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Tyler Perry’s the Family That Preys

This is a good family movie that can show the viewer’s how some people prey on one another. This movie reminded me of the times my brother and I didn’t get along. It shows how different families are and how they treat one another. Sadly this movie also shows how family members can be so cold blooded. This movie duplicates real life situations where innocent People get hurt, family loyalty gets divided and couples end up in divorce. This movie is centered on two main couples and a few supporting characters. Chris & Andrea This couple is different than most in many ways.

Andrea, the wife character is all about money and power and thinks only about herself. Chris is a hard working husband who works as a construction worker for Cartwright inc. the same company his wife works for. Chris and Andrea were right out of college when they married. As time goes on, you can see that neither Chris nor Andrea lived their life for the lord, both allowed themselves to become too busy to go to church. Chris still hung onto his morals remaining a faithful husband and a loving father. However Andrea, unlike Chris was flirting from the day they got married with Mr.

Cartwright who became their boss. During the four years of their marriage she was getting large bonuses for carrying on an affair with Mr. Cartwright. These three characters obviously live without God and do things of a secular nature in their life. I think Chris and Andrea could have had a blessed marriage and a good life had they let God lead them. Andrea behind her husband Chris’s back is hiding the money that Mr. Cartwright has been giving her over the years. Chris while at the bank one day finds out that his wife Andrea has a separate account with 286. 00. 00. This is example is a lesson on trust within a marriage.

This couple is shown to be the opposite of Chris and Andrea. Ben and Pam are loving and close, they work on their marriage and communicate and often talk about “GOD”. They have traditional values and both work hard for their money and the things they have. Ben, like Chris is a hard working construction employee for the Cartwright’s. Ben’s wife Pam work for her mother Alice at the family business, a place called “a wing and a prayer diner.

Pam is a good supportive wife to Ben and she works hard and has great respect for her mother. Pam is a faithful devoted wife to her husband Ben. They have problems of their own, both work long hours laboring hard with little pay but, they trust in the Lord to solve their problems and see them through. Their marriage and their life shows they have deep faith and are grateful for what blessing they have, and you can see that they are satisfied. Alice & Charlotte These are the two mothers of the movie. Alice is the mother of two daughters “Pam”, “Andrea”.

At one point you see Alice and Pam talking to Andrea when Chris confronts her about the money in the account and he learns of her affair with William Cartwright, her mother and sister try to explain that nothing good can come out of hurting others. Andrea believes that because of her affair William loves her and will leave his wife and choose a life with her. Her mother Alice warns her that he won’t leave his wife and wonders out loud where she went so wrong with Andrea. Charlotte, who is mostly called Mrs. Cartwright, is the mother of William Cartwright, the son that is having the affair with Andrea.

Alice tries to live right and goes to church and choir practice and carries her Bible with her everywhere she goes. Through the movie Alice and her daughter Pam are shown helping out this down and out man whose name is Nick. They provide him with clean clothes, free meals and a place to wash up. When asked by her daughter why they do this for this man, Alice reminds her daughter Pam “You Never When You Might Be Entertaining an Angel”. Charlotte, Mrs. Cartwright finds out she has a problem that the doctor tell her about. The doctors tell her she had early onset “Alzheimer’s”.

Without sharing her health information she asks Alice to take a trip across the United States heading west. She buys a 1959 Cadillac to drive on the trip. She wants to feel alive and have fun before the Alzheimer’s sets in. They travel through many states during their trip. While it’s her turn to drive Alice stops by a river and encourages Charlotte to get saved by being baptized in a river. Charlotte stops by a bar and has fun drinking and dancing, but Alice being a Christian doesn’t want anything to do with that stuff.

The trip ends when Charlotte has an episode and Alice learns she has Alzheimer’s and wants to go home. While away Charlotte’s son William tries to stab his mother in the back and retire her early from her own company. This is a sad example of power and money being a priority more than family love and loyalty. William is definitely controlled by the secular world. Charlotte has a surprise her friend Alice has been buying stock from Nick, who although is now going through a rough time once was a stock investor for Cartwright’s inc. and William fired him.

Nick, Pam and Alice attend a board meeting, the very same one William is using to try and retire his own mother. Alice announces that with Nick and Alice’s share she has again controlling interest and fires her back stabbing son William. Pam learns at this meeting in a round- about way that her mother Alice who is hard working isn’t poor but actually a millionaire. It sadly shows Charlotte near the end of the movie taking her medication out of the bathroom cabinet and we gather that she takes an overdose as the movie shows Alice crying and it goes to Charlotte’s funeral.

Alice being a true friend she toughs it out and sings at her friend’s funeral a song about “if given a chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. ” This movie brought a lot of stuff to my attention that had gone on in my family growing up. Alice had two daughters that didn’t see eye to eye on anything. It made me stop and think about how my brother and I were with our mother. This movie held so much feeling in it offering the viewer a wide range of emotions.

I think if more families would sit together and watch many of Tyler Perry’s movies they would get a great deal of family value out of them. Not only does Tyler Perry make movies for entertainment and enjoyment he can take a viewer to the heart of the real issue. I have watched a lot of Tyler’s movies but this hits home for me because it uses things like “Secular Humanism”, “Suffering”, and turning your back on a loved one like a evil person. I could pick up on many of the world’s issues today, in this movie. This movie meant so much to me personally I had to share it with my family.

I stopped to think about the suffering some families go through in life trying to get ahead and how sometimes it’s because they step on one another to do it, like William trying to retire his mother behind her back. What happened to the old days when people like Alice and Pam were raised to do for those less fortunate than you, even if they might be your own family. When did the world become so self centered, selfish and uncaring of humanity like Andrea. I really relate to what Alice shared with her daughter Pam, “you never know when you could be entertaining an Angel. It might be a stranger or it could even be a member of your family, you should be respectful and considerate of all people. I wish more of the families today could go back to the time when families really cared for each other. More and more of today’s family members help one another only to expect something in return or they use it against you. It hurts when I look at what has happened to family’s values today. In many families kids have no respect for their parents, brother and Sisters fight sometimes carrying it on for years.

I see how people today don’t care about feelings or what will happen to the other person. People of today are all about getting that almighty dollar, they let their lives and attitudes be obsessed with money. Many people, like some of the characters in this movie think that the more money you have the more power you will have. Andrea in this movie was snooty and acted as if she was so much better than her sister or her mother, William assumed that because Charlotte was his mother and he was her son that he would one day be the leader of her company like she owed the position to him.

If more people would read and live by the “Bible” families would have less trouble than they have. God and prayer have to be the foundation for a family to be and remain close, loving and respectful of each other. Those that choose to live for God think and act more righteously, out of their love and respect for God comes love and respect for others. I was raised very old fashioned where families were families and you cared, loved, and watched out for each other. I have seen a lot people say that they are helping their family are there staying with them.