The Truth About Sharks

Yes, the dialogue was realistic which presented the realistic view of family relationships. For examples, Beth’s mum asked her to go shopping and wash the dog. Also, Beth must go to her uncle’s party that she really didn’t want to go but her mum required to go. It’s a typical view of family relationships as the son and daughter always need to listen to their parents, they don’t even have any freedoms.

For me, my mum is the typical mother too. She always force me to do the thing she wants, like she asked me to study in Canada despite I truly wanted to stay in Hong Kong. What a ridiculous! Also, she is annoying too. I’m seventeen now so I’m not a kid anymore, I know what I should do or shouldn’t, but she would still ask me to sleep when it is 11p.m. only or tell me this vegetables and that vegetables are healthy but she never know I don’t like vegetables.

I think she did a good job. She complained about Madge not because of the $650 gift certificate only, was because Madge offended her self-esteem. For example, she was humiliated by Madge since Madge asked her to take off the pants. I think she was a typical young adult because she had strong self-esteem, for the typical young adults, they regard money as a very important thing, just like Beth, she would try to up the price of gift certificate.

Firstly, since Beth didn’t take off her pants and then walked toward other section of pants, so Madge Groton misconstrued that she wanted to steal the pants. Secondly, she had seen many kids doing this before, hence she didn’t believe what Beth’s explanation. Lastly, she wanted to do her job and she enjoyed her power of ordering the people she caught. If I were Madge Groton, I would definitely listen to Beth’s explanation since I wouldn’t know she was innocent or not.

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The Truth About Sharks
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You weren’t willing to attack by the shark, you didn’t want that happen. Similarly, Beth didn’t want to accuse falsely by Madge. I think it was not a bad analogy, Madge was like a shark which meant she was cold-blooded, she ignored what Beth said and she still want to ‘eat’ her. And Beth just liked a little small fish or an innocent swimmer that couldn’t evade from the shark as it was more powerful.

I think Beth was almost adequately compensated for the injustice. She could embrace the budget-free shopping, but the $650 gift certificate wasn’t enough as it wasn’t equaled to the future of Beth, she was nearly sentenced to the jail. Also, Beth won the self-esteem back from the Madge’s apology because that arrogant security guard thought she had caught the shoplifter correctly. She got empowerment on her face that money could not buy which made her feel confident.

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