Middle Ages refers to the period of European history

The phrase Middle Ages refers to the period of European history spanning
450 1450
The intellectual movement called humanism
B. focused on human life and its accomplishments.
The dominant intellectual movement of the Renaissance was called
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Middle Ages refers to the period of European history
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In the Middle Ages, most important musicians were
Church officials expected monks to sing with
proper pronunciation and tone quality.
The church frowned on instruments because of their
pagan rites
What we know about instruments in church comes mainly from
the pictures and literary descriptions of the day
We know from paintings and literary descriptions of the Middle Ages that
instruments were hardly used
The view of the later medieval church on music during religious services was that it should be
music only as an accompatnient
Church authorities in the Middle Age
forbade the use of music
The music the Medieval monks sang was called
gregorian chants
gregrain chant is
A. is monophonic in texture.
Gregorian chant consists of
B. melody sung without accompaniment.
The two types of services at which monks and nuns sang were
mass and offices
The highlight of the day for monks and nuns was
The church modes were
C. the basic scales of western music during the Middle Ages.
The church modes are
like the major and minor scales in that they consist of seven tones and an eighth tone that duplicates the first an octave higher.
The form of the chant Alleluia: Vidimus stellam is
The first large body of secular songs that survives in decipherable notation was composed
12th and 13th centuries
famous French woman troubadour was
Beatriz de Dia.
The first steps in a revolution that eventually transformed western music began sometime between 700 and 900 with the
addition of a second melodic line to Gregorian chant.
______________ is a term applied to medieval music that consists of Gregorian chant and one or more additional melodic lines.
The center of polyphonic music in Europe after 1150 was
In medieval times, most polyphonic music was created by
placing new melodic lines against known chants.

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