Texas GOVT. Exam 1

Texas GOVT. Exam 1

A belief that government is designed to promote the public good describes the __________ political culture
According to Daniel Elazar, traditionalistic political cultures are found where?
By _______, all major statewide elected offices in Texas were controlled by Republicans
Which political groups have traditionally dominated the political culture of Texas?
Business interests
Houston is found in the _________
Gulf Coastal Plain
Big Bend is fond in what region of Texas?
Basin and Range Basin
___________ is the system, common in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, by which farmers would be lent land and equipment in exchange for part of the profits.
Share Cropping
Who led the Grange and Populist movements of the late nineteenth century?
Tenant Farmers
When in Texas history did cattle become big business?
After civil war
Event that occurred in Spindletop, Texas
Oil was discovered
_______was the chief economic product of Texas during early twentieth century
Free trade between Mexico, US, Canada
In 1944, the supreme court case Smith v. Allwright ended
White Primaries
Which racial or ethnic group is concentrated in East Texas?
What was SFA’s role in development of Texas?
worked with Spanish, brought American settlers into Texas
Which Texas city has the largest population?
Dallas developed in the late nineteenth century as a result of
Historically, the economy of Fort Worth has been associated with what industry?
The economy of San Antonio rests on all of following except the?
High-tech industry
In his book, governor Perry alleged that federal powers grew at the expense of state sovereignty through?
tea party movement.
Congress gained the power to tax income through
sixteenth amendment
state legislation lost the power to appoint their U.S. senators under
17th amendment
Both federal and state governments obtain sovereignty directly from
the consent of the people
The tenth amendment to US constitution is the legal basis for
federal intervention into state responibilites
Not an advantage for federal govt?
unfunded mandates that are imposed upon state
Dual federalism aka?
layer-cake fedralism
relationship between states and federal govt. changed dramatically soon after
great depression began
Under new deal, federalism is frequently described as
cooperative federalism
for eligible participants, the social security act of 1935, instituted all of following excpet
universal health care for all americans
Medicaid, was added to the social security program under
LJB’s great society
The us of block grants, allowing states considerable leeway in how federal money is spent, was championed by president ________ under the name new federalism.
After the civil war and reconstruction had ended, politics in Texas were dominated for several decades by
the democratic party
During the Wilson administration, Texans held key leadership positions in congress and had great political influence because
seniority system rewarded members who spent many terms in office
Which prominent Texan served as FDR’s Vice president until 1940?
John Nance Garner
Since obtaining statehood, the one area in whcih Texans have most consistently supported the federal government is in matters of
National Defense
When Phil Gramm, a lifelong Democrat, switched to the Republican Party and easily won reelection it signaled an
ideological division between republicans Democrats
Congress’s authority to withhold funding from states that failed to raise the legal drinking age was upheld under
South Dokota vs. Dole
According to the text, the tea party era is marked by all the following EXCEPT
strong support from Obamacare
As a result of the Tea Party movement
politics in Texas is becoming more polarized
Today, our federal system is best described as
marble-cake federalism
The system of distributing powers between states and a central govt. is called
The supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution states that
laws passed by national govt. are supreme over all laws
What is the most important difference between the U.S. Constitutions and State constitutions?
State constitutions are subordinate to U.S. constitution
Which of the following was not an important part of the 1827 Constitution of Coahuila y Tejas, established when Texas was part of Mexico?
established bicameral legislature
The Mexican War of Independence against _____ grew out of the ______
Spain, Napoleonic War
Which of the following statements best describes the structure of the Texas legislature?
Since independence, bicameral legislature
Majority of delegates to the convention of 1836 that drafted the constitution for a newly independent Republic of
slave-owning southern states
Texas became an independent republic in and because part of the United States in
1836, 1845
The main problem that stalled the admission of Texas into the United States was
Texas would be a pro slavery state
Which of not a part of the annexation agreement between Texas and the US?
Texas could maintain an army/ navy for 25 years
The Texas Constitutional convention of 1861 was dominated by
lawyers, slaveholders
which of the following statements about the Texas constitutional convention is not true?
Texas had to return Oklahoma
Texas constitution of 1869 was created by whom?
Members of Texas republican party
post-civil war governorship of E.J. Davis?
centralized power to maintain control
domination of Texas politics by Republicans after the civil war ended
standoff between Republican governor, democratic legislature in 1972
Who made up Grange, and what effect did they have on the writing of the Texas constitution?
agriculture group- wanted govt. to improve plight of farmers.
What year was Texas’s current constitution ratified?
Which principle of government is the key to understanding the drafting of the Texas Constitution of 1876?
the necessity of strong limitations on the authority of the state officials
Which of the following was not a goal for those writing the Texas constitution?
give Independence to judiciary by making all judges appointed, instead of elected
The Texas Constitution is
long, complex, detailed document
What is the major difference between the bill of rights in the Texas constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights?
Grants rights to Texans not found in U.S. Bill of rights
What is found in the Texas Bill of Rights
The Texas Constitution includes guarantees not included in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

-Prohibition of discrimination based on sex.

-Forbids imprisonment for debt.

-Protects the rights of crime victims.

-Prohibits the garnishment of wages except for court-ordered child support.

Significant difference between structure of Texas executive department and structure of U.S. branch?
In Texas, the executive department is made up of several elected offices, instead of just one.
Under Texas constitution, who has the power of impeachment?
House of Representatives has power to impeach, senate has power to try and convict.
The Texas constitution requires which of the following for an amendment?
a 2/3rds vote in both houses, majority vote from Texans
Main criticism of current Texas Constitution behind the Ratliff-Junell proposal for a new constitution?
Constitution was too restrictive and cumbersome for contemporary govt.
Texas political culture is best described as moralistic political
Politics in Texas has been defined by the almost-equal political popularity of both Democrats and Republicans
Provincialism has been a defining pattern of Texas political culture
Throughout its history, business interests have dominated Texan political culture
Dallas is located in the Basin and Range
Houston is located in the Gulf Coastal Plains
Dallas is located in the Basin and Range Province
Oil was the primary industry in Texas during the nineteenth century
Agriculture accounts for 35% of the contemporary Texan workforce
Oil was first discovered in West Texas in 1842
Oil remains the primary driving force of exports from the Texas economy
The high-tech economy of Texas emerged during the 1920s
NAFTA has created a free trade market throughout North and Central America
People of Hispanic origins make up over 30% of Texas population
On average, Texans are younger than the rest of the US
Largest city in Texas is San Antonio
under articles of confederation, states plated a primary role in governing America, govt. had very limited powers
During the nullification crisis of 1833, South Carolina and several nothern states attempted to nullify key provivions of FDR’s deal
tenth amendment to constitution prevents state govt. from imposing “cruel and unusual” punishments
new US constitution allowed both federal govt. and state govt. to retain significant measures of sovereignty
Great depressions led to support of New Deal
New federalism was Nixon’s attempt to give individual states greater control over how they spent federal money
unfunded mandates requiring states to meet federal guidelines without financial support are associated with coercive federalism
unfunded mandates infringe upon state sovereignty
texas constituiotn created a unicameral legislature
the state of Texas has had three constitutions in the course of its history
league of nations was created during FDRs presidency as part of new deal
Because of single-party dominance, Texas’s members of congress easily built up seniority and were quite powerful during wislon era
Controversy about admitting a new slave state held up the annexation of Texas into the United States for nine years
Sam Houston was the major author of the current Texas constitution
the constitution of 1866 did not exclude former secessionists from voting
constitution of 1869 was written by members of republican party, including ten african americans
Urban business interests had the greatest role in writing the Texas constitution of 1876
texas had a bill of rights containing more liberties than those found in US bill of rights
Texas Constitution of 1876 was designed to limit power of govt, especially governors office
Texas constitution has been amended more than four hundred times