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The product proposal for enhancing and re-designing a chef’s uniform


The following paper presents a proposal for the project of enhancing and re-designing a chef’s uniform as a product. It summarizes the project proposal providing clear highlights on the ethos of the new available designs, involved technologies and the garment geometry techniques with the purpose of preparing, developing and creating a new garment afterwards. The production description segment presents the novel features of the end product. In conclusion, the paper presents recommendations on the best methods for the successful implementation of the product giving validating the benefits of enhancing and re-designing a chef’s uniform


Traditionally, the conventional clothing for chefs comprised of either an apron, a jacket with a button closure or even a pair of trousers with suspenders (Kadolph, 2010). However, the kitchen apparel has being experiencing various changes to adopt more attractive and comfortable attires. With the continued need for comfort in the kitchen, clothing’s that conform well to the body of the wearer have being developed.

Summary of the product proposal

Research done on this study reveals that the target market for this product could appreciate a new and advanced product (Textile Intelligence Limited, 2011). The proposed product will possess a high end fashion description, consumer protection qualities and comfort as well as generate a well groomed appearance of the chef. The clothing will be well designed to protect the cook from cold from the varying temperatures experienced in the kitchen. The product to be launched will use an anti-bacterial fabric to reduce body odour and bacterial action in order to stay clean. The technology to be used in the production process will apply cooling mesh fabric to pull moisture away from skin and allow air to move in and out to body in order to keep cool in the hot kitchen while redesign the chef attire to look more professional and have multifunction on it. All these and other advantages related to the proposed new product are demonstrated in the following product description.

Product description

The proposed new uniform will comprise of a collared jacket and pair of trousers matching the head-wear. The clothing will be made using an advanced cosmotextile material made using the latest CAD/CAM technologies to provide the wearer with a combination of both cosmetics and textile at the same time (Cohen, A.2011). These materials have a greater edge as compared to the rest in the market citing the promotional factors of aromatherapy and plug-in air fresheners associated with them. The final garment will be achieved through the application of advanced material joining technologies for an attractive end product. The garments will be available in all adult sizes. The jackets will be white in colour while the trousers will be well furnished with a black and white checker pattern. The jacket will have two neck bands coordinating the neck part. However, the neck band will not be permanently attached to the jacket.

The chest part of the jacket will have a shirt furnished to it but will not be showing. Big black buttons will be disposed in two rows to adorn the front side of the jacket. The trousers will have some De formed pockets with loop fasteners and hooks furnished on to them. The end product will be realized using the current and emerging technologies in relation to garment generation. The geometry of the end product will comprise of two zones; the fit zone and the fashion zone. The fit zone will be generated from a 3D body scan data of all possible and available adult sizes. The advantage of this model is that it the garment can be re-sized parametrically. On the other hand, the fashion zone will include modeling using certain parameters of the desired end product.

The following drawings provide a clearer understanding of the intended invention.



The neckerchief will be black in color. This will be worn shawl like around the neck and tucked inside the jacket. However, the neckerchief will be worn when gracing special occasions and therefore will not be a compulsory element of the chef’s uniform. The following picture depicts the desired image of a chef spotting the new uniform.

Fig 4


Product evaluation

Ad –check and Ad-track methods will be employed as follow up techniques to monitor the performance and success of the product after implementation. This will provide timely feedbacks for corrective measure to be taken (Wulfhorst, B et al. 2006). This will also help in yielding and generating strategy flow curves for the new product in the market.

Conclusion and recommendations

The above findings are true evidence that the conventional chefs outfit are being faced out by new fashion trends being introduced in the kitchen apparel of today. However, it is very important to first study the market well before engaging in the process of developing a new chef’s uniform. First of all, the new uniform must conform to the requirements of all the relevant authorities involved in the regulation of this industry (Kim and Park, 1989). This report supports a recommendation by Textile Intelligence Limited on the usage of non-scented cosmotextile materials in the manufacture of chefs’ uniform. There are various benefits associated with using these materials as opposed to other materials. First, using this material will eliminate the need of the wearer to use body lotions reducing the amount of scent in the kitchen area. These materials are also known to moisturize the skin and tone the body while soothing the senses hence, providing the garment wearer a comfortable and refreshing feeling during work. Also, the medicinal, antimicrobial, insect repelling and Ultraviolet properties associated with the materials edges them from other available materials for the manufacture of chef’s attires.


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The Effects of School Uniform

The Effects of School Uniforms Jeanell Greene Eng121: English composition Instructor Katie Surber April 8, 2012 There are issues that probe our schools on a daily basis. Many are very important such as student behavior and performance, lack of funding, and highly qualified staff, and some are just minor such as use of technology and extra-curricular activities. There are many that are debatable and require extensive dialogue and research. However, there are those educational issues that just need simple discussions to formulate manageable and workable solutions.

One of the major and current issues is whether school age children should wear school uniforms or wear regular clothing. There are many parents and school officials who want our children to wear uniforms and there are also many parents who don’t want our children to wear them. Many people feel that the uniform issue plays a vital role in the educational development of children. They feel school uniforms have a major impact on the educational process of how children learn. It really does not matter whether the children wear uniforms or regular clothes.

Children will not learn any differently with or without the school uniforms. The debates over school uniforms are very complicated and have many points of view coming from all directions including teachers, parents, and even students. In reality, school uniforms are becoming quite popular with society, but of course very unpopular with teens and younger children. However, that is to be expected. There are many pros to the use of school uniforms. A plus to school uniforms is that it makes students visible to school personnel, students, and members of the public.

School officials will know, by the uniforms, who belong on campus and who do not. Moreover, when students are adorned in school uniforms it makes it easier to identify and recognize children in public in case of an emergency. Wearing school uniforms can give students a sense of belonging. Usually, students will feel a sense of acceptance because all of the students are wearing the same thing. Therefore, it reduces the chances of being taunted and/or being bullied. This also helps to build self-esteem and self-assurance. When children wear chool uniforms, parents do not have to worry about being able to purchase designer clothing or expensive brands. There are more advantages of wearing school uniforms. Many people consider that a child in uniform is likely to take school more serious and not play around as much. Many also think that wearing a uniform helps to maintain discipline in schools; it also decreases the amount of discipline problems. It is said that the lack of discipline comes from home because the parents refuse to take on the discipline aspect of parenting. Students fighting at school are another challenge for educators.

Some of these fights have a lot to do with fashionable clothing. Students who wear the prescribed dress code will tend to fight less because there is no longer the pressure of wanting or desiring the fashionable clothing that everyone else is wearing. There is also the struggle that some schools have with gangs who are identified by certain clothing, colors, and paraphernalia. If school uniforms are worn, this will probably ease some of the tensions related to gang violence. Distractions are another argument in the school uniform issue.

By wearing school uniforms, the staff in schools will know that the appropriate clothing is being worn to school daily instead of fads that are considered outrageous, too revealing or displaying the wrong and/or inappropriate messages. Some students have turned school into an everyday fashion show. Therefore, taking the real and main focus off of learning and putting more attention and emphasis on what is being worn to school. School uniforms look nicer and make students look very professional. The woes of finding appropriate dress for school can be alleviated by wearing school uniforms.

This will afford them more time and resources to concentrate on their school work. It also gives the students a chance to express their individuality in another more constructive and productive way. Although school uniforms are a good idea to some people, there are others who oppose it. One of the most common reasons why people oppose school uniforms is that it supposedly suppresses individuality. Some educators say that academic progress encourages a student’s pursuit for individual thought which is much more important than what he/she wears. By forcing students to wear school uniforms this inhibits creativity and self-expression.

Some people say that making students conform to the school uniform denies the students the opportunity express them through what they wear. When the students are able to create their wardrobe it makes them feel the part of individual more and not feel forced to be a part of a group. It is also felt that students are going to reject rules regardless, and what would the purpose of making them wear a school uniform serve. Henceforth, by forcing students to wear uniforms will only aggravate their individuality and make them rebel by altering their school uniform.

The students’ defiance of the school uniform will cause the students to choose an inappropriate size, length, and/or add color to try to individualize the uniform. This creates another problem for the teachers and school administrators. It is also believed that cliques, gangs, and groups will still be formed by the altering of the school uniform. Many feel that there is still no proof that the way our children dress for school will increase or decrease their ability to learn or curb violence in the school setting.

Even if the school system does not require students to wear school uniforms, there is still a dress code that must be followed and if it is followed correctly there is no need for school uniforms. Most people feel that the school board should not spend time worrying about school uniforms or dress codes; they should focus on a better education for children and enforce mandates by local school district and state boards of education along with national disciplines. The problem is not what the children are wearing; it is what they are and are not learning in school and at home.

It has been said that some of the best students are bad dressers. Therefore, proving that dressing doesn’t improve learning, only the individual improves learning. Buying school uniforms for most people is considered cheaper than purchasing the latest and hottest trendy items. However, there of others who say it is not because it depends on where and how many school uniforms are purchased. Also, school uniforms can get ruined as well as any other clothing; therefore, the school uniforms will still need replacing just like regular clothing.

With that being said, many ask the question how is it really cheaper? They feel that children will keep the clothes that they want to wear in better condition than a school uniform because in reality they don’t want to wear the school uniform anyway. Therefore, this makes the cost of school uniforms higher than the cost of regular clothes. There are also those that consider the school uniform to be ugly, unflattering, plain and boring. They feel it takes away from the individual’s appearance and makes the students not have a good self-image of themselves. The education f children must always be at the forefront of any discussion of any mandates and laws passed which effect and affect the lives of students entrusted to the care of school districts. The stakeholders must examine every avenue and exhaust all resources to enhance the academic development of these students. The school uniform has been a hot topic of discussion among educators, parents, administrators, politicians, and students for years. There are advantages and disadvantages of wearing the prescribed school uniform dress code. Many people feel differently about the school uniform issue and have voiced their opinion in a myriad of ways.

The discussion must continue as the data continues to reveal the benefits of school uniforms. Some of the benefits have been witnessed in the school setting in which I am employed. I feel that school uniforms should be worn for the comfort of the individual who doesn’t have what others have, so that he/ she won’t feel left out or inadequate. I really think that wearing school uniforms has helped with the self-esteem of some children because many of them are more focused on their learning and spend less time worrying about being picked on or bullied about what they are wearing.

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Implementation of School Uniform

Argumentative Essay Implementation of School Uniform Students spend most of their time at school. They are very conscious about their over-all looks especially in the school. When it comes to appearance, clothes and style are one of the best and easiest ways to express themselves, and by all odds helps people to understand of who they really are. Even so, there has been an ongoing debate on whether school uniforms should be completely abolished in all schools or uniforms should become a compulsory to all educational institutions.

Despite both pros and cons of this issue, I personally stick to the idea that school uniforms should be introduced in all public and private schools. Some important points to consider why they should require students to wear school uniform in all schools are the following: security in wearing uniform and promotes equality among students. Safety is among the most important duties of a school. To wear a certain school uniform may help reduce distractions and improve school safety.

For example, there will be less bullying and degrading to every student. Sometimes, children who cannot afford the latest fashion are ridiculed by their peers. Uniforms can also prevent students from wearing inappropriate clothing inside the campus that is sexually, illegally, etc. Another thing is when the students are required to wear matching uniforms; they are easily distinguishable from other groups. For an instance, it is easier to notice students while out on field trips and other outings because they are wearing uniform.

Most importantly, it is harder for terrorists or trespassers to enter the school vicinity and do harm to anyone. Moving on to my second point, wearing uniform promotes equality between students. Wearing school uniform removes social barriers and put everyone equally on the ground. Itprovides a sense of belongingness to each and everyone inside the campus, it also provides students the opportunity to be accepted and included. And lastly, wearing school uniforms destress clothing as a means of conformity. It encourages equal environment in school by imiting socioeconomic difference among students. It may reduce bullying, teasing and cliques to students who can’t afford. As a whole, having a certain uniform in the school is a great solution. Wearing the same clothes provides security for students so as the faculty, the school in whole and advocates the sense of equality to everyone. That helps the individual to feel like they belong rather than they don’t fit at all. In my own point of view, school uniform should be implemented in all schools, both public and private for it is a good idea.

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Against School Uniforms

All around the United States more and more schools and switching to the idea of school uniforms. Schools think that this uniform policy will help bring down crime rates, gangs, improve the schools over all academic achievement, and level out social discriminations among students. Although this theory may become true to someone who wants it to be true, other skeptics looking into this are finding that these positive influences from uniforms are merely misconceptions. Schools’ academic achievements are not influenced by the clothes that students have on their backs. Neither is the crime rate in that school.

There were theories that gang members could sneak into schools by wearing that schools uniform and blending in with everyone. Some students are even saying that uniforms will not stop them from discriminating other kids since they still know who is rich and who is poor. Although our society thinks that forcing students to wear uniforms to school will cure all problems, they better think twice. School uniforms should not be allowed in public schools because they are not cost effective, they deprive students’ rights to express themselves, and lastly, they do not increase the status of the school who adopted the uniform policy.

One of the reasons that school uniforms should not be allowed in schools because they are not cost effective. One reason why they are not cost effective is because some families cannot afford multiple uniforms, plus the clothes that students wear outside of school (Pakhare 1). Unlike the students who can afford three, four, or five uniforms, the poorer students’ one uniform will look worn out and used by mid-semester compared to everyone else (Stainburn 1). It will be easier to pick out the kids who cannot afford much. The social boundaries that uniforms were trying to get rid of will still occur with or without them (Cruz 47).

The second reason behind why school uniforms are not cost effective is because schools think that having uniforms will cover up the fact that all students have a different amount of wealth, yet students still know who is rich and who is poor. Uniform pieces differ from one another. There are expensive pieces, and there are basic pieces (Chaika 1). The uniforms that students buy can set them apart on the social ladder at school; just as well as normal clothing can (1). Schools do not want kids “killing each other over designer jackets,” which is why they take in the uniform policy in the first place (1).

Students who switch to different schools with uniforms frequently can be majorly impacted financially (1). Constantly buying new uniforms for those different schools can definitely drain that person’s money, thus not making school uniforms cost effective. In addition to school uniforms not being cost effective, they also deprive students of their right to freedom of expression. The first reason is that it violates the First Amendment. The First Amendment gives all citizens the right to freedom of expression and when schools make students all dress a certain way, then that takes away their right.

It is unlawful to take away individuals’ freedoms since they have a right to those freedoms (“Current Events” 3). Any student who gets expelled or suspended for violating the dress code, say that it is blockading their right of free public education (Cook 1). The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said, “We think ordering school uniforms violates the First Amendment because it impacts on the freedom of expression” (3). Teachers also can be affected by this issue. They are the ones who have to put up with penalizing the students who break the dress code.

A student in San Diego complained that “Teachers say they want us to be different, and then we all have to dress the same way” (3). Parents think that this policy is not a good idea, either. A parent in San Diego stated, “They have no right to make it mandatory. It’s against the rights of students and kids” (3). The second reason that school uniforms deprive students of their freedom of expression is that they make it harder for kids to find their identity in our modern society when they look exactly like everyone else (Cruz 46).

As children grow up, they are supposed to make their own decisions while they learn from the mistakes they make, but the uniforms that the schools slap on kids is not a choice that they can decide on their own (47). The ACLU once stated, “Ban every individual expression and what you have left are not students, but soldiers” (47-48). This proves that each and every student’s right to freedom of expression is snatched away from them. The third and final reason why school uniforms should not be allowed in schools is that they do not improve the standards of a school.

Some call it the ‘band-aid’ approach because instead of actually trying to solve the deeper issues in the school, they just mask all the problems by forcing students to wear uniforms (Cruz 43). One reason is that schools think that they will decrease the violence. They are mistaken because fights and other acts of misconduct will always happen in schools no matter what kind of clothes they wear (45). Students will always have grudges against other students and that will never change depending on the type of clothing they choose to wear.

Uniforms cannot transform a bad student into a good one, they just dress them up to look like a good one (44). A student that created a problem before, will continue to create problems regardless of what they are wearing (Pakhare 1). Schools have socioeconomic groups that they want to break up in order to level out the social standards. One of those groups is gangs (2). Gangs are a growing problem in schools these days, but the clothes they wear in schools without uniform policies, can help others distinguish them from other students.

If a school with gangs starts up the school uniform policy, it would be easier for gang members that are outside of the school, to sneak into that school to create some violence and mischief. Since everyone matches, you would not be able to distinguish a gang member from and actual student (Cruz 44). Another reason that school uniforms do not improve the standards of schools is that they do not improve school’s academic achievements. Studies have shown that uniforms had absolutely no correlation to test scores (Stainburn 1).

Schools think that the sameness of everybody, because of the uniforms, will help students focus more on their studies, rather then what they look like. Although kids still find ways to discriminate one another, with or without uniforms, it still makes focusing on studies one hundred percent of the time difficult (1). Even in uniforms were in order, students will still stay distracted and will have to deal with daily discriminations (2). Schools have still found ways to improve academic achievements, which will incidentally improve their status, without the aid of uniforms (2).

Because of the fact that school uniforms cost too much money, take away students’ rights, and do not increase a school’s reputation, they should not be required in schools. They do not have a useful purpose and there is no point of forcing students to wear them when they do not want to in the first place. It is only a matter of time before school districts realize how useless uniforms have become. Children that are forced to wear these uniforms do not like them, and neither to the parents that have to buy extra clothes that their kids only wear to school (Pakhare 1).

It has been proven that there is little evidence to suggest a cause and effect relationship between the violence in school and the clothes that students wear (Cruz 45). Also, each and every student who is forced to wear a school uniform gets their right of freedom of expression taken away, which is consequently unconstitutional (“Current Events” 3). In conclusion to being against school uniforms being mandatory, they should be outlawed to all public schools since it has been proven that they are a tremendously horrible idea.

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School Uniforms Debate

The utilization of school uniforms is a subject of sizzling debate among parents and school authorities since long. Some dispute the advantages of school uniforms, while others consider that the shortcomings are far more abundant. In our contemporary world, children have become much more conscious of their clothes and appearance. This basically echoes our contemporary ideals and the concentration of adults in garments. Kids can, nonetheless, without some of the reasonable influences that come with age and understanding, become much more fanatical with clothes and latest fashion trends.

Children who come to school in old-fashioned attire can be mocked at, become a laughing stock or even tormented. The expense of those clothing and clashes connected with them leads many schools and parents to review the school uniform. Parents’ Stance Few countries, on the other hand, are starting to overturn the decline in uniform usage. While schools in other countries are starting to pioneer uniforms for the first time. This is very contradictory topic, as elder students normally condemn the concept of uniform.

Some parents also see an obligatory uniform as pushy and a violation of their fundamental liberty. Students’ Stance Many students believe they lose their individuality when it is mandatory for everyone to wear the same clothing to schools. Others think a school uniform brings equality amongst students. Many teachers and school authorities consider a school uniform or a uniform dress code as a way to inculcate a sense of regulation in the classes as well as an environment of education and learning. So, what is your stance regarding the uniform debate?

Here are some pros and cons to help get you started! Reasons in Favor of Wearing School Uniforms It takes away the feeling of envy between peers. It helps decrease obedience trouble. A uniform assists the students achieve academically better. Students focus more on their education rather than on deciding what to wear. Besides eliminating distraction, uniforms force students to take school atmosphere more critically. Kids tend to be misapprehended and mocked by peers due to the type of garments they might wear. Consequently, uniforms decrease social clashes and violence in the schools.

One of the most insightful advantages of having schools uniforms is that they are extremely cost effectual and alleviate the parents from the trouble of purchasing trendy and costly garments frequently. Reasons Against Wearing School Uniforms It subtracts students’ liberty to take decisions. It doesn’t let students feel distinctive and unique. School uniforms hinder the need for the self expression of a kid. Sociologists claim that it may cause unsuitable ways of expression by kids, such as offensive usage of makeup and jewelry.

Uniforms take away children’s identity. The pressure on a uniform dress code in school counters the spirit of unity in diversity and its merriment. It is even believed to confine socialization, an imperative feature of human nature. In contrast to civil dress, school uniforms prove to be ineffectual and futile once the kid is out of school. Another bad consequence of school uniform is that it denies the children the ease, which one feels on wearing different kinds of garments, as per personal preference.

This uneasiness might unfavorably reflect upon the academic performance of the kid. Do uniforms breach liberty of expression prospects? We believe that this dispute is quite frail. Students are liberated to dress as they and their parents decide during extracurricular hours. They also need to understand that dress codes and uniforms are an authenticity of a place of work in the grown-up world including in professional offices, delivery services, and retail and food stores, administration offices and so on.

Since many years parents, teachers, school authorities, and students have squabbled over the pros, cons, and advantages of school uniform policies. A socially connected pro is that it places everyone on a rank ground in connection to socioeconomic grade. When kids get their preference of school clothing based on how much wealth their parents make, it causes self-esteem concerns. If all kids have to wear the identical outfit in school then it’s not as evident as to whose family can have enough money to afford Mango and who can only pay for cheap stuff from Wal-Mart.

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Should Students Wear Uniforms

Are Uniforms A Good Way to Improve Students Discipline and Motivation? AED 200 Introduction Uniforms have been a big debate for years. Some educators and parents believe feel uniforms are a great addition to the school system while others feel it is not giving student’s freedom of speech by expressing themselves in what they wear. Should Students Wear Uniforms? Should students wear uniforms is the big debate across school districts across the united states today. According to Eduguide. rg, school uniforms are one step that may break the cycle of violence; truancy and disorder by helping young students understand what really counts. Some feel students benefit from uniforms because it boosts their self-esteem. Students also have feel like they are in a fashion show dressing in uniforms makes students realize what on the inside that counts. Uniforms decrease the influence of gangs and are known to make things difficult for weapons being brought in hidden inside of clothes. Uniforms improve learning.

Uniforms reduce distraction and shapes focus on school work and making the classroom a more serious environment. Uniforms improve behavior and increase school attendance. Uniforms save families time and money. Parents report uniforms are cheaper than buying designer clothes or keeping up with the latest trends. Uniforms helps the administrators quickly identify outsiders who could be a danger to the students. Some people believe uniforms shows neatness by requiring students to tuck in their shirts, wear belts and wear shoes similar in color.

Students dressing the same decreases teasing about clothing and shoe appearance. Uniforms prepare children for following a dress code for the future when they reach adulthood and join the workforce. Some children form their own groups in school in which wearing a certain thing or color or style. Some children use fashion trends to differentiate the popular ones from the unpopular children according to what they wear. Uniforms make it less possible for kids to be judged based on clothing choices. Uniforms prevent the competition to have the most fashionable clothes.

Competition in school causes students to lose focus on schoolwork instead of on who is wearing the latest fashion trends. Uniforms eliminate clothes competiveness. Another article from Proffessorshouse. com states that some people claim that requiring a uniform increase graduation rates and also has an impact on children’s educational experience. Students performed on the uniform debate claim that uniforms encourage discipline, helps prevent social groups from forming opinions based on fashion status, gets rid of economic barriers and makes easily to identify persons at the school who should not be there.

The article also talks about how some form of dress codes enforced around 75% of all schools dress codes are in place to outlaws offensive clothing being worn to the school. After reviewing another article from Ezinearticles. com uniforms create a source of identity and provides a sense of belonging according to the article the article some children’s believe the school chosen for them is a sort of achievement and the school uniform is a mark of inclusion, something to brag about and they feel proud and empowered wearing it.

It eliminates the child having to worry about what to wear each day. Uniforms also relieve the parent of having to spend money to helping the child to keep up with the latest trends every day. Uniforms allow a sense of unified purpose to develop particular rivalry with other establishments. Uniforms reinforce children’s since of belonging to reassuring communities. In a 1996 Long Beach, Calif. speech, former President Bill Clinton announced his support of that district’s uniform initiative.

It didn’t get far in the United States but it also helped start the debate. Uniforms also closes the debate on what children are allowed wear to school, then that makes mornings easier for parents and for children. Everyone knows exactly what the kids need to wear, their regulated school uniform. This leads to a decrease in morning arguments. Some experts believe that when the entire student body is dressed in uniforms, they develop a stronger team mentality. When they are all dressed alike, their all-for-one-and-one-for-all attitude is boosted.

With parents saving by not having to buy day to day clothes, they can let their children buy a few nicer and more fashionable clothes for weekends and evenings. Wearing a uniform five days a week can make children appreciate their weekend fashions more. Why Students Should Not Wear Uniforms Parents on the opposing side feel uniforms violate the right to freedom of speech and expression; a uniform cost too much for families struggling financially, uniforms are a band aid on the problem of school violence and does not address the real issues behind it.

Uniforms hide warning signs that point to problems that maybe going on with the child. Some feel that uniforms have not been able to prove wither the decreased discipline or violence and uniforms fail to allow children the ability to learn and make good choices based on their own values. Most feel that uniform are not allowing children to be themselves. Some believe that children cannot be themselves clothes are an expression of who they are. Parents feel that uniforms can be more expensive than regular clothes.

Some parents may feel they are a big waste of money wither the school paid for them or not. Some feel uniforms made children uncomfortable and made them focus on the uniform rather than focusing on school work. Also uniforms do not change a child’s behavior in school. Wearing uniforms stop children from getting in trouble and acting out in school. Self-expression is an important part of a child’s development and curbing it with uniforms can be determined to children. Some feel if students are not able to express themselves will in another way by excessive make-up or hairstyles or jewelry.

Uniform wear delays transitions into adulthood. Some experts feel teenagers to wear uniforms limits their ability to express in their own way in which can delay their transition in adulthood. Studies show uniforms can be a difficult to enforce in public schools. Conclusion Uniforms have many pros and cons, most believe uniforms are a good option for kids while others feel they can compromise who kids are through expressing themselves through the clothes they wear uniforms cuts down on violence and is a solution to economic problems parents may be facing today.

My own personal experience with uniforms causes me to look at uniforms in both sides of the issue. I feel uniforms should be forced in middle or high school but voluntary in elementary schools. I feel most kids in elementary school do not notice what each other wear. Middle and high school is the times where students notice what the other person is wearing or form groups based on who they think are popular or the other. Uniforms are a choice based on school officials and it is up to the child or school if uniforms work. References Website: EduGuide. com Website: Ezarticle. com Website: About. com

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Wear and Appearance of the Army Uniform

In the army there are many uniforms a soldier has to wear. This is for the different activities a soldier does. For everything from their daily Physical Training (PT), their regular working uniform Army Combat Uniform (ACU), or their dress uniform either the Army Service Uniform (ASU), or the Army Green Service Uniform (Class A). Each uniform is design to fit a specific task and to be worn a in certain way. A great resource for either the ASU or the Class A is the “U. S. ARMY UNIFORM GUIDE. I found this little book a great resource because it shows every form of the ASU for both males and females soldiers, for officers and enlisted. I found this to be great because it shows where everything goes, and how to measure everything, and for a new soldier like me it is important to have the little things right. Over time the uniform of a soldier has change. Since the days of the Revolutionary War to today modern wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the uniform has change but the guide lines has not. As the uniform evolved, so has the regulation that covers it has also.

The regulation that covers this is Army Regulation 670-1, the covers everything from how to cut and maintain your hair to how to wear jewelry, eyeglasses and sunglasses. This regulation is something every soldier should read, even the ones who have been in for over ten years. Because from what I have learned is that this regulation is constantly changing. How to wear the army uniform is important because when we put on the uniform we don’t just represent ourselves but the army as a whole as well. One thing I have learned in my short 20 years of life is how important the clothes you wear impact you as person.

Because they can be tell tell sings of what type of person you are. As in the book “APPERANCES” witch talks about how the clothes you wear can say a lot of what type of person you are, or how do you live your lifestyle. When I was a little boy I would always watch how a few of my neighbors, which were in the National Guard, would be dress and how I notice that each of their uniforms would be. All of them looking good, with their boots clean and polish, uniforms clean, looking how a soldier should be.

When I was is the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) I learned how to wear the uniform, even more when I came into the army. In basic training I learned how correct looks like. My drill sergeants would always be looking professional at all times and I would always say this to myself (there nothing ever wrong with any of their uniform). But they would always say “if you see something wrong with any of our uniforms tell us, and the same goes for your battle buddy. ” That’s when I really learned to start to look for the little things most people would not notice.

That when I started to pay more attention to my own uniform. I would always taking one last quick peck before formation, always trying to look for the things that other people would not see but would notice. As a military police soldier I think we should be held to a higher standard. In everything from the physical training we do, to how our uniform should be. All of our pockets should be lie down flat. All of our buttons and zippers should be button and zipped. Our boots should always be clean, rid of any and all dirt and mud. The uniform as a whole should be cleaned at all times.

Because we are the first ones who people see on the gates. Because first impressions are everything, I would never see my dad going to work looking like garbage, he would always look professional. This applies to us even more because when we are patrolling we are the ones who people see giving tickets. We are the ones who respond to when people have any type of an emergency, we are the ones who will show up at the scene of an accident. The general population expect more of us because we are not only police officers we are military polices soldiers.

Which many people would assume since we are in the military we should have more discipline. When you see that soldier who uniform is all messed up, you would assume either him or one of his leaders don’t have the discipline to maintain the uniform. That’s something we as military police soldiers can’t be. Whenever you pull over that first sergeant, or that captain that are not only going to look at your rank but your uniform as well, because they are most likely going to think “his uniform look like shit, how do I know if he is doing his job correctly when he can’t even maintain his uniform looking as it should. That where I believe our leaders come into play, they are not only there to help us, but also to fix us when we are wrong. So when I keep blowing off the fact my uniform did look like shit, I should have gone to one of them to see if they could help me fix the mistake. It’s important to wear to army uniform correctly because the habits you do while you are home in a safe environment will continue when you deploy. Whenever you go on a mission you should always double and triple check yourself to make sure you have the right equipment.

To make sure you are not missing the little things like you camel bag, or even the big things like you weapon. That’s why it’s important to always check yourself in the mirror before you leave. Not only to check you have the right things but also to make sure everything is in the right place, looking how it should. The same goes for whenever you go out, you always want to be looking good at all times, where ever you go. That’s the same type of thinking you need to have every time you put on the army uniform.

Because for me every time I put that uniform on I fell a since of pride, knowing I am a soldier, knowing I am one of the few people of this nation that is willing to and able to. As soldiers we are required to do certain things, some of these include doing physical training daily, keeping our leaders notified, keeping our uniforms squared away at all times. Because you will never know when your first sergeant or sergeant major decides to do a surprise inspection on you, we have to be ready at all time.

One bad soldier can have a huge negative impact on the rest of the team, because that one bad soldier can influence the good soldiers around him, to make him do the bad and wrong things. Every time when we wear the uniform we are not only representing ourselves but the army, our country, and the ideas of a free country. Therefore the uniform should always be neat; there should never be any excess for why our uniforms are ever out of order. The army is a team, on that team ever one wears the same uniform. If you teammate on basketball, football, soccer, or volleyball you would go over a correct them.

The same has to apply to the army. When we are in that uniform people are going to be looking at us not just because we are in the military but sometimes because the people who are looking at us are old retires who want to see the next generation of soldiers keeping the same traditions alive. Or they could be a person in a different branch of the military looking to see how the other branches wear their uniforms. When we wear the army uniform in public we should not bring bad attention to ourselves. One the type of attention that would make that little boy says “I want to be like them some day. That how first got interested in military. The proper wear of the army uniform is important for many reasons. One of these reasons is to have a strong discipline soldier at all times. Because when you wear the army uniform correctly it does show you have discipline. But it also reflects how your leaders are, either the ones who really don’t care about their soldiers or the type of leader who takes the time to get to know his soldiers. Another reason why it’s important to wear the army uniform correctly is because it instill a since of pride that only those who have earned the right to called themselves United States Soldiers.

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School Uniforms Are a Necessity

Reading books is better than TV! Reading books is better than TV! Reading books is much better than watching TV! How many of you watch TV? No doubt all of you do each and every day. It is so easy to just sit down on a couch and press 1 little button and waste hours on watching TV shows and movies! Books are better for our Health our Electricity and Education. Good Morning / Good Afternoon Mrs Millward and 7AC today I am going to tell you about why books are better and I mean way better then TV. TV can affect our Health in a way which is sitting down too much on the couch and not doing physical activities outside.

A great deal is known about children and television, because there have been thousands of studies on the subject. Researchers have studied how TV affects kids’ sleep, weight, grades, behaviour, and more. When using a book reading is exercising your brain and learning words you didn’t know about but when TV comes in all you do is watch and that can easily affect your eyes and then it can affect you behaviour and your grades. When watching TV for hours and when your parents get a bill for the electricity half of the bill is caused by watching TV of course because that is the main problem.

In my house we only turn on the TV if we are watching the cricket of watching the News or watching our sport team play and that is all my family use it for. But this isn’t always caused by kids it is caused from parents that work at least once a week and that happens when they have got nothing to do. Say if you are doing an assignment for school and you have been working for hours without getting anywhere. Majority of you would watch TV for a while, while watching you will still be worrying about the assignment and by the time you get back to it you will be stressed.

And on top of that books are an excellent way to learn new vocabulary without you even knowing, that’s right, while reading books you involuntary learn new words and the spellings. Imagine you have got this huge test the next morning and then you’re watching TV and then you’re studding on the way to school and then you get a FAIL!!! On your test. How bad would that be? If it was me I would feel really embarrassed. So you have just heard some things that can affect your health and your parents bills and your own education that your parents are paying for but lso when our parents where alive they only got a TV when they were around 16 or 17 of age. And look us and then think of your parents back in the past. And they didn’t have computer games either. So 7AC and Mrs Millward I think I convinced you that books are much better then Television. And so when you get I want you not to go to the living room and turn on the TV I want you to Study on your Math exam and do your HOMEWORK!!! Don’t Touch the TV Do Your Homework Don’t Touch the TV Do Your Homework

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School Uniforms

“School uniforms are one step that may help the cycle of violence, truancy and disorder by helping young students understand what really counts is what kind of people they are. ” This quote was made by former president Bill Clinton. In the article ‘Should kids wear school uniforms? ’, talks about how school uniforms can benefit students and how some think school uniforms are irrelevant. There are many benefits of wearing school uniforms; they increase students’ self-esteem, improve discipline, and save families time and money.

School uniforms can increase a student’s self-esteem, which veers attention upon learning and away from such distractions as fashion competition and gang intimidation. With a student having confidence of what they are wearing improves behavior and increases school attendance. It is also more economical and convenient way to avoid discrimination and teasing within the school for who dress better or worse. A child who is not able to use higher-quality clothing will not feel different or inferior to others. The uniform, as the name says, unifying models and styles and can even encourage self-esteem and help everyone feel equal.

Dress affects attitude and behavior. Children generally act the way they are dressed. Children with uniforms come to school to work. School is then seen as a workplace for teaching and learning. It is not seen as a battleground, playground, or fashion stage. On the other hand, some argue and say it violates the right to freedom of expression and does not create diversity. Uniforms restrict learners are that “without the outlet of expression in their clothes, students may turn to inappropriate hair styles, jewelry, or makeup” (Public School Uniforms).

So by restricting students of their clothing choice, they will still find a way to show their personality in their hair, jewelry, and hairstyles. Although a uniform can get boring with the same clothes and same color every day, uniforms have proven to lower hostility in many schools. Uniforms have reduced tardiness, skipped classes, suspensions, and discipline referrals. According to the Public School Review, in the Long Beach school district within one year of launching uniforms, fights and muggings had seriously dwindled by fifty percent. While committed sexual offenses were massively diminished as well by a vast seventy-four percent.

Uniforms reduce violence is that if an outsider were to enter a school, the intruder would be spotted immediately, as teachers and police would arrive to dispose of the stranger that might be a harm to the students. One may argue and say school uniforms merely put a Band-Aid on the problem of school violence and fail to address the real issues behind it. Also, it won’t matter what you are wearing, people are still going to be judged and bullied. Most bullies believe they can have power over a weaker, smaller, younger, and less confident person.

Bullies will be there regardless of fashion. School uniforms are a bargain. They are becoming far less expensive than many other clothes. Schools argue that school uniforms are economical, especially compared to designer clothing, and parents agree given school uniform durability. Some say school uniforms last longer because they are made for repeated wash and wear. Many schools capitalize on this by starting used school uniform stores or swap meets. Parents can get used school uniforms at discount prices, or just use them as hand-me-downs between siblings.

Many will argue with this. Some will say that uniforms can cost more than regular, everyday clothing. Also, uniforms can be uncomfortable to wear outside of school. Meaning, parents have to buy separate clothes for outside of school. By having to buy two different wardrobes costs families more money and time. All in all, while children believe that the school is trying to control their freedom of speech by enforcing uniforms, a school is not a fashion show. It is there to educate children and help them get into a college and a worthwhile future career.

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University Students Should Wear Uniforms

Recently, we know that the global warming had become big crises that occur not only in our country but it also occurs at other country for example Australia, Japan, and England. Physically, if we look what happened around us, due to the development of buildings, forest deforestation and open burning. This shows that we are not very concern about how important taking care of our earth as we want the best to protect it from any pollution especially global warming.

Besides, if there is a lot of process of development that occurs, maybe it will destroy our ecosystem. Besides that, as we know, global warming can be defined as the earth’s average temperature increases. The average temperature in our earth is increasing due to human activities that occurs a long time ago until now it gives negative effects to our environment for example droughts, melting of polar ice and glaciers causing a rise in sea level, change in wind directions and weather patterns.

We can handle it by contributing an awareness campaign, which if global warming do not occur, maybe a lot of people know how to take care of our earth , but in reality they are still do not realize what they are doing whether it is good or bad. Among the awareness campaign which can handle the global warming from human and globalization are the celebration of Earth’s Day that was held in year of 2011 every 22 April. This celebration was held to aware everyone how important protects or conserves our earth.

A lot of people do not realize the existence of this earth’s day, but some of them who are really love nature or the association of a love nature will involved themselves in giving awareness to the others so that they will not too greedy to destroy our earth. A part of that, the Kyoto Protocol is an international treaty signed by countries was held 11 December 1997 as they are committed to the reduction of release in greenhouse effect such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous dioxide (N2O) and chlorofluorocarbon (CFCS), besides they want to ensure that the reduction of release in gases by the rate of 5. percent in 2010 rather than in year of 1992. The negative effects can be reduced if every individual plays an important role in limiting the release of greenhouse gases. In addition, since year of 1992, the Unity of national countries of environment and development (UNCED) or now it is known as the Council of Rio Culmination had organized an awareness campaign about the global warming. This campaign had reached to the highest level. Among the matter that is approved, rich countries are needed to reduce the pollution in their countries; help a development country manage the energy generator efficiently.

Besides, they also want to reduce the poverty, increase the quality of water, use more clean energy, a better administration, and use product that nature friendly. Nevertheless, their result were not achieved due to some of the countries try to make their own action Furthermore, Earth Hour is another of the awareness campaign that is organized by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) starting from the year of 2004 by WWF Australia. This celebration was held every year on 26 March which it will celebrate by switch off all the lights starting from 8. 30pm until 9. 30pm.

Why this campaign was held? This is because a lot of countries had through a badly changing temperature such as Myanmar, Honduras, Vietnam, Nicaragua, India, Haiti, Republic Dominica, Filipina and China. These are the list of the top 10 of the countries that undergo the phenomenon of global warming. A part of that, Bangladesh also through a badly changing temperature which based on the statistic between 1990 and 2008 which the average of their residents died out there are 8240 people every year. A rise in sea level every year also gives harm to them who live near the beach.

The Earth Hour is one of the awareness campaigns that achieved reducing 10% of the effect of the global warming. Why? This is because a lot of countries besides Malaysia also show their concern in saving the earth. Many people around the world do not realized; if we keep reducing the use of energy or reduce the burning of fossil fuels maybe we can avoid from the global warming from occur. So that’s why even only 10%, if we make it every year, maybe we can reduce the effects of the global warming until 50% to 80% in a decade.

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School Uuniforms

The years that we are in primary school is the time that we as teenagers start discovering ourselves and realize our uniqueness. With this natural fact, it is not surprising that practically every teenager nowadays attempts to stand out in the crowd as much as possible.

Our appearance, clothes and style is one of best and easiest ways to express ourselves, and it definitely helps people reach an understanding of who we really are, and why. However, there has been an ongoing debate on whether school uniforms should be completely abolished in all schools, both private and public, or, on the contrary, uniforms should become a compulsory addition to all middle-level educational institutions.

Despite the friction between the pros and cons, I personally stick to the idea that school uniforms should be introduced in all public and private schools, as wearing school uniforms does not make unfair comparisons between student’s incomes in terms of clothing and that it aids students in developing their inner qualities instead of focusing on the outer aspects of themselves in the crucial earlier years of their lives. Firstly High schools are stressful enough as it is with school work and studying, but add being bullied because of your appearance and it could become overbearing.

Uniforms help students in school academically and socially. It can be beneficial to parents as well; they do not have to spend as much money on school apparel. On the other hand, many people disagree with having school uniforms, saying that it doesn’t give the student the right to express their individuality. However, I think uniforms build a sense of discipline and unity and are the appropriate attire to be worn in school. That is why I strongly believe uniforms should be enforced in every school whether public or private. It can be difficult for students to “fit in” with their peers.

Because of their appearance, social situation or financial background, students can be discriminated and even bullied up to the point where they do not want to attend school anymore. Uniforms establish the unity of the whole school, making everyone equal. “It feels great wearing a uniform. It makes me feel like I am part of something,” says Malika a 15 year-old attending Thomas Brown York High School. Deciding on what clothes to wear to school can be stressful in the mornings. Uniforms get rid of that hassle, of waking up earlier to pick your outfit for the day.

You’re ready to go as soon as you put your uniform on. Also, students carry themselves differently when they are wearing uniforms. They take school more seriously by dressing more professionally. Uniforms are also less inexpensive. As a result, Parents gain immensely by buying uniforms than individual clothing for each school year. Statistics show schools that have established the school uniform had a 52% increase in student attendance and a whopping 78% jump in passing grades. Teachers say their students are more focused and productive in class.

This shows how uniforms can help students achieve their potential in the classroom by helping them concentrate more on their school work than their clothes. It prevents bullying and violence. It helps create a more educative and welcoming environment to students by showing equality and unity to the whole student body. The over-all idea is that uniforms are easy and efficient. Secondly School uniforms have been around just as long as schools themselves, and they play a much bigger role in education than most people think. Uniforms have been proven to promote learning and help kids stay focused in school.

Many people believe putting on a uniform resembles a parent putting on a suit, and getting ready for work. This makes the students take a more serious interest in the work they are doing at school. Also, it has been proven that wearing uniforms provides less of a distraction than fashionable clothes create. With uniforms, there is absolutely no controversy over who has the newest, coolest clothes in school. Many students of public schools believe that school uniforms should not be introduced because it is restraining people’s freedom of expression and does not create diversity.

One example how uniforms restrict learners are that “without the outlet of expression in their clothes, students may turn to inappropriate hair styles, jewelry, or makeup” . So by restricting students of their clothing choice, they will still find a way to show their personality in their hair, jewelry, and hairstyles. Soon schools will start regulating those as well and boom! The school controls everything that is offered to a child. A second supporting example as to why uniforms are an awful proposal are because uniforms may not be comfortable for all students nd they can not wear their uniforms outside of school, and thus, there is the double cost of both uniforms and casual wardrobe (Public School Uniforms). In school, if a child is trying to learn, but is not comfortable with the uniforms’ fabric, it would cause a great burden and distraction to one’s learning. Also many families are struggling in today’s economy and are trying to save as much money as they can. Having to pay for regular clothes and uniforms start to add up to the family’s expenses. A third example would be that uniforms create a false sense of security.

According to Rashida Khilawala, “if the student gets used to being respected for their mind and not looks, the “outside world” could come as quite a surprise to them”(Khilawala). Face the truth; the “real” world can be an ugly place to live. Even if uniforms decrease violence and everyone is treated equal, the outside world does not run as orderly and smoothly as it would in a school. Of course all parents want to protect their child from any harm, but by fooling them into a safe environment, they are put at more risk then ever. Theses are some facts as to why; many children and teens are against uniforms in public schools.

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School Uniforms in the U. S.

There are many schools in the U. S. that require their students to wear uniforms, and there’re also some that don’t. I believe that school uniforms should not be required for a few reasons. Uniforms take away from a person’s individual identity, and they can be costly to people depending on their financial status. School uniforms can also be a very uncomfortable fashion that students would not take a liking to. The first reason uniforms should not be required is that most schools across the country believe uniforms take away from an individuals identity, so they don’t require their students wear them.

In today’s world your identity and having a good sense of self is important to the diversity that Americans have show in the past. In schools that require uniforms the student body all look the like same person, very bland and boring people. This is not what American society is, we are casual dressing diverse people, and dressing casual and the way you like is the best way to recognize students as individual people and not as part of “those people. ” Another reason for opposing uniforms is everyone especially kids like to be comfortable when having to sit still for an elongated period of time.

When kids are uncomfortable in school they tend fidget and not pay attention instead they are worrying about fixing their clothes, which should not be their top priority. When guys wear the uniforms they will always have to be worried about whether their tie is straight or if their shirt is properly tucked in. Girls wearing uniforms might have to worry about their skirts if they are proper length and if they are twisted or not, and being a girl I know how easily female clothes can become askew from their proper place.

All these minor irritations kids would have to go through limit their comfort and cause their minds to lack focus on schoolwork and concentrate more on fixing their clothes. Also some days kids may wake up and not feel to well and just might want to wear the comfortable t-shirt and sweat pants. Wearing uniform when feeling under the weather might just agitate their wellness a little more. The last and most important reason for not requiring uniforms are they money. These uniforms might costly roughly between forty and fifty dollars per set, and on top of that parents would have to buy four or five to last the school eek, with a final purchase cost of two hundred and fifty dollars. Some parents can not afford these high prices depending on their financial situation, and forcing parents to buys these is just another way to put a damper on their already harsh feelings on their income. Also you cannot penalize a child for what their parents can and can’t afford. After a while kids do grow and would grow out of their new expensive attire and even more money will have to be spent to buy more sets of uniforms.

We all live in a country were we are free to make choices, like what we want to wear everyday. Taking away our right to choose is like a natural right, a right that you are born with, and as we all know Americans thrive on their rights set up by the constitution more than two hundred years ago. Bottom line school uniforms should not be required for students to wear, they take away from our individual identity, they can become quite uncomfortable to wear, and most important they can be very costly and a not needed financial burden. http://www. bookrags. com/essay-2004/12/20/11426/585/

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The Uniform Commercial Code

The Uniform Commercial Code By Wesley Shropshire Abstract The Uniform Commercial Code has many requirements and laws that govern it not only in trading within our country but also in trading internationally. It has been brought into question if we as a nation need to make some serious changes or update some of the laws when it comes to trading internationally. If we leave it like it is then many problems can arise and make most big business discouraged or even stop trading internationally altogether. With this being the case it makes it very hard when deciding what the effect the U. C. C. as on international commerce and there will be many factors brought up on to which side it leans toward. The Uniform Commercial Code The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), a comprehensive code addressing most aspects of commercial law, is generally viewed as one of the most important developments in American law. The UCC text and draft revisions are written by experts in commercial law and submitted as drafts for approval to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (now referred to as the Uniform Law Commissioners), in collaboration with the American Law Institute. (Uniform Commercial Code, (n. . ). Attorneys, which are the Commissioners include federal and state judges also including law professors and legislators, are able to practice law throughout the U. S. These organizations decide and meet on whether to send drafts back for revision or if they should endorse them. Most of the time it does not involve only one revision but after deciding to endorse them the states are forced to adopt these rules by the Uniform Law Commissioners. Since the Uniform Commercial Code, which is a model code, does not always have jurisdiction in a legal effect unless the legislatures as statutes enact them. Domestic transaction” means a transaction other than an international transaction. “International transaction” means a transaction that bears a reasonable relation to a country other than the United States. (UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, (n. d). Computers and technology has grown rapidly over the past fifteen years, and this has enhanced the growth of financial markets globally which has led to around the clock trading in foreign exchange, financial instruments, and securities. Services and goods in international trade have also grown in speed and volume.

Since the growth and change in technology settlements of payments in these transactions has sped up how fast they can receive these payments. Because of this money is being moved around the world faster than ever before. The economic significance of national boundaries to large corporations and financial institutions is being reduced. These trends in transactions, payments, and transnational operation of corporations have led to commercial pressure for greater certainty and uniformity in the law governing international transactions. (The Effect of Uniform Commercial Code, (n. . ). In these international transactions you have to worry about more jurisdiction laws taking place. Rules of private international laws will be the deciding factor into which jurisdiction laws that will be enforced. When it comes to commercial interests many are against this grey area of unknown and look for certainty in which legal rules in these international transactions to reduce and correctly measure the legal risks they may be taking. They also are pushing for the unvarying of these rules throughout jurisdictions in order to lower compliance costs.

Because of the pressure for more uniformity and certainty in international transactions and the legal rules they are governed by, the private international law rules are being added to too bring together the legal rules at hand in international conventions to be foreseen across the nations. There has been little to no attention paid to what these international laws represent and I think and the United States should make it a part of their laws. With this being said pressure is rising on responsibilities of state and federal governments to fit these international developments and should deserve more attention than what they are receiving.

The Uniform Commercial Code will reach a point where the process will need to be revised and when it takes place it will put these processes to the test. Because of failure in the enactment process there has been a lot of doubt on the uniform law process and its vitality, and this has caused even more doubt that changes can be made on an international level. If the United States ratified all existing conventions and implemented those treaties on a federal level, a good portion of the Uniform Commercial Code would be preempted (Amelia H. Boss, (n. d. The Future of the Uniform Commercial Code Process in an Increasingly International World), and if this happened the Uniform Commercial Code as a whole would be brought into serious questioning. References Uniform Commercial Code, (n. d. ) Retrieved from http://law. duke. edu UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, (n. d) Retrieved from http://www. law. cornell. edu The Effect of Uniform Commercial Code, (n. d. ) Retrieved from http://digitalcommons. lmu. edu Amelia H. Boss, (n. d. ) The Future of the Uniform Commercial Code Process in an Increasingly International World

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Wearing uniforms to school

Wearing uniforms to school will be the best decision you could ever make as a parent for your child. There have been debates on why students should or shouldn’t wear uniforms. I have been a student that was assaulted because of jealousy of the fact that I wore the latest fashion. I feel that this could have been avoided if it was mandatory for student to wear uniforms. This is a very important topic to be exercised or discussed because our children can be affected by a decision that we as parents can make a change in today. Parent’s decision today can play an important fact on our children lives tomorrow.

Although conflict may occur between those who disagree that student shouldn’t wear uniforms verse the parents that agree should wear uniform, we can at least come up with an agreement on what the best decision should be made so that jealousy on who is wearing the latest trends can be avoided. Should uniforms be required in middle school? Yea, I do agree because it plays a big role in insight, significant cost, and education. I went to Centennial Middle School in 1996-1999, when I was in middle school it was not mandatory for us (the students) to wear uniforms although, I wish it was.

Due to the fact we wasn’t required to wear uniforms, In results there were a lot of jealousy because I always had the latest trendy fashion in clothes and in shoes. There were some Classmates that wanted to fight me because of this reason. Some students will get suspended from school because of their behavior. They would want to express their selves by saying bad words or putting up their middle finger at the teacher since they could not do it with style. Some students would skip school because they didn’t have the latest shoes or clothes.

Skipping school meant their academics dropped and they failed the class. This is something I witness for myself while going to Centennial Middle School. There will be some people who may disagree with me that students should wear uniforms in middle school because some people feel it doesn’t give the students a chance to express themselves and make them feel happy. Also, some people feel it makes the student feel that they don’t belong. Wearing uniforms may cause financial problems and bullying.

Some people debate that school claims that school uniforms are less expensive for parents; however, school uniforms generally means an additional cost for parents, who now have to purchase different types of clothing for their children to wear in and out of school. Additionally, parents may not be able to find uniforms options in discount or thrift stores as they could if they had more freedom to choose their children’s wardrobes. Many people feel that the enforcement of uniforms in schools is only a “quick fix” to the real problems students are facing.

The violence they see every day in movies, TV or video games, or the problems they may have at home aren’t even addressed. School officials see the statistics and say that have fixed the problem by mandating a uniform policy, but it is only like putting a Band-Aid over a wound that actually needs stitches. My insight on seeing or believing why wearing uniforms should be worn in middle school is because children who cannot afford the latest fashion are sometimes ridiculed by their peers.

Cliques can develop based on students’ clothing styles. Some students find that their peers judge them by what they wear. School uniforms can take the pressure off of keeping up with the latest trend. Moreover, Safety is an overwhelming concern for schools that make uniforms mandatory. School violence has become an unfortunate reality of modern life, from in-school gang wars to students getting harmed or killed for their designer clothes. Schools want to do anything they can to prevent these tragedies, and uniforms are one tool.

When students wear the same uniform, gang colors are negated, and there is no incentive to steal an article of clothing. Uniforms also make it easier to identify potentially dangerous people who shouldn’t be inside the building during school hours. Significant cost is another reason why I believe school uniforms should be required to wear in middle school. It can be argued that it is more expensive to wear “trendy school clothes” compared to mandatory school uniforms. Parents can argue in results in parents having to spend money on both school uniforms and fashionable clothes.

As we cannot expect all the students come up from the similar family background, this uniform tells that all student are same and should be treated the same as rich, Middle, poor and grand celebration outlook cannot be showed off in the uniforms and uniforms are for uniformity. Also, parents can manage the expenditure by buying the uniforms rather spending on the other clothes and accessories. A neatly pressed and dressed uniform is the beauty of the school and also the uniform can identify a school name.

Because they must wear uniforms, students are not pressured to wear expensive or trendy clothes to keep up with their peers. In addition, there is no longer an obvious difference between wealthier students and poorer students, because everyone dresses alike. Furthermore education is the last reason why I believe uniforms should be required to wear in middle school. There are many school educators who support mandatory school uniforms and believe that they improve students’ academic, social and behavioral performance.

When uniforms are not mandatory course, students will rely on the latest fashion statements. This can be distracting to focused learning but it all depends on the individual students. Parents may also be concerned that the time that children spend preparing their clothes for school the next day could be better spent if uniforms were allowed. Clothing is an expression of individuality, but it also can be a distraction in the classroom. Uniforms give students a sense of belonging and encourage them to take pride in their school.

Also, attention-getting clothing, especially apparel with loud colors or flashy legends, can distract students and present an impediment to study. In conclusion, my sight, the significant cost, and education are a very important factor for me why students in middle school should wear uniforms. There will be debates on positive and negative reason on this matter. Wearing uniforms is important to me because it affected my life when I didn’t have to wear uniforms and I am willing to stand up for the next generation after me. Work Cited Bodine, Ann. School uniforms, academic achievement, and uses of research. ” The Journal of Educational Research 97. 2. 67+. Academic OneFile 2003. Web. 4 Mar. 2013. Document URL http://go. galegroup. com/ps/i. do? id=GALE%7CA112942558&v=2. 1&u=lincclin_mdcc&it=r&p=AONE&sw=w McBrayer, Suzanne. “The School Uniform Movement and What It Tells Us About American Education: A Symbolic Crusade. ” Catholic Education 11. 1 124+. Academic OneFile. GALE|A181227602. 2007. Web. 4 Mar. 2013. http://go. galegroup. com/ps/i. do? id=GALE%7CA181227602&v=2. 1&u=lincclin_mdcc&it=r&p=AONE&sw=w

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Janae Gaskins Specific Purpose

Janae Gaskins Specific Purpose: The purpose of my presentation is to convince the audience that school uniform shouldn’t be a requirement in high school. Type of Persuasive Speech: Speech to convince I. Introduction 9 pts A. Attention-Ask Question: How many of people wore school uniform in high school? B. Relevance : That school uniform shouldn’t be mandatory in high school. This the age where we know what’s appropriate or not so why take this privilege away from these teenages. C. Purpose/Thesis statement : To refute the claim that high school students shouldn’t have to wear school uniform. D.

Preview of how you will arrange your arguments and rebuttals in the body. (Arguments should answer the question “why” or “how” in response to your purpose, and be stated in parallel form. ) (6 points) The two arguments I will present are: a. Expenses/Variety b. Takes freedom away(Diversity) The solution: c. Signing a contract I. Body To begin lets start with my first argument A. Expenses /Variety 1. They are Expensive. A. Opposition: People think that uniforms are more affordable than normal clothing therefore they prefer to buy uniform than normal clothing B.

Rebuttal: A School shirt costs more than the average shirt a teen wears outside of school 2. Not big variety to choose from a. Opposition to argument i. subordinate idea (support example, statistic, fact, quote, etc) b. Rebuttal (response) to that opposition i. subordinate idea (support example, statistic, fact, quote, etc) transition B. State the Argument (from preview) 1. subordinate idea (supporting example, statistic, fact, quote, etc. ) a. Opposition to argument i. subordinate idea (support example, statistic, fact, quote, etc) b.

Rebuttal (response) to that opposition i. subordinate idea (support example, statistic, fact, quote, etc) transition C. State the Argument/Solution (from preview) 1. subordinate idea (supporting example, statistic, fact, quote, etc. ) a. Opposition to argument/solution i. subordinate idea (support example, statistic, fact, quote, etc) b. Rebuttal (response) to that opposition i. subordinate idea (support example, statistic, fact, quote, etc) II. Conclusion 6 pts A.

Summary of arguments & restatement of thesis B. Visualizing the future and/or call to action or acceptance C. Memorable thought/closing statement or “clincher” Sources Cited Here you will give the full MLA-form citation for ONLY those sources you plan to orally cite (quote/paraphrase) in your speech. (You don’t orally cite in MLA format! )3 sources, cited correctly = 3 pts 1. (at least 3 citations) 2. (all sources, including on-line sources, MUST have an author; anonymous will not receive any points) 3. (must use a combination of sources: . gov; . edu; . org; . com; books, periodicals, media; etc)

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Uniform Motion Lab

Controlled variables: 1. The lighting was kept constant during the complete test. No additional light sources were added throughout the experiment, nor were any light sources removed throughout the experiment. This minimized the errors involved with trying to read and record the indicated measurements on the ticker tape, as well as the ability to analyze the experiment. 2. The same person measured and recorded the height and length of the incline plane and level horizontal track to ensure consistency in the recording of data.

By having the same person read all of the measurements minimized the degree of uncertainty in position and angle of reading values. 3. The same person recorded all measuring values on the ticker tape to ensure consistency in the recording of data. By having the same person read all of the measurements minimized the degree of uncertainty in position and angle of reading values. 4. The spark timer was set to a frequency of 10Hz (10 dots/s).

This eliminated the possible random error that could have been associated with the recording of time if a person were to record the time, due to delays in reaction time. By having the consistency of the spark timer record the time values the total accuracy and precision for the experiment was increased. 5. There was no wind or abnormal air movements during the complete test. No doors were opened or closed during the experiment, nor were any windows opened or closed, ensuring that the results would not be affected from air currents pushing or angling the car.

Procedure: 1. Using a meter stick, one person measure and record the height of incline plane at its highest point from the table. Then, using a meter stick, one person measure and record the length of the incline plane and the level horizontal track. 2. Without the use of ticker tape or a spark timer, place the car at the top of the incline plane. Release the car. Use this as a trial run to ensure the ramp will produce efficient results. 3. Attach one end of the ticker tape onto the top of the car with the use of masking tape. 4. Turn on the spark timer.

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The Importance of School Uniforms

School Uniforms: They are definitely to be worn School uniforms have long been a topic of debate between those who believe the public school system should offer personal freedoms and those who believe it helps provide an appropriate environment for learning. There are many reasons uniforms can be helpful in enhancing the student’s learning experience. It helps if you look at these dress codes as you would a uniform for work, as school is a child’s work. While uniforms may be costly for parents, they save money in the future with trends changing, laundry, and students can focus on learning.

So unlike trying to catch up with the different season styles, you could say that uniforms are a timeless investment. Some students may find it difficult to find an outfit to wear in the morning, particularly females. But when you have a school uniform, you are provided with a relatively easy selection of what to wear to school. Uniforms help to change the attitude of those wearing them. Unlike regular clothing choices, you are not likely to pick on someone wearing the exact same thing as yourself. Many schoolyard fights have begun with someone making fun of someone else regarding the clothing they are wearing.

Dressing nicely also helps students to “live up to their clothing. ” There is an innate sense of decorum when we dress for success. People tend to act differently depending on the clothing they are wearing. By creating a uniform specifically designed for attending school, the attitude falls in line. When those clothes are on, it becomes as regular as putting on pajamas, so a brain knows it is time to focus and learn. If a student could choose their own apparel, could you even imagine the amount of laundry one’s parents would have to do?

Consider this; a new pair of under garments, a shirt or blouse, shorts or jeans, possibly a jumper, some socks, and even some extra clothes for recreational activities, multiplied by every day of the week, and add in everyone else’s clothes! A lot of people have two, three or even four children so as you could imagine, this would be extremely unnecessary. School uniforms have the potential to save parents money on clothing. Plain uniform clothing is less expensive than the brands that middle and high school students like to wear. Furthermore, because there is no variety in a chool uniform, children who wear them need fewer outfits in their wardrobes. Having a uniform is popular in secondary and intermediate schools. Some people believe that primary schools should be included, and I agree completely. As mentioned before, kids and teenagers go through a lot of clothing. But could you imagine a little boy running around the playground ripping his new clothes? I believe that having a uniform would help teach children to respect their belongings. It also saves money down the track with trends changing constantly, and this can prove to be very costly for parents.

Having a compulsory uniform represents the school as being tidy and disciplined, whereas mufti would give the impression of low standards. Uniforms should definitely be in schools all over New Zealand. They save time in the morning deciding what to wear and students can concentrate on the learning, instead of trying to impress others. They do not form as many problems with students and teachers do not have to deal with bullying or other negative comments. Uniforms are an all-around money and time saver. While some uniforms are not attractive they give the wearer a sense of equality. By Niki

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Eureka Monette Writing I Argument Essay

Eureka Monette Writing I Argument Essay 19 February 2013 School Uniforms School is a place to learn, not to flaunt fashion, wealth, or privilege. Unfortunately as it stands now kids spend so much time being stressed out about popularity and social standing that they hardly have the energy to learn anything valuable. Personally, I think school uniforms should be adopted whether it’s a public school or a private school.

The reason I think this is because I believe there would be less bullying since no one could judge you by what you wear. Secondly, wearing a school uniform are convenient for students, and it takes less time for them to pick out what they are going to wear. Lastly, parents would save a lot of money because they wouldn’t have to buy the name brand clothing that their child wants. One of the biggest concerns in schools these days is bullying.

Students are harassed physically, verbally, and socially by their peers. Often, the cause of bullying stems from people being different for not wearing the “right” clothes. If someone looks richer, most people feel like they have a higher social status or more power. To the contrary, uniforms allow children to learn on a more level playing field as far as image and dress is concerned, with less judgment about clothing choices, brands of clothing, or physical appearance.

Marian Wilde notes that President Clinton provided momentum to the school uniform movement when he said in his 1996 State of the Union speech, “If wearing an uniform means that the school rooms will be more orderly and more disciplined, and that our young people will learn to evaluate themselves by what they are on the inside, instead of what they’re wearing on the outside, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear uniforms” (Wilde).

According to David Brunsma’s The School Uniform Movement and What It Tells Us about American Education: A Symbolic Crusade: By the end of the 1996-1997 school years the media had quoted individuals stating that half of the urban school districts in the United States had adopted and implemented school uniform policies. More than 60 percent of Miami public schools, 66 percent of Cleveland’s public schools, 80 percent of the schools in the Chicago area, 50 percent in the

Boston, Massachusetts, area, and between 10 and 25 percent of the public schools in New York City, the largest district in the nation, claimed to have adopted policies of standardized dress (Lewin 1997). That it was largely an urban phenomenon seemed unmistakable, yet in 1996-1997 schools in places like Zion, Illinois, and Greenville, Mississippi, had such policies as well. The majority of these policies were in elementary schools, followed by middle and high schools. (Brunsma pg 20).

One of the many advantages of wearing a uniform to school is the time wasted in choosing what to wear on day to day bases. Students are usually worried about what they will wear the next day. Having experienced this process personally, I can attest to Stubsbll’s account that this time wasted in searching and assimilating apparel and attire on a day to day bases can be used in other productive areas. Stubsbll states that “on average, a student usually spends anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour trying to find something to wear the next day.

In this amount of time, the student could have spent thirty minutes studying or gone to bed that much earlier. In addition to saving time, there would be less of an acceptance problem between peers because name brands and styles would no longer matter” (Stubsbll). The financial aspect of wearing school uniforms can be rewarding as well. When it comes to the topic of back-to-school, a major concern centers around finding ways to save, because when it comes to today’s financially challenged economy not all styles are affordable.

According to Children’s World, “With fashions constantly changing from year to year, and season, parents have always felt the pressure (from their children) to provide them with the latest peer-pleasing designs. Uniforms reduce the cost of keeping up since they remain the same-day after day, year after year. The use of uniforms at school, as opposed to the latest fashions, also may help the child avoid ridicule, embarrassment, or abuse from others the ‘have and have not’ stigma.

Uniforms assist in avoiding such conflicts by removing the chance for confrontation over clothing, at least during the child’s at-school time” (World). School is a place to learn, not to flaunt fashion, wealth, or privilege. Unfortunately as it stands now kids spend so much time being stressed out about popularity and social standing that they hardly have the energy to learn anything valuable. I believe uniforms help unite us in a common goal: to do well in school. It is a symbol of our unity.