The Fashion Channel Case

Dana Wheeler, senior vice president of marketing for The Fashion Channel (TFC) must create a strategy which would help deal with the current marketing challenge. Wheeler’s major challenge is to choose an explicit target market in which her team can market towards in order to increase revenues for The Fashion Channel. The key Point’s of The Fashion Channel case include: 1. Build strong Target Market – In order for TFC to maintain and increase their advertising revenue model they must build a strong target market of “highly valued viewers” who are also appealing to the advertisers. . Build positive Positioning- Wheeler needs marketing initiatives to improve consumer interest, awareness and perceived value. 3. Satisfy Customers wants- In order to increase revenues TFC must expand its audience. To do this it must adapt to changes. TFC must change in order to grow while still maintaining the original TFC which current customers love. 4. Create Brand Loyalty – TFC must build an emotional connection with it viewers in order to create the brand loyalty. By building a brand loyalty it is harder for competitors to take them away.

If I were Dana Wheeler I would interpret the consumer and market data by looking at where the majority of the market and their attitude drivers. By combining this data and the results from the survey I would use this data in order to targeting towards the two segments -the Fashionistas and the Shoppers/Planners. By looking at the pooled data I would use the opinions and preferences of the target market and viewers in order to create new t. v. shows which satisfy the needs and wants of theses consumers.

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