Texting and Driving is dangerous to yourself and others

Texting and Driving is dangerous to yourself and others

Texting and driving Today I will persuade you into thinking about why texting and driving is dangerous to yourself and others because the brain and visual fields becomes distracted resulting in automobile accidents, either injuries or fatalities. We all know someone who has texted while driving and has caused an accident. It’s a terrible and dangerous habit yet we all still do it. Ask yourself one day why and maybe you’ll find your answer, but until then protest and don’t text while driving Texting while driving can be fatal and your body might end in a coffin or hospital, think about your family and how they would feel.

You see the commercials and the TV shows of what happens to survivors and sometimes they would rather have passed away, but they’re alive to tell their story and help protest. Younger adults are more likely to do both of these dangerous activities than people in their forties would. Someone who might send an emotional text; example being “I’m breaking up with you”, while you’re driving could cause your mind to go somewhere else and make you not pay attention to the road. They say there are laws in fourteen states against texting and driving.

Some of these penalties are significantly lower then it would be to drink and drive. I’ll even admit that when I’m driving and a red light shows up or when im at a stop sign, I’ll check my phone and respond to the messages quickly. While texting and driving it becomes harder to focus on your surroundings and your phone. In the car you have your radio playing, phone buzzing from your friends responding to the messages you sent them, and you’re trying to focus on the road. All of these tasks are a form of distraction.

Other teens have done the same, but I do know some teens who are texting as soon as they receive a message, which is more of a distraction than it would be at a red light. It’s wrong no matter what, but yet we still do it. According to Distracted Driving Help 5,400 fatal crashes and 448,000 injuries are caused by texting while driving. In January of 2012, an eighteen year old student who attended a university was killed in a fatal car accident, because she was updating her Facebook status while operating her vehicle and going a speed of 75 miles per hour says Idaho state police.

The true question is why was this eighteen year old on her Facebook when she was going so fast on a highway. Some things can wait till you’re at your destination or you could simply pull over, but that’s my personal opinion, Others could think differently. Drivers who text at the wheel also check their email, Facebook, Twitter, and some, even surf the web, which is another distracting thing. This situation is a growing problem. We all don’t care about the research and neither do we care about the statistics, it will only hit “home” when it has happened to someone we know or to us. There are other options instead of being a distracted driver. You can have a voice command options on your smart phone if the message becomes that important. You don’t have to respond, you could pull over and respond. The message can wait I have come to realize family and life is more important than a message. Keep that in your mind while you glance at your phone or get behind the wheel. Is it really worth the cost of the car, cost of a ticket, or even the cost of a hospital bill. No should be the answer.