The Tattooed Soldier

October 29, 2012 The Tattooed Soldier This book showed us many injustices in the United States and in Guatemala. We see many things happening in each country that let us see how daily life is in these countries. In Guatemala we see the army killing innocent people. No one is safe in Guatemala especially in the capital. We see that those who are fighting against the army to gain justice are targeted. These people are fighting for the rights they deserve and instead of being heard they are getting killed.

Most try to run away to be safe but they are soon found and killed. We see this happening to Antonio and Elena in the story. They move to San Cristobal to be safe but soon they are found and Elena is killed along with her son. In the United States we see different injustices happening in Los Angeles. We find out that the LA riots are about to begin. They inform us briefly the unfair beating of Rodney King. The police are no longer respected and many gangs are shooting random people including children.

These gangs are marking their territory by tagging and anyone who tries to take over is killed. We see how unfair life is to the homeless and more specifically with immigrants. The government does not protect homeless people and they are left alone to die. Since undocumented people can’t get welfare they are forced to find other ways to get money. Undocumented people cannot get help from the government either so when they get robbed, raped, or beat they cannot go to the authorities. Along with these injustices there many others that are unfair to people.

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