base their marketing promotions on increasing customer awareness of the variety of accessible content offered. They should also implement the availability of music content and digital media to their library.

The development of an award program for customers with lengthy memberships would influence word of mouth recommendations. Most of all, Netflix must continue to offer their customers the benefit of more titles at modest cost subscription memberships. In order for Blockbuster to regain its competitive advantage and reputation there must be the development of a strategy that will increase their profit. They have to become more innovation in internet and in-store rental process.

There should be monitoring devices placed on scanner registers and mailed movie rentals to better track returns in order to keep their cost at a minimum. Staff should be trained and monitored on a constant basis to ensure that customer satisfaction is the key priority. Blockbuster must implement policies that will be enforced and understood by customers. They should also team up with gaming system producers to ensure that they will be supplied with current games and possibly offer gaming system rentals.

Most of all they should find their own niche market which will provide them with a specialized competitive advantage. The information researched on Netflix and Blockbuster has enabled me to conclude that competition in the movie rental industry is highly competitive. There are new companies entering the market that have a competitive advantage whether it consist of internet rental, vending machine rental access, or in-store rental access. Netflix and Blockbuster have taken the lead in providing thousands of movie title to be viewed in the comfort of our own homes without the expense of movie theatres.

Although both companies have a competitive advantage, they each have a following of dedicated customers who will stay with them because of familiarity. Through my research I have learned that consumers are the controllers in the movie rental industry. If consumers dislike the way they are serviced or the cost of movie rentals they will most certainly move on to a company which will cater to their movie wants and needs. However, the movie rental industry must stay up on new innovations and technologies in order to remain competitive, profitable, and maintain modest levels of overall costs.

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Are Television, Movies, and Music Responsible for Teen Violence?

Are Television, Movies, and Music responsible for teen violence? Most people would like to know why violence among teens is rising. Most people blame parents for the way the child acts. Others blame the kids they’re around. In my opinion, I don’t think neither parents nor peers are to blame. The media is responsible for teen violence in our society. The media teaches teens that violence is acceptable. Children will try to imitate the things they see on television.

For example in Toronto, a six year old boy wearing a Ninja Turtle costume stabbed his friend in the arm for not giving back a toy he had borrowed. When the child is young and watches shows that have violence in it like SpongeBob Square pants children will want more violence when they grow older. The more they grow the more violence they want. This makes them less sensitive to violence. Only 16% of shows actually show the long-term effects of violence. The other way media portrays violence is by music.

Rappers like Eminem have violent lyrics. One example is when Eminem wanted to kill his wife and ask his daughter to help throw her mom in the bottom of the ocean because he made a bed at the bottom of the ocean. When reporters ask him why he has such violent lyrics he blames his alter ego Slim for everything that happens, with his family, and work, that is bad. “I do promote violence and I don’t care. ”-Eminem. Artists don’t get in trouble for the negative message they send to teens. Rap music puts teens at risk to get arrested 2. times more. 66% of 13- to 17-year-olds believe violence in music is partly responsible for violent crimes. Music has a big impact on a teenagers life it helps up when were down and to make us happy. The last way media portrays violence is in Video games. More than 70 percent of American teenage boys have played the violent and adult-rated Grand Theft Auto video games. This will make them more aggressive. This can cause teens to fight with their peers by using what they see in the game to attack their peers. 8 percent of games show aggression that went unpunished. Video games are a form of entertainment among youth. 70 percent of children from ages 2 to 18 have access to video games at home. Teens that aren’t exposed to violence in media will be less likely to have violent behaviors. If parents don’t allow their child to watch too much T. V and play less video games than they will be less likely to have violent behaviors. People say it’s not the media’s fault if that is true than whose fault is it?

Most teens grow up with T. V. Violence on T. V starts off young and they grow up with it and the more they grow the more violence they want. Violence in the media has negative effects on children. For example it increases aggressiveness and anti-social behavior. It also increases their fear of becoming victims because they see what happens and they are scared if it will happen to them. In summation media is a major component in the upbringing of a child whether good or bad, the key to stopping it is to not purchase it.

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Hangover Movie Review

I haven’t laughed this hard at a movie in a long time. When I saw this movie in theater for the first time I came out with my face hurting I was laughing so much. Everything about this movie just clicked. Perfect cast with great chemistry, great direction, great music, and most importantly a fun script with hilarious dialogue and characters. The movie starts where its two days before Doug’s wedding, himself and his three friends drive to Las Vegas for a crazy bachelor party they’ll never forget. But, in fact, when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning, they can’t remember a thing.

For some reason, they find a tiger in the bathroom, and a six-month-old baby in the closet of their suite at Caesars Palace. The one thing they can’t find is Doug, the groom. With no clue as to what happened that night and little time to spare, the three of them must retrace their steps and all their bad decisions in order to figure out where things went wrong and hopefully get Doug back to L. A. in time to walk down the aisle. The four main actors in this movie are; Bradley Cooper as Phil Wenneck, the groom’s best friend, a school teacher who is bored with married life.

Ed Helms as Dr. Stuart “Stu” Price, a dentist stuck in a bad relationship, friend of the groom. Zach Galifianakis as Alan Garner, the socially awkward, soon to be brother-in-law of the groom, and Justin Bartha as Doug Billings, the soon-to-be groom. I personally think that they all did a great job acting out their characters personality and made everything work quite smooth. The movie followed a regular predictable story line, it was very easy for me to predict what was going to happen next.

It was very easy to watch the lighting was perfect, and the director, Todd Phillips did a great job with all the shots. The movies music was composed by Christopher Beck. The movie had a few featured artists in this film, such as Kanye West, The Donnas, Usher, T. I. , Mickey Avalon and The Dan Band. For the closing credits the song “Right Round” by Flo Rida was played. The Hangover might not appeal to those seeking a more disciplined, focused comedy, but the film represents the best of what comedy can provide — pure, unadulterated, slaphappy entertainment. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Out of My League

How many people do you know that have broken up with someone and later wanted them back because they were jealous of their new girlfriend? Or perhaps, have you ever lacked the confidence to approach someone? Well the movie She’s out of my League is all about that. The movie is about a guy name Kirk who is played by Jay Baruchel. He is an average Joe who can’t believe his luck. Although he’s stuck in a seemingly dead-end job as an airport TSA security agent, against all odds, Molly which is played by Alice Eve, a successful and outrageously gorgeous babe, has fallen for him.

Not only is Kirk stunned, but his friends, family and his ex-girlfriend, too. Now he has to figure out how to make the relationship work, even though he’d be the first to admit she’s totally out of his league. She’s out of my League was a well-structured film in my opinion. This film was unified around a central theme. The theme of the film is that it is ridiculous to rate people based on looks and decide that you can’t be with someone based on some rating of 1 to 10. In the beginning of the movie, Kirk is having a confrontation with is ex-girlfriend Marine.

Marine had ended her relationship with Kirk for more than 2 year and she was extremely contemptuous of his continued romantic interests after his latest pursuit. The producers of this movie couldn’t have thought of a better way to open the movie. The plot and the events, conflicts, and characters that constitute it must be carefully selected and arranged so that their relationship to the theme is clear (Boggs, & Petrie, 2008). This was the most important scene of the movie because it leads the way for other events to happen naturally and logically.

In this scene, the producers wanted to get the viewer to see two points. One point making it clear that Marine didn’t want to be in a relationship with Kirk and that it was over. Another point being that Kirk was really crush about the break up so his self-esteem is really low at this point. This also made an early impression of what type of person Kirk was called characterization thought appearance. He seems to be a fairly dorky and dumb type of person. Later in the movie, one morning while Kirk was at work, a beautiful woman name Molly arrives at the passenger terminal for her flight to New York.

While she was proceeding through security, her striking looks attracted unwanted attention and harassment from several male employees. Kirk is the only employee to treat her courteously. I really like this part because Kirk was just being himself and Molly saw the him for the person that he really was. In this scene, the producers wanted us to believe that Kirk didn’t have a chance with Molly because it seems that she was out of his league. But, who would have thought that Molly would be the one to be coming on to Kirk.

After Kirk finally hooks up with Molly, the successful and outrageously gorgeous babe, Marine finds herself jealous and wants Kirks back. The only reason that Molly has this sudden interest in Kirk again is because she feels upstaged by Molly’s looks. In this scene, it makes the saying, “a woman doesn’t want a man until someone else has him” a true statement. With those two senses that were mentioned, it gives you a lot to think about. One being that you really don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. In this movie Kirk was a type of person that needed to be with a person that would help and motivate him to achieve his goals.

Marine wasn’t that type of person. When Molly came along, she really brought out the best in Kirk. As Kirk begins the better himself, Marine begins to see all the things that Kirk was capable of, but by this time it was too late. Personally, I really did find this movie meaningful. There were a lot of points that could have been taken from this movie. The two points that I retrieve from this movie is that it is ridiculous to rate a person based on looks and decide that you can’t be with that someone based on some rating and it is true that you don’t see what you have until its gone.

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An Inconvenient Truth

The movie we watched last Friday was “An Inconvenient Truth. ” For me, it is entitled “An Inconvenient Truth” because the main topic there, which is climate change and climate crisis, is a very inconvenient reality that we’re facing today. The man discussing the issue was former United States Vice President Mr. Al Gore, who was a politician and a very concerned man about the environment. An Inconvenient Truth focuses on Al Gore and his travels in support of his efforts to educate the public about the severity of the climate crisis. The main issue presented in the clip wasclimate change and climate crisis.

Mr. Al Gore explained this topic through a Power Point presentation. He travelled all over the world to show people this presentation. He had a vision: to convince people that global warming is a reality that we’re currently facing today and we should start taking care of Mother Earth. According to him, global warming is now melting glaciers, ice, and it is destroying the beauty of Earth. He said that the main cause of this is the Greenhouse Effect, which is caused by a lot of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that are trapped within the Earth.

The Earth was said to “breathe out” CO2. CO2 was trapped in the Earth because of the unusual thickening of the Earth’s ozone layer, and now it “breathes out” little CO2 than before. The greenhouse effect is bad to the living organisms on Earth because it contributes to a lot of damage to the planet. The human activity that caused the greatest release of greenhouse gases is the smoke released from factories. It releases harmful substances that damage our ozone layer.

But, there are also other causes, such as what Mr. Al Gore said: “Each one of us is a cause of global warming, but each one of us can make choices to change that with the things we buy, the electricity we use, the cars we drive; we can make choices to bring our individual carbon emissions to zero. The solutions are in our hands, we just have to have the determination to make it happen. We have everything that we need to reduce carbon emissions, everything but political will. But in America, the will to act is a renewable resource.

Throughout the movie, Gore discusses the scientific opinion on climate change, as well as the present and future effects of global warming and stresses that climate change “is really not a political issue, so much as a moral one,” describing the consequences he believes global climate change will produce if the amount of human-generated greenhouse gases is not significantly reduced in the very near future. Gore also presents Antarctic ice coring data showing CO2 levels higher now than in the past 650,000 years. Yes, I believe Al Gore. I believe that global warming is happening right now.

In the realities happening now, who wouldn’t believe that it’s happening right now? A particular event that cited why Mr. Al Gore gives proof that global warming is happening was the melting of glaciers in Antarctica and temperature rise. What inspired his interest in the issue was his college education with early climate expert Roger Revelle at Harvard University; his sister’s death from lung cancer and his young son’s near-fatal car accident. Gore recalls a story from his grade school years, where a fellow student asked his geography teacher about continental drift.

During the film’s end credits, a diaporama pops up on screen suggesting to viewers things at home they can do to combat climate change, including “recycle”, “speak up in your community”, “try to buy a hybrid vehicle”, “vote for leaders who are concerned about caring for the environment” and “encourage everyone you know to watch this movie. ” Well, I’ll definitely encourage everyone to watch this movie because it really inspired me and it showed me what’s really happening in reality. I learned a lot of things in the movie, and there’s no doubt that everyone will learn a lot and be inspired by it too.

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The evaporating of harmful gases, earthquakes, and some evidences from the manhole are the manifestations showed that an underground volcano was forming under the city. This means that there was already lava under the city and the ground cannot take the pressure anymore so it formed a volcano. The physical changes in the movie are the breaking of glasses from buildings, breaking of buildings, cracking of the ground, boiling of water from the pond, injured people, the melting of metal, and the falling down of some properties.

The chemical changes are the burning of trees and people, formation of the volcano and its eruption, the ashfall, and the lava turning to rocks when mixed with water. These changes are driven by some factors in the environment such as the formation of gases underground, and the eruption of the volcano. The eruption affected the place by destroying buildings and properties, injuring people, loss of lives, and the panicking and crying of the citizens. I learned that we should always be alert, caring, trustworthy, and we should have teamwork and cooperation.

We should be alert so that when disasters like this happen to our community, we’ll know what to do and we can evacuate safely. We should be trustworthy so that other people will believe us and we should trust one another. We should be caring and concerned to each other and other people. In disasters like this, we can do small heroic acts which can save lives of millions of people that means very big to them. We should do heroic acts not because we want to be recognized but because it came from our heart. Last but not the least, we should have teamwork and cooperation so that problems can be solved quickly and we can aim for success.

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Contrast/Comparison Essay on Horror Movies

Lexus Marshall English 101/Sec 011 Comparison & Contrast Essay 10/16/12 Ms. Watkins In two horror films, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” the main killers have similarities and differences between each other. By their past, their killings, and weapons. In the horror film, “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, takes place in a town called Elm Street where teenagers are paying the price for actions their parents made, by burning a man to death, when they were young.

His face is disfigured from being burned, he wears a red and black sweater, and has razor knives on his hand. His name was Freddy Kreuger, and he would kidnap young children and burn them in a furnace. Although the parents killed him when they found out what he did, his spirit didn’t erase and he had the ability to enter the teenagers dreams where he can exact his revenge. He brings them to an old abandoned building in their dream and stabs them with a glove that has razor knives.

Unless they escape, which eventually he catches them. Except for one of the teenagers named Nancy Thompson, who manages to escape him every time. In the other horror film, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, a serial killer named Thomas Hewitt, also known as Leatherface, murdered people who would pass by their small Texas town. Unlike the film “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, the town is stranded and not a lot of people live there.

Thomas Hewitt, who was abandoned as a baby turns into a murderer. Unlike Freddy Krueger, Thomas first sometimes tortured his victims in horrific ways by skinning them alive. He makes a mask with the skin he took off to make a mask for his face, Because when he was born his face was disfigured. He takes the people that he finds brings them into his house and commits the killings in his basement with a chainsaw, which people soon thought he was in love with. There were no survivors.

The similarities between both the murderers in the films are that they both are serial killers who lived a rough childhood. Both were bullied by other children growing up. And thought of killing at a very young age. They also both have disfigured faces, but from different reasons. In two horror films, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” the main killers have similarities and differences between each other. Although one is fictional and the other is based on true events, they both still have

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King Kong Movie Comparison

The King of Kong The movies King Kong (1976) and King Kong (2005) based on the 1933 film are some of the most captivating films that offer to the audience memorable characters, resonating emotions, thrilling actions and archetypal narratives. Bierman indicates that the heart-stopping and jaw-dropping King Kong films have been made to expand visual languages mostly expressed by motion pictures to capture the core appeal which many classic movies have (57).

As this paper examines, the 1976 King Kong movie and its 2005 re-make display certain similarities and differences in terms of art, style and technological wonder as well as poignant character development. These are indicative of the evolution of the Hollywood style. Besides, as movies of high polysemy quality, their audience draw attention to aspects like overt sexism, misogyny, cultural portrayal of women as fault makers and victims, fears of miscegenation, racist ideologies and capitalist fables.

It is against this front that this paper holistically examines the two King Kong movies and concludes by exploring the American culture, society and politics at the time when both films were made. The movie King Kong made in 1976 was produced by Dino De Laurentis alongside John Guillermin as the director. Being an American monster movie, King Kong (1976) remarkably reflected the 1933 King Kong classic film (Farber 104). This movie stars Jessica Lange, Charles Grodin and Jessica bridges.

According to credible sources, the King Kong 1976 movie whose cost of making is estimated to have been $24 million was done by the universal studio and distributed by Paramount Pictures. While the 1976 movie has been considered by critics to bear a lot of fun, one would agree with the common wisdom which contends that in comparison to the classic 1933 film and the 2005 re-make, the 1976 King Kong movie was considerably below the expected standards. According to Stymeist, this was reflected in its lack of original magic as it was in the earlier movie (400).

This is reflected in Rick Baker who in his monkey suit robs the movie stop motion technology thereby making it void of craftsmanship. However, it is agreeable that the rendition of the 1976 movie has a breezy feel and is also quite thrilling to the target audience. Both the 1976 and 2005 King Kong movies bring out the story of a voyage in a ship to a discovered island where Petrox and Fred Wilson and Carl Denham believe that they were vast oil deposits. The movie made in 1976 is a reflection of the oil crisis that was a problem in the 1970’s.

While in the ship, certain characters such as Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange join each other with a unique mission. On the island, they meet island tribes, many monsters just as depicted in the 1933 film. Later on after a series of events, Kong is brought to New York and concludes by a major battle between Kong and the American army at the top of the World Trade Center. On the other hand, the 2005 King Kong film is a remarkable fantasy adventure film starring Andy Serkis, Adrien Brody, Jack Black and Naomi Watts.

The producers of the movie include Frank Walsh, Peter Jackson, Carolynne Cunningham and Jan Blenkin. Besides, the studio that produced the movie is said to be the Universal studio and its US distributor is the Universal Pictures. It is imperative to point out that the choice of re-making the American iconic masterpiece King Kong (1973 movie) by Peter Jackson has been termed as a major fulfillment of a Hollywood dream. This movie is a combination of the 1976 and 1933 versions that represents the definitive King Kong.

Albeit the several wrinkles and changes it has, the storyline pays few direct homage one of which includes the hammiest verbatim dialogue snatch where the absence of Fay Wray is experienced as she prepares something for Cooper. Schleier in his view points out that the 2005 film displays the kind of dislike where Jackson shows towards the 1976 version (40). This is mirrored in the manner in which he freely borrows from the 1976 movie and changes others. For instance, the 1973 movie has a one-way relationship between the monkey and the girl while in the 2005 film, the relationship is reciprocal.

Even so, it is without doubt that the movie is more touching, daring, and energetic. Its two hours displays intense series of action most movies lack. It offers a cinematic experience that is richer and satisfying. However, some critics are of the view that the presence of monkey opus in the 2005 film is excessive. This makes the movie less enjoyable. The two movies have one basic theme that is being developed. The self-promoting and obsessive filmmakers of both movies load the crews of the films in a venture ship to a mysterious destination known as the Skull Island.

When at the island, the crew’s expectations appear to be changed by the hostile tribes and monsters they meet. Kong then appears and rescues the girl from the hostile environment, and also ends up taking charge of the rest of the movie. From the American Cinema/America Culture textbook stand point, both movies and their style of production are very impressive. The plots of the movies are considerably straight forward as depicted by the flow of events from the arrival at the skull island to the kidnapping of the girl by islanders whose cultures are different from that of the crew.

Besides, apart from the modernized changes in the 2005 film, both movies display character development and cultural diversity. Though this is not quite prominent, the personalities of Kong and individuals in the island community are well explored. In addition, Prime argues that the re-make of the 1976 film in 2005 reflects Jackson’s utmost reverence and best intention in keeping the originality of style (64). While the American social setting and culture is a factor that changes from time to time, Jackson appears to underscore the need to maintain originality.

Even so, there are traces of differences in the film in terms of use of technology and theme development. However, Prime admits that the 2005 movie unlike that of the 1976 is choked with homages from the 1933 film. This is indicative from the design of the opening title to the various cut versions of the of the 1933 film that include snippets of dialogue and the attack by bugs. The obsequiousness of Jackson in the 2005 version compared to the 1976 is not merely fawning, but also makes the movie excessively long.

To concur with the above argument, it is indeed true that 2005 edition has a monkey business that lasts for almost three hours. While its style resembles those of the original plot with culture and society matters, the mass population of monstrous creatures led by the monstrous Kong seems to be excessive. Critics are not shy to point out that the style of the re-make is full of extra characters, side plots and back-story. However, Belton is of the view that these are critical in bringing adequate comparison of performance, richness, diversity and magical experience (66).

The theme of the 2005 film is surprisingly on loneliness than fighting the gargantuan monsters. The intense emotional display brings out Kong as an uber-furball played off by Naomi Watts. It is imperative to point out that the movie essentials in the 2005 re-making remains faithful in terms of basics contained on the 1973 movie. However, Jackson gives this movie his own artistic style. Unlike the monster-kind of movie displayed in the 1973 film, Jackson appears to make King Kong more sympathetic and deeply emotional. Farber indicates that this appears to torture the film (110).

From the American Cinema perspective, one of the most difficult parts of a movie is the aesthetic and technological category whose confinements can be mise-en-scene to shot limits or frame borders (Belton 57). In the movie, the reaction of characters to unseen noises and voices continuing over cuts and outside the frame stands out. In addition, it is imperative to note that the movies are shot on different locations and yet music, sound effects and dialogue extend from scene to scene. Belton points out that the editing process of King Kong has its integral aspect on sound editing cut from shot to shot (57).

While its score in music is nondescript, its recording is unique and the music is less intrusive. Visually, the movie is marvelous, a factor that is attributed to no location shooting and technology. This makes its scenes especially the Skull Island to appear claustrophobic and eerie. On a technical level, the special effects in King Kong appear amazing and polished. It is without doubt that the visual technique used in the re-make is exclusive with all features of Kong – which has been manipulated by hand.

One would argue that the re-make in 2005 puts life in the Hollywood magical experience. While this may be true, it is also undeniable that King Kong reflects the culture and style of the past five decades and has occasional antiquated styles and various deficiencies (Sexton 40). Furthermore, both films have sufficient pictographic representations of the dynamism in society that gives them a thematic score. Notably, there emerges a technical difference in the films whereby each version portrays the actual occurrences during the various times they were produced.

For instance, the visual displays of the new vision have colorful designs and even the costume provide a clear evidence of social evolution in the modern world. Needless to say, the films portray three-point illumination that gives them a classical look in the scene. On the same note, there is a clear coordination of the music, dialogue and sound effects in the scene. Nevertheless, for the new version, it appears more realistic. In this case, the combination of sound mix with the tracks in the scene creates an appealing attitude for the audience.

The sound effects from the music actually create and make the dialogue and the acting scene more intelligible. The matches on the scene such as actions and graphics create a continuous sequence. Consequently, this credits the film as one of the groundbreaking versions of a renowned movie. It is evident from the paper that the movie King Kong of 1976 and its 2005 re-make are some of the most captivating films that offer everything from memorable characters, resonating emotions, thrilling actions and archetypal narratives which keeps its legacy continuing.

As noted earlier, the 1976 movie was shot at a time when there was an oil crisis in the US. This event is displayed in the movie as Carl Denham moves to the Skull Island to seek oil. Besides, the culture of that time as reflected in the manner of worship, social and political relations were different from the time when the movie was undergoing re-making. Vices and cultures like human sacrifice and worship of gigantic beasts were common. The changes made by Jackson in the re-make 2005 movie reflect a different society.

One such change is that emergence of a technical difference where each version portrays change in technology and culture. Works Cited Belton, John. American cinema/American culture. Rockefeller, New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008. Print. Bierman, Joseph. “Cinema at the periphery”. Journal of Film and Video 63. 2 (2011): 56-58. Print. Farber, Helmut. “King Kong: One more interpretation, or, what cinema tells about itself. ” Discourse 22. 2 (2000): 104-127. Print. Loxton, Daniel. “Skull Island, Canada. ” Skeptic 14. 1 (2008): 12-14. Print. Prime, Rebecca. “Living dangerously: the adventures of Merian C.

Cooper, Creator of King Kong. Film Quarterly 60. 2 (2006): 63-64. Print. Schleier, Merrill. “The empire state building, working-class masculinity, and King Kong. ” Mosaic: a Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature 41. 2 (2008): 29-54. Print. Sexton, Jared. “The ruse of engagement: black masculinity and the cinema of policing. ” American Quarterly 61. 1 (2009): 39-64. Print. Stymeist, David. “Myth and the monster cinema. ” Anthropologica 51. 2 (2009): 395-406. Print. King Kong (2005). Movie. Universal Pictures. WingNut Films. King Kong (1976). Movie. Dino De Laurentiis Company.

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Analysis on the Movie Instinct

Instinct –About A Mere Illusion One of the two main characters in this movie is Dr. Ethan Powell, an anthropologist. The study of primatology is present in this movie, because Dr. Powell is shown several times living with the mountain gorillas. He gains their trust by adapting to the way they live and interact. I think a little bit of cultural anthropology is also present because although he is studying primates, I believe they have a culture and Dr. Powell has adapted to their nature. The second important character in this movie is Dr.

Theo Caulder, a psychologist. The first sub field of psychology that is present in this movie is cognitive psychology. We are introduced to Dr. Caulder while he is interviewing a patient who is delusional and tries to help her understand that she may be wrong. Another sub field of psychology presented is behavioural psychology. The inmates may not have acted the way that they did if it was not for the guards and Warden. Because of the excess cruelty, the inmates were brutalized and forced to re direct their negative energy to each other.

I think psychoanalytic psychology is also present in this movie. When Dr. Powell is captured by the poachers, the Silverback tries to save him. Similarly when Peter, one of the inmates is being beaten, Dr. Powell steps in to help him like when the Silverback did. I think this was unconscious motivation from the previous event. Dr. Ethan Powell and Dr. Theo Caulder have very contrastive ways of conducting and obtaining their research. Dr. Powell adapted into the forest to live with the mountain gorillas to observe rituals and group behaviour.

When he realized they were uncomfortable with the camera, he left it behind and started to see them for who they were for the first time. He was “a man living with animals” because the gorillas reached across and accepted him, a human. He started to care for the gorillas and they eventually became his family. Dr. Caulder on the other hand tries to understand the feelings and thoughts of his patients through a series of interviews. He tries to figure out why his patients (Dr. Powell and other inmates) behave the way they do and and what causes them to act that way, their mental process.

Dr. Caulder soon changes the way he interviews Dr. Powell by accommodating him in environments that are closer to him or that he would possibly feel safer in. For example, he takes Dr. Powell to the zoo to see some on the gorillas and then asks the guards to leave because he realizes it was making Dr. Powell feel uncomfortable. Frankincense, making both Dr. Powell’s and Dr. Caulder’ way of conducting research similar. I think humans are truly not in control of their own lives. If we were, everyone would be doing whatever they wanted to do and that would be “savage. Life is a game and sometimes we need to be taught how to play properly by a simple example of humanity. Dr. Powell proclaimed that you would find more violence in the city in one day then you ever would in the the forest and I agree. Humans are the only species that kill each other for reasons other than survival. I believe that control is merely an illusion that we like to believe we have. In one of Dr. Caulder’s sessions with Ethan, the guards are asked to leave and soon Dr. Caulder is held captive by Ethan and is demanded to write down what he has lost. Dr.

Caulder answers “control” but Ethan says no and asks a few more times. Finally realizing what Ethan is talking about, Dr. Caulder writes down “illusion. ”Ethan then explains how we only have the illusion of having power and control but none of it is actually there to begin with. Another example is when Dacks, on the of the guards, distributes the cards to determine who goes outside that day for a half hour. He always gives the Ace of diamonds to a weaker inmate so that the bully inmate can steal it by scaring them and getting the time outside every single day.

The guards determine who gets to go outside everyday and all the weaker inmates have to give up their chance because they are to scared to fight back. Thus, diverting all their negative energy towards each other and leaving all the guards at peace. Throughout the movie, Theo is asked by Ethan if he is really free? I think Ethan is referring to when he was living with the mountain gorillas. They were living at peace and harmony and that is what felt like freedom to him. They never fought with each other and only took what they needed, preserving the environment. He was asking Dr.

Caulder if living the way he was, was what he considered to be his freedom. I think that the movie’s focus on true nature of human existence was excellent. It portrays us just like we are in real life. We are arrogant and have a great sense of entitlement. Ethan has divided humans into two groups. There are the “Takers and the Tribesmen,” also referred to as the “Civilized and the Pre-Civilized. ” The Takers in the movie are the Guards, the Poachers, and the Warden (all forms of authority). They are dominant and have a God-like syndrome thinking they are superior to everyone else including other humans and animals.

The Tribesmen in the movie are Dr. Ethan Powell, the gorillas and other inmates. They could be living in peace if the influence of the guards was limited. For example, Dr. Caulder changed the way the person was selected for the half hour of time outside. “Everyone goes outside,” is what everybody chanted together forming a revolution. Dr. Theo Caulder is the exception. He was first perceived as a Taker. In the beginning he is shown to only care about his career and that is why he takes up Dr. Ethan Powell’s case in the first place, to further his career.

His superior believes he can write a book and become a famous psychologist. But soon enough Ethan is able to change Dr. Caulder’s mind and teaches him how to live. He starts to believe that he can actually get Ethan out of prison and prove that he has not turned into an animal, putting Dr. Caulder into the category of Tribesmen. This encourages me to believe that there is still hope for us to change our lifestyle and the way we think. It shows there is still hope to make us all less savage and make our progress as humans more positive. By. Tanvi Patel

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Reflections on Kinsey, the Movie

Every scene in the film was worth paying attention to.  The plot that is based on the real life story of Prof. Alfred Kinsey is unusual and enlightening.  The movie has effectively depicted the life of the professor and has shown the audience his struggles in his research on  human sexuality.  Kinsey manifested how taboo the subject of sex and human sexuality was during the late 1940’s.  Moreover, the film has clearly shown how complicated it was to explore the subject and to impart the information to the public.

Thus, efforts of Prof. Kinsey to let out in the open all about the subject have created noise during the said period. There was a part in the film where he stated that people are anxious and guilty over sex because they are not aware of how others engage in it.  Because of his research on human sexuality, he was accused of aiding the communist aim of weakening and deteriorating the youth of America.  Furthermore, the book he wrote about the sexuality of the human male created chaos, even at the national level.  At the same time, however, his works opened the minds of its readers.

In addition, all the key actors in the movie have portrayed their parts well.  Liam Neeson in particular, effectively played the role of Prof. Alfred Kinsey.  Meanwhile, my favorite character in the movie is Prof. Kinsey’s wife, Clare McMillan whom he fondly called “Mac”.  She described herself as free spirited, which in the film, was actually depicted.  She is extremely supportive to Prof. Kinsey in all that he does.

There was a scene in the movie where I admired how Mac’s emotional weakness manifested strength.  It was when she showed Prof. Kinsey how hurt she was when he slept with a male friend, Clyde.  Here, she questioned Prof. Kinsey where marriage and family stands amidst all these human sexuality research that he has gotten obsessed with. Though she was supportive of Prof. Kinsey’s endeavors, she appeared to disagree at some aspects and ensured to let Prof. Kinsey know.  One surprise however was when she also agreed to have sex with Clyde.  It was not clear to me why she exactly did that but it seems she wanted to let Prof. Kinsey feel how she did when, he in the first place, slept with Clyde.  As she also enjoyed the act, perhaps she has also learned to take Prof. Kinsey’s reasons for sleeping with him.

I think Prof. Kinsey became obsessed with the subject of human sexuality because of his eagerness to create change by increasing the awareness of people on the subject of human sexuality.  As mentioned, sex was then taboo.  It appears that Prof. Kinsey wanted to unravel all secrets regarding human sexuality and let these all out into the open.  Prof. Kinsey was aware of the chaos that was certain to happen but still aimed to let the people know the diversity and richness of human sexuality.

As I understand it, his interest in the subject all started when he himself encountered difficulty in engaging in sex as shown in the scene where they first made love. He thought of consulting with an expert and has eventually managed to work on their sexual relationship.  Meanwhile in the university, he spoke with some students and learned that they had a lot of incorrect notions on sex.  He suggested to the academe that sex education should be part of the curriculum.  The teaching body, however, was adamant to this idea.  He then held a marriage course given to the engaged-to-be-married couples where he started teaching about sex, in a scientific and methodical approach.

One can see the intensity of his drive to research on this matter when he dramatically shifted focus from studying wasps to studying human’s sexual acts, homosexuality, sexual rituals, extramarital and premarital sex. In addition, he used his own body for research when he inflicted pain on himself by cutting his foreskin, intending to grasp why others find pleasure in pain during sex.  He even created a team, which later on seemingly became guinea pigs, as they engaged in group sex.

After watching the film, I realized that humans may be “animals”, as Kinsey maintains, but  have morals that have delineated decent form indecent, the socially unacceptable and acceptable.  This makes us distinct from dogs, pigs and other animals.  I think Prof. Kinsey went overboard in looking at sex objectively.  We still are subject to emotions and feelings.  I also learned that though science aims to quantify all things, human sexuality is still, most of the time, governed by morals and social norms.  There still are boundaries and limitations.



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Beowulf Movie Critic

Beowulf Movie Critic Do you envision a strong female role or a male role as your hero? In my opinion the Beowulf movie was a thumbs up, due to Angelina Jolie’s use of seduction and female wiles. Angelina is a critical character who drives the plot. In the movie, her character of Grendel’s mother overshadows Beowulf‘s character as a hero. This is in drastic contrast to the original poem ‘Beowulf’ because in the original, women were not valued and they had no important role. Grendel’s mother differs from the original, in three aspects; character, plot and theme.

The difference between the characters from the original Beowulf poem to the movie is vast. Grendel’s mother in the movie was beautiful, for example ‘Beowulf’ Movie Review says, “The link between the early battles of a young hero and his fatal confrontation with the dragon as an aging king is his temptation by the monster’s mother who dangles wealth, power and sexual favors before his bedazzled eyes,” the writer reminds us of the beauty she portrays. In the poem readers are led to believe she looks monstrous; it is said that the warriors from Herot thought she looked like Grendel and also Beowulf is not one bit attracted to her.

In the poem Grendel’s mother is a violent being who creates conflicts to avenge her son; she eats people and kills many of Hrothgar’s men. In the movie Angelina Jolie lures Beowulf with her sexuality and beauty; her strategy is seduction, as for in the poem Grendel’s mother is a monster who attacks Beowulf and drags him into the cave where they engage in combat; her strategy is direct attack. In my opinion the movie Beowulf was successful, whereas the poem was not. The role played as Grendel’s mother was more thought out.

Her strategy was a wise one because not only did she live, but she is free to lure more men into her cave, where she will pursue to seduce and sin. Grendel’s mother changes the plot from beginning to end. If she had never seduced the king in the movie, then there would have never been the character Grendel. Without Grendel, Beowulf would have no reason to travel to Denmark on behalf of King Hrothgar’s request. King Hrothgar was sick and tired of Grendel savaging at night; he surmised Beowulf would save his kingdom.

Grendel’s mother creates all conflict, for example she allures Beowulf knowing that lust was his weakness; where in the original ‘Beowulf’ she is an ugly lake monster with dragon claws, a long snout, yellow feathers, red eyes, a pale face and since Beowulf is not attracted, he defeats her. In the movie Grendel’s mother gives birth to a dragon, but this monster is also son of Beowulf. The plot was changed once again because in the poem the dragon was not Beowulf’s son and if it weren’t for Grendel’s mother’s promise to Beowulf, he would have not become king of Herot and would have not fallen in love with the queen.

He chose to kill his evil son to save his love, the queen and his mistress. In the movie every victory was glorious. Each battle won is sung and celebrated. People remember you from your battles. In ‘Beowulf’ the poem, the theme is complete opposite. Christian element is used; battle is bad, and one was not known for battles, but how honest and faithful you were throughout your life. Beowulf’s morals were very different in the movie, because he was not using the Christian element, but was deceitful and unfaithful; for example, he lies about his battles and betrays the kingdom by fornicating with Grendel’s mother.

Whereas in the poem he never did such thing. Contrary to the original Beowulf, the new film wants us to understand and humanize our monster. The changes of theme from story to movie give Beowulf a more modern feel. The movie was a real life depiction of the poem, which was a fantasy. In real life there is reality like sin. The movie is like a metaphor to the poem; we picture Grendel’s mother as an ugly creature, but she was not ugly; she was a monster within but not on the outside. ?

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Key Values of US Culture in any Disney Movie


Movies speak volumes about a particular subject. It is even understood that most animated motion pictures even hammer the point much clearer than their non-animated counterparts. It has been a tradition that with every animated movie, a corresponding moral accompanies it to the end of the credits. The ability of animated films to send out messages within the confines of its story has been one of the hallmarks of animated American movies.

With The Lion King, the movie stresses the importance of family through the relationship of both Simba and Mufasa. It also clearly does the same with the movie Finding Nemo as the whole story is about a dad clown fish tries to find his lost son, Nemo. There are a lot of subtle undertones and values which are also placed in some animated movies—some even more poignant than the next. This paper aims to shed some light on that fact. Walt Disney’s Aladdin, through the genie of the lamp, depicts equal opportunity and material comfort, which even solidifies the classic American dream.

The American Dream

The great “American dream” is defined by James Adams as “the dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement” (Adams, 2001) It has been one of the most treasured features of the United States as the wealthiest nation on the face of this earth. It is in this particular country that “dreams are made” and where one’s past is quickly covered in prosperity upon reaching this particular land. As grandiose as this claim is, the different testimonies of all sorts of people have given justice to it on more than one occasion. If one looks closely at the Walt Disney animated film, Aladdin, certain aspects of this dream are also embedded in it.

The Genie

The genie of the lamp in the animated film Aladdin can symbolize so many different things but more than anything, it is able to signify the American values of equal opportunity and material comfort. Gleaning from the genie’s character, it is not as hard to associate material comfort with him. The genie of the lamp is required to fulfill absolutely any three wishes that his owner desires. With the exception of making people fall in love, killing someone or wishing for more wishes, the master of the genie is quite literally powerful beyond measure. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when Aladdin, who is now already Prince Ali, parades across the streets of Agrabah. During the latter part of the song, the lyrics of the song gives testament to how much has changed with Aladdin’s situation:

“Prince Ali! Amorous he! Ali Ababwa Heard your princess was a sight lovely to see And that, good people, is why he got dolled up and dropped by With sixty elephants, llamas galore With his bears and lions A brass band and more With his forty fakirs, his cooks, his bakers His birds that warble on key Make way for prince Ali!” (Clements, 1992)

The former “street rat” has now become a prince because of the genie. This alludes to the fact that the genie is a very good provider of material comfort, should one choose to get that from him. In the same sense, the land of America is also able to provide material comfort from those who ask and willingly strive to make it happen.

The last American value, which is equal opportunity, is much more subtly expressed in the character of the genie. Since the rules of the lamp is that whenever a person gains ownership of the lamp, the genie of the lamp is now bound to serve that person and that person only. All of the wishes of the owner of the lamp are satisfied by the genie. The “equal opportunity” clause enters here by giving absolutely anyone a fair shot to being “rich and powerful” The only negative thing about relating this particular equal opportunity clause with the genie is that no one is able to share that equal prosperity in such a way that the genie sort of has an exclusivity clause that does not allow him to grant two separate wishes of two different masters at the same time. (Clements, 1992) One person must be able to wield the lamp in order for the genie to grant their wish.


Looking deeper at the animated feature film Aladdin, one sees a much more poignant picture of how America essentially is as a superpower and a proverbial land flowing with milk and honey. As the film and as this paper suggests, America is a land where one can prosper materially in terms of wealth and it is also a land where equal opportunity is stressed. As long as someone works hard enough, they will simply have both within their lifetimes. Maybe, just maybe, you really don’t need a magic lamp with a genie after all.


Clements, Ron. (Producer & Director). (1992). Aladdin [Motion picture]. United States: Walt Disney Pictures

Adams, J. (2001). The Epic of America. Phoenix: Simon Publications

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Essay for Movie Roger and Me

Summer Bajwa 211510526 Corporate America Socio-economic Downfall Date: October 30, 2012 “Roger and me” is an eye-opening stance of dark part of Capitalism. Michael Moore’s documentary is a courageous attempt to unfold the damages, caused by Capitalistic mentality of the time – laying off 30,000 auto workers in an American city, Flint for the sheer purpose of profit. Moore’s presentation unfold the pathos of a society, suffers through the years of loss and sorrow. He showed how the “American dream” shattered. Moore, an Irish American Catholic, son of a middle class G.

M. employee, observed the thousands of layoffs in Flint and the aftermath of the greed of General Motors, move from Flint to Mexico for cheap labour. He interviewed some auto workers as disguised TV journalist and found their intense revolt against GM chairman, Roger B. Smith. Moore attempted to confront him, but he failed to see him personally, nevertheless, he kept trying to get a chance to meet him. He interviewed an autoworker, who suffered nervous breakdown due to getting laid off, living in mental health facility.

He showed in the movie all failed attempts of economically stabilize the city, such as, Flint convention and visiting bureau; Hyat Regency Hotel; Auto World; and Water Street Pavilion. US President Ronald Reagan, an Evangelist, Robert Schuler, Pat Boone, Bob,E. He attended GM Shareholder’s convention, but shut him off by Smith, the general manager and also being ridiculed by Smith’s board members. He met as well some female residents of Flint. A radio host joined Amway, as a sales woman and another resident, Rhonda Briton started selling rabbits.

He showed the loss and sorrow of the residents, who got eviction notices from their Municipalities, i. e. immediate eviction during Christmas Eve. Moore shows in his documentary film the apathy and coldness of the riches and the devastation and anguish for the poors. He exemplified a resident, who lost her job from GM plants, started raising rabbits for income and what Roger Smith did to the people of Flint, sums up the relationship between the employer and their employees.

The rabbit woman states she raises the rabbits to the age of four months and then kills them; that way, they are nice and tender. At one point in the interview, she is holding a rabbit, caressing it ever so softly and then states indirectly that this one will be her dinner. She proceeds to kill, skin, and gut the rabbit in front of the camera. This leaves a haunting visual image in the mind of the viewer, showing that there is no difference from what GM has done to Flint and what she does to rabbits.

What employers cannot understand is that human beings are not like rabbits and should not be treated as such. General Motors chairman Roger B. Smith announced the closure of Flint Auto plants and to shift to Mexico for cheaper labor. GM’s board of directors, led by Roger Smith, decided to move to Mexico to reduce the wage and benefit expense of GM. Showing this; it was obvious that lots of Americans are socially brain-washed into believing that global competition and corporate downsizing is good for America.

During one part of the film, as a majority of GM employees are cheering as the last truck rolls off the assembly line, a male GM employee comments, “Why are they cheering? They’ve just lost their jobs”. Moore shows his disgust and help public to see the real picture of the hidden intent. GM tried to justify its move through ad Propaganda to get support of general public. That’s why a part of public was cheering of GM move; it was a same story in the neighboring country, Canada. A majority Government passed the bill of free trade with US and later with Mexico, which called NAFTA.

To change public opinion about the ferocious act of Free Trade, the Government justified it with statistical data of increasing trade (Policy and Partisanship). Hundreds and thousands of big companies left Canada and set up in states or Mexico. It was big economic fiasco in those years. The Government imposed GST to recover the losses because of NAFTA. Unemployment rate in Most of the provinces increased to the alarming level. In Flint, a city of auto plants faced major economic and social upheavals. Due to this shift by GM to Mexico, thirty thousand workers got unemployed.

It caused Flint’s crime rate skyrockets, with use of weapons and murders. Crime becomes so common that when a TV channel tries to do a live story on the plant closings, someone steals the network’s van (along with the cables), abruptly stopping the broadcast. Living in Flint becomes so desperate that it is commonly called Flint as the worst place to live in America. In terms of jobs within a country, supreme executive authority gets a mandate from the citizens of the state, not from the corporations.

Corporations, especially Corporate America, have usually nothing to do with the livelihood of the work force to gain economic power. It is much more interested in the stockholder’s profit margin. Why do we allow corporations to replace our liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the individual in favor of the stockholder? How can the employees even know what their rights are, if they are working in excess of 50 hours a week? Isn’t it about time we start changing the basic structure of corporate America?

We may restrict US corporations to own or lease, stock or property in foreign countries and to keep foreign corporations from manipulating the US economy. Any foreign corporation must not to be allowed to own or lease, stock or property in America. This way we could reverse the trend of outsourcing jobs to the cheapest third world country, force corporations to start manufacturing products within their own nation, and stop corporations from dictating policy in their own country and other nations. Moore shows in his movie how riches get richer and poor get poorer.

This is a sad depiction of Corporate America. This closure of GM auto factories cost hundreds and thousands job-loss; lack of funds at Municipal level to use for welfare of the residents; and run the city’s general works. Despite of GM decision-making of its move to Mexico, Chrysler, Chief, Iacocca, borrowed money from US Government to regain his dying company. He would have a choice to leave US and find cheaper labor in Mexico, but he introduced two affordable cars for general public. Chrysler did a great business and paid off all loans and gain lots of profit.

It created jobs and circulate money within US. On the other hand, greedy, GM chairman, Smith, moved out to Mexico to have cheaper labor in cost of socio-economic fiasco in Flint, Michigan. The city has not enough funds to spend on garbage removal. The city health department holds a press conference and announces that the rat population in Flint has surpassed the human census. The department blames it on the fact that the city can only afford to pick up the garbage twice a month and offers a bounty for every dead rat brought in by a city resident.

Eventually, Moore approached Smith and confronted to ask him to visit Flint and could see the devastation by himself. He mentioned how the residents of Flint, who couldn’t pay their rent, were evicted from their houses. Moore failed to convince, GM Chairman, Smith to bring him in Flint. He proclaimed that “as we neared the end of the 20th century”, as the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, and “it was truly the dawn of a new era. ” At the end film displays the message “This film cannot be shown within the city of Flint”, followed by “All the movie theatres have closed. It was a bold attempt to give an eye-opening message to the country’s law makers the system needs to be overhauled and revise the boundaries and limitations of corporate America. Citation • Christopher Waddell, “Policy and Partisanship on the Campaign Trail: How Mulroney Works His Magic Twice”, ch. 1 of R. B. Blake, Transforming The Nation: Canada and Brian Mulroney (2007) at p. 22 • E-Notes Encyclopedia of Business, “U. S. -Canada Free Trade Agreement of 1989”

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Biguine French Movie Review

Title-Biguine Director- Jacques Boumedil Year- 2005 Type- Drama Main actors: Micheline Mona and Max Telephe 1) The main characters granddaughter narrates the story over the radio. Hermansia and Tiquitaque travel to St-Pierre with a group of other plantation workers looking for a new life and they come to a cliff and see the volcano and the harbor. They walk around the city amazed by urban the atmosphere. They are particularly interested in the jewelry and other material goods that are sold in the city center. 2) Hermansia – Hermansia is a black plantation worker who moves to St-Pierre to pursue her passion to be a singer.

At first she is reluctant to embrace the city but eventually her music becomes popular and up lifts her community. Her lyrics capture her desire to live life to the fullest and rise up from the oppression the black community faces from that French and Europeans on the island. Tiquitaque- Tiquitaque is Hermansia’s husband and is also a musician. He is excited to be in a new city but disappointed that wealthy individuals will not hire him and his wife to perform at their social functions. The upper class does not like the rural black music that the two play, especially the drums which were popular among the slaves in the plantations.

However, Tiquitaqu learns to play the clarinet and develops his own style of music that is popular among the upper class and lower class alike. The Creole music is high tempo and inspires movement and dance. 3) The film takes place in St-Pierre, Martinique. 4) At first Hermansia and Tiquitaque are not successful as musicians so Hermansia works as a maid and Tiquitaque works on the docks. Hermansia buys Tiquitaque a clarinet and he develops his own style of music and is hired play at parties. At these parties he normally would play the waltz and polka and other European style music.

Tiquitaque starts to play a style of Creole on his clarinet that inspires people around the town and unites their communities. Their Creole music, he and his wife perform at cabarets, which symbolizes freedom for the repressed lower class people. People start to enjoy the music and whites and blacks come together to dance. Their music becomes extremely popular in the city. At the end of the movie, the volcano next to the city erupts and symbolizes the new culture that is developing in Martinique in the ninetieth century. 5) Overall, I did not enjoy this film because the plot was not well developed and the movie didn’t have any action.

The majority of the movie was listening to the couple sing. Although, the music was beautiful the movie did not have much substance. Therefore, I would not recommend this movie to anyone. 6) I learned a lot about Martinique’s culture while watching this movie. I saw many landmarks in the city of St-Pierre including the volcano. I also listened to Creole music for the first time and I enjoyed its upbeat rhythm. Additionally, Martinique was French colony in the ninetieth century and its main export was sugar. Thus, many slaves where brought from Africa to work on the plantations, which resulted in a large black community on the island.

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Radio-Movie Review of Mental Disabled Individual

Movie Review 11-1-2012 “Radio” The movie I picked to review was one I had not seen before, “Radio” starring Cuba Gooding Jr and Ed Harris. It is based on a true story of James Robert “Radio” Kennedy and tells the story of how a man who is mentally retarded becomes friends with the high school football coach. The coach befriends Radio after some of his players have bullied and hurt him. The movie opens with Radio pushing his cart through the street and shows a woman moving her child away from him, a man staring at him, and another man who almost runs him over calling him a “moron. I liked that they started this way to establish what he goes through on a daily basis. Radio is constantly looking down allowing the viewer to realize that he has some sort of disability. Other times throughout the movie members of the town can be seen starring and laughing at Radio. The coach ignores their behaviors and continues his friendship with Radio despite what others think. The film never establishes the exact cause of his disability but when Coach asks his mother what was wrong with him, she says the doctor just says “he is a little slower than most. As the coach got to know him, he learned that he loved radios, hence his nickname “Radio”. The coach tries to bring Radio into the team as an assistant. The school didn’t allow him to travel on the bus for the “safety” of the students. As the movie continues some of the townspeople begin to accept Radio while others are very irritated that he is a part of the football program. Coach always supports Radio and teaches him many things throughout their friendship. The coach’s family also comes to appreciate Radio and supports the friendship of the two men.

The things that impacted me about the movie are the fact that it is based on a true-life story. The filmmakers did a good job of being realistic in the fact that not everyone is going to support a mentally challenged individual all of the sudden being a part of a football team. This is definitely the case. In my ideal world people with disabilities would not be bullied but would be accepted. This isn’t the case and the movie shows us this. Reality is that not everyone is comfortable with individuals with disabilities.

One thing that bothered me about the movie was the look that Radio was given. He has a big front tooth and a chipped tooth. I believe it was at the end of the movie that in the credits you get to see a picture of the real Radio. He does not have perfect teeth just as the character didn’t in the movie. However, the movie cover picture doesn’t have the actor with messed up teeth. To me this shows that they aren’t completely portraying the character the way they should. They are still out to sell their movie and “pretty” probably sells better than reality sometimes.

There were times in the movie that I was angry with some of the people in the town. More than this though, there were times that I was proud of the coach. I was proud of those that came together to make sure Radio had a good Christmas after his mother had passed away. I was mostly proud of Radio for in return giving the presents that he had received to individuals that had been mean to him in the past. The movie is an inspiring one! There are good people in the world.

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The movie fracture is an example of a psychological drama

The movie fracture is an example of a psychological drama, played by set of talented movie actors. Among the talented actors in Hollywood, Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling are chosen to play the two lead roles of the movie. A multi awarded and one of the most popular actors in his time and at present, Anthony Hopkins played the lead role in the movie fracture as the Tem Crawford.

Who was a local engineer who had attempted to murder his wife after discovering that her young wife Jennifer that was played by another young talented actress Embeth Davidtz, which was having an affair with local police detective. On the other hand, Ryan Gosling a talented actor as well, plays the critical role of the movie as the young and promising district attorney who is about make a defining moment of his career as a lawyer moving to a much glamorous law firm.

From the moment Ted Crawford discover that her young wife Jennifer is having an affair with a local police detective, he then starts to master plan the process of killing her wife. One day after making all the necessary plans, Crawford held his wife Jennifer inside their house and he shot her on the head in point blank range. This incident cause alarm to the community and police respondents starts to move all over the place.

Among the entire hostage negotiator who responded on the crime scene, only one detective Nunally was allowed to enter the house where Crawford shot his wife. Upon entering the crime scene he saw Ted Crawford on the floor and was shocked when he sees Jennifer his long time lover that was in the other room swimming on her own blood. Due to this crime Ted Crawford was held liable for shooting his wife and will face court trials.

This case was handled by Willy Beachum, a young and talented district attorney as his last case before moving to a better position in a law firm. With his record of 97% successful conviction cases Willy Beachum had achieved as a local district attorney, he accepts to handle the case before leaving district attorney’s office. With the belief that this case will no longer be a difficult one for this case is an open case of attempted murder, Willy does not made the needed preparations as much as he did on his previous cases. Apart from Willy’s knowledge he did not thought this case will be a battle of psychological intelligence between him and Ted Crawford. In the end, Ted Crawford was acquitted on doing frustrated murder on her wife Jennifer.

In relation of the movie fracture by Anthony Hopkins to business law,  the scenario of the battle between the two leading character of the movie Ted Crawford and Willy Beachum on the court could be perfect to cite. Furthermore, this movie has something to do with law cases such as frustrated murder and probably business law in terms of actions of the leading role. Business law is often characterized as corporate law that was divided into many different areas. One of its is the law of negligence or malpractice.

In the movie fracture, Ryan Gosling as the young successful district attorney Willy Beachum, may violated some the law of malpractice. This law is type of professional negligence in which a practitioner in a professional field is generally accepted failure to perform or achieve professional standards as required to their duty. In the case of Willy Breachum that was portrayed by the famous actor Ryan Gosling, as a district attorney he may possibly violated the law of malpractice in which he failed to perform professionally on the case of Ted Crawford.

It is understandable though in court trial a winner and a loser are inevitable. However, on the movie fracture the public district attorney Willy Beachum had possibly committed negligence since he do not give enough attention and did not make needed preparation upon handling the case of Ted Crawford resulted to the not guilty verdict of the court to the person on trial.

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Movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson

In this movie, Benjamin Martin, played by Mel Gibson, was a retired British officer and a widower raising seven of his children in his farm.  He held his principles steadfastly, which focused almost on his family and his interest in making rocking chairs which he never perfected.  Thus, he did not want to join the war against the British.  On the other hand, Gabriel, the eldest, was full of idealism and joined the American forces fighting the British in the Revolutionary War. Benjamin, who knew from first‑hand experience the horrifying carnage that war would present, discouraged his son from participating but Gabriel was determined to fight.  Times passed, many towns fell to the British including their hometown.

Gabriel returned home after two years, stumbling wounded into the family home. That night, a battle between the British and patriots happened. They helped the wounded from both sides. The Green Dragoons arrived and killed all the wounded Colonial soldiers. The leader, Col. William Tavington, shot his son, Thomas, who was trying to free his brother Gabriel which was being captured.

This brought an enraged Benjamin to free his son Gabriel, with the help of his two younger sons.  He left the rest of the children in the care of their aunt Charlotte, the sister of his deceased wife.  The three of them killed the British troops holding Gabriel by ambushing them.  While their brother was freed, his sons saw their father brutally killing men.  He was called The Ghost by the British army because of his techniques and skills in ambushing.  However, the Green Dragoons were still determined to go after  Benjamin’s loved-ones that it led them to burn the house of his sister-in law, but eventually they escaped with the help of Benjamin.

He was then driven to lead the Colonial Militia, planning for strategies and getting involved in the actual fight to win over the seemingly formidable British Army.  One of these strategies was to capture a supply line of General Cornwallis, ransacking all the food and comforts, including two Great Dane dogs of the general. He even tamed the dogs by taking care of them, making these dogs shift loyalties. This made Cornwallis angry. Cornwallis made a plan to trap the men of The Ghost and eventually succeeded. The British captured 18 of his men.

Benjamin then concocted a plan of deceiving General Cornwallis, making him believe that he also captured 18 officers, including a colonel who called him a cheeky fellow. He freed his men successfully with this strategy.  In war, deception is one of the strategies to win over the enemies and this was shown in this part of the movie.

While at war under his father’s command, Gabriel married a lady from a town.  However, someone led the Green Dragoons to the town where Gabriel’s wife lived and they eventually killed all the townsmen by burning them inside a church.

This brought Gabriel to avenge the death of his wife, but he was also killed in the process and his father was greatly saddened of this and swore to kill the leader of the Green Dragoons.

When an all-out battle commenced against the Redcoats, the strategy was to put the Colonial Militia under the command of Benjamin in front to show the high morale of  the army to the enemy, but actually the main army of Colonial Militia was in the rear.

So, when the Colonial Militia was called to retreat, the Redcoats were surprised by the main army of the Colonials and thus were defeated.  Eventually, Benjamin was given the opportunity to kill his nemesis, Tavington, who killed his two sons, hurting himself in the process.  In the end, Cornwallis and the British army were pushed to their last base.  Cornwallis was forced to surrender because the French army arrived, putting him into the shame of defeat.

Benjamin never perfected the art of making rocking chairs but this showed his dogged determination to finish a task no matter how many times he failed.  That same intensity of avenging the death of his loved-ones was shown in the battlefield, making him a hero, a real patriot.

Producers, Dean Devlin, Mark Gordon and Gary Levinsohn;  Director, Roland Emmerich.   The Patriot. Released in 2000 by Columbia Pictures,  164 mins., Technicolor 35mm widescreen 1.85:1, digital 5.1 sound, DVD released Oct. 24, 2000.

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