The Story of Odysseus

Odysseus, a hopeless player or a faithful husband? In my opinion, I believe that Odysseus is a hopeless player. Although he was trying to return to Ithaca so that he could be reunited with his beautiful wife Penelope, on his journey he was not always faithful. First off I would describe Odysseus as a desperate type of guy because he tries to charm every girl he lays eyes upon, he will go for anything he can find. On one of his adventures he received a bath from four lovely ladies. Odysseus just meets these women and he starts flirting with them.

That is absolutely appalling and quite disturbing. Also that’s not all this selfish player did. Secondly, Odysseus cheated on Penelope more than once! That’s so rude, and inconsiderate! He cheated with Calypso at least once and with Circe multiple times! Crew members Elpenor, Achaemenides, and Mnestheus said that they had a feeling Odysseus was cheating because he always left the sleeping area at night, and would return in the morning. Making it seem like he never even cared about Penelope. Was it really a plan to get back to home or just meet a bunch of women on the way?

Lastly I think Odysseus is a hypocrite because he gets mad at the suitors for having sex with the maids even though he did the same thing with Calypso and Circe. It doesn’t make sense to me how you can be mad at someone for something then you go to the same thing? In my statement saying Odysseus is a “hopeless player” him being a hypocrite basically described the first part, hopeless. Every now and then I think that Odysseus needs to check himself. Overall Odysseus, not a good guy, he flirts, he cheats, and he’s a hypocrite. In other words he’s a hopeless player.

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