The White Indentured Servants

In the 17th century the white indentured servants and black slaves were pretty much the same in everything but skin color. They cooperated in bacons rebellion in which the black slaves and white indentured servants worked together for a common cause. The slaves and indentured servants worked together to end the poverty and discontent of the people who had no land in Virginia. This was the first rebellion in the American colonies that frontiers men took part in.

It was the force of about a thousand Virginians that rose up in arms against Virginia governor William Berkley. This is because he refused to attack the Native Americans in retaliation for the natives attacking the poor frontiers men. Though it is believed it was bacons move against Governor William Berkley and his favoritism of certain members of the court. After Berkley refused to retaliate against the Native Americans who attacked the western frontiers men they took it into their own hands. They gathered around at the report of a new raiding party.

They when and killed the some of the Native Americans and their families including some of the friendly Pamukey Indians. Nathanial Bacon criticized Governor William Berkley rule as one of unfair tax hikes, appointing friends in positions of power and failing to protect frontier settlers from native attacks. Then there were months of conflict for Bacons small army until he pulled a very bold and risky move. Bacons small army moved to Jamestown, the capital of Virginia, the burned Jamestown to the ground on September 19, 1676.

This sent Governor William Berkley fleeing and also sent Bacons small army retreated across the river. Then before the British navel squadron arrived to help Governor William Berkley and his forces Nathanial Bacon died from dysentery on October 26, 1676. The rebellion didn’t last long after that. The Effect of this is that it is one of the only times that whites and blacks co operated in rebellion until the civil war. This also effectively removed William Berkley as governor.

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