The Most Interesting Dream I'Ve Ever Had

THE MOST INTERESTING DREAM I’VE EVER HAD How many times did you ever dream of something so amazing that it’s painful for you to wake up? How many times have your dreams surpassed your reality? when our eyelids are heavy and midnight hush falls upon us, we never know what corners of our life and or dream will drift off to, I usually remember my dreams vividly; Sometimes they are totally waked out.

My dreams often take place in an alternate reality in which I’m the only constant and every one else is unfamiliar but often I’m able to make into some meanings behind them. A while ago I experienced which might just prove to be THE MOST INTERESTING DREAM I’VE EVER HAD, I dreamed that I was in my car we where going to the home; in our way I saw a poor old lady… well she was begging for money. I don’t know why I jumped of the car, pulled her to the see and tried to drown her, but she survived.

When I got off the sea, I saw cameras’ all around me… and an interviewer man coming towards me, he was asking me “HOW DID YOU DO IT? “, and I was like “DO WHAT? ” the only thing I remember is that they where so proud of me! After a while, I saw the same poor, old lady that I’ve tried to drown coming towards me holding a knife, I thought to my self “I’M GONNA DIE” . As she came closer… I just move one step backward until she reached me and was going to kill me! but then two bodyguards came and stopped her.

First I didn’t know why they stopped her but then I discovered that I was paid million of Dollars because I’ve tried to drown that lady! I was so happy when I knew that… I was so excited ! but then I woke up and knew it was just a dream! it was the most interesting dream I’ve ever had because it’s like doing something bad and getting a prize for it. This moment probably ensured a few seconds as it flashed through the neutrons of my brain, but the memory of it may last for a life time !

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The Most Interesting Dream I'Ve Ever Had
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