The general history of Virginia

Record of the occurrences of a certain place and it’s people
Common types of settlers
Seekers religious freedom, seekers of financing and goods, adventures, and those avoiding prison
First hand/primary account
Someone who experienced an event and wrote about it
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The general history of Virginia
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The general history of Virginia
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How long before the sickness set in
What were the settlers waiting for
Supply ships
What was wrong with the “common kettle”
It was dirty
Who does John smith feel is responsible for their problems
Their president
Did they have shelter
What did they eat and drink
Corn and water
Why were they falling ill
the heat, no shelter, and no food
How many died in five months
What really happened to the first president of Jamestown
He was kicked out
Who really save the people of the settlement
The Native Americans
Why are the settler so unprepared
They were unaware on how long the voyage would last so they lost time to plant
What does John about obtaining worth
It’s full of difficulties
Who is left in charge of everything outside of the palisades
Capt. Smith
What happens to Capt. Smith
He’s taken prisoner by Indians
How are the native Americans described
What does the Powhatan chief one of Smith
Cannons and a grindstone
How does Pocahontas save captain smith
She throws herself on top of him so he wouldn’t die
What happened at Jamestown while smith was gone
They ran out of food
How does Pocahontas save again
She brings people food
What is Smith’s final message
Obtaining worthy things is full of difficulty
john smith
author; 1580-1631; english; governor of jamestown 1608-1609
time period
point of view
starts 1st person, shifts to 3rd person
edward maria wingfield
aqua vitae
replaces the president who sails back to england
at sea for ___ months
who is put in charge
captain smith
king of pamunkee
peace offering
a compass
the barter
powhatan wants two guns and a grindstone in exchange for capahowasic land and being his son
large cannon
saker falcon
small cannon
the people blame smith for the deaths of
robinson and emry
(v.) to steal in small quantities
High wooden fences built for protection
fancies, whims, or imaginative ideas
(n.) engaging in extreme eating or drinking; greedy overindulgence
to declare a person a saint; raise to highest honors
the outermost point or edge; the greatest degree; grave danger; a limb or appendage of the body
n. That which may be logically assumed to be true until disproved.
(v.) to follow in order, come immediately after and as a result
: the act of calling on or invoking a sacred name; an incantation
What was Smith’s prupose in describing the Jamestown settlement?
to encourage others to join it and to boast about his own strength and cleverness
What is Smith’s view of the Native Americans?
backward, ignorant, and dangerous, barbarians, savages –but they can be kind
Whom did Smith want to view his account as favorable?
his finacial backers
What were Smith’s motivations for writing his account?
to entertain and to promote his own heroism
How does Smith portray himself in the eyes of the Native Americans?
intelligent, dazzling, sophisticated
Why did the Native Americans let Smith live but killed others?
respected Smith as a leader and the way he defended himself
What is Smith’s attitude toward people who are not European?
when not afraid of them, they are “curiosities”
What is Smith’s opinion of himself?
a capable, resourceful, influential man
Why does Smith use the third person pronouns “he”, “him”, and “his” and refer to himself as “Captain Smith?”
to distance himself from his writing and make it seem more subjective
What does Smith acknowledge about Pocahantas?
her charitable acts

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