Truth, Honesty, and Integrity

Truth, Honesty, and Integrity By: Alexis Woodward Some of the basic fundamentals for creating a meaningful life are those of truth, honesty, and integrity. In order to maintain a quality of purpose in life we need to base our actions of the things we know are right and avoid doing any of those that are wrong. Truth allows for us to be relaxed in our lives creating a more security and less anxiety. If you do not need to worry about what you told each person you do not need to constantly being thinking about what response you need to appropriately give.

In order to for us to have a true sense of self you have to be as honest with admitting the truth to yourself as well as to others. Integrity is telling the truth to oneself in the purest form possible. Honesty is how much of the truth you allow yourself as well your truth to other people. The truth is what cannot be swayed. Without others being truthful we would not be able to efficiently cohabitate together. Without integrity we would never be able to appreciate ourselves for our qualities and effectively work to fix our flaws. Honesty and integrity are of the higher forms of our value system.

We all seek for the truth both within who we really are as well as in others. True honesty is not just telling the truth but feeling the truth. If you say one thing but feel another you are not being honest with your integrity. Feel better about your accomplishments when you can know what you truly accomplished. We prosper in our development as individuals through truth. Honesty creates a natural peace in the heart. Honesty and integrity when involved with our values generate power and success. Life benefits from being honest with others and ourselves.

When I went through recovery the number one thing that was necessary was integrity of being able to be honest with myself and with others. To accept things for what they really are and stop trying to hide from the pain and learn to face and concur it. This allowed for me to make the appropriate changes in my life that were necessary for the success in my future. Although truth contains mostly positive results, there can also be negative side effect to being honest. Things like rejection, isolation, hostility, jealousy, animosity and hurt feelings can also stem from too much honesty.

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Whether something is true or not is irrelevant to whether it is something that should be brought to the light of attention. People tend to avoid hurtful truths so they do not need to face not so desirable aspects of life. However, if you allow the truth through honesty and integrity, it will all link back to positive repercussions. You will find that people will hold you with a great deal of respect, more peace of mind, strong self-belief, and what I find to be the most important aspect of all, strong relationships with others.

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