U.S. History Chapter 6 Test

According to Hamilton, what was the main difference between the Fed.’s and Jeff.’s?
Feds-wanted a gov. of monarchy because they felt that the state gov.’s would take over
Jeffs- believed the Feds wanted to get rid of everything US acheived from the war
What was Hamilton’s war debt plan? Why?
For the U.S. government to take on the debt of the states because if the federal government owed the ceditors money then the creditors would care about the future and well-being of the whole U.S.
Who opposed Hamilton’s plan? Why?
Jefferson, slaveholders, planter, commercial farmers, and people distant from urban areas because they thought the government had no buisness regulating local affairs.
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U.S. History Chapter 6 Test
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How did the Fed.’s view the French Revolution?
they opposed it and saw it as an example of deomcratic revolution gone wrong.
How did the Jeff.’s view the French Revolution?
embraced it and saw it as an extension of the American Revolution.
What did the Whiskey Rebellion show?
the power of the federal government using military force
Why did most Americans reject the Federalists by the mid-1790’s and what did they reject?
because they allied with Great Britain, the country they had won their freedom from, they supressed the Whiskey Rebellion, and they opposed their economy plan.
What was the signifigance of the Election of 1796?
this was the only time when the President and the Vice President were from 2 different political parties.
What was the signifigance of the Election of 1800?
The Americans proved that they could transfer power from one party to another peacefully.
What was the XYZ affair?
When Adams sent officials to Paris to negotiate with the Paris government and French secret agents demanded a bribe of $250,000 and a $10 million loan to France. If they did this then they would get to talk to the government.
What was the result of the XYZ affair?
Americans were outraged and by 1798 France and U.S. were in an undeclared war firing on and seizing one anothers ships.
What were the Alien and Sedition Acts?
Alien- the president had the right to imprision or deport citizens of another country that were residing in the U.S.
Sedition- it was against the law to criticise government officials unless you could prove everything you said
Who were the Alien and Sedition Acts aimed at?
aimed towards the immigrants who were mainly Jeffersonian Republicans
What was the result of the Alien and Sedition Acts?
the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
What are the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions?
this was when states could decide whether a federal law was constitutional or not.
Who were the Midnight Judges? Why were they called this?
they are federal judges who were chosen at the end of Adams’ term because he wanted to preserve some power in the judicial branch for the Fed.’s Called this because they were selected at the end of his term.
What was Jeffersons main goal as President? How did he accomplish his goal?
to reduce the influence of the federal government in the people’s lives
-reduced taxes
-cut the size of federal offices and the armed forces
Because Jefferson was so popular what happened in the election of 1804?
Jefferson won overwhelmingly.
Explain the case of Marbury vs. Madison.
Marbury was appointed Justice of Peace of D.C. but Madison (secretary of state) refused to deliever his papers, Marbury sued and they went to the Supreme Court.
What was the outcome the Marbury vs. Madison?
Court said that to tell the executive branch what to do was unconstitutional, and so it ended in Madison’s favor and Marbury never became Justice of Peace of D.C.
What did the Land Ordinance of 1785 do?
it provided survey and sale of land in the NW territory.
What did the Land Ordinance of 1787 do?
established a process for a territory to become a state.
What is a Judicial Review?
when the federal courts could review laws and declare them unconstitional.
What did the U.S. want to purchase?
New Orleans
When Jefferson sent Madison to France and ask to buy what the U,S. wanted, what happened?
Napoleon offered the Louisiana Territory and New Orleans for 15 million.
Why was Jefferson hesitant to buy the Louisiana Territory?
it wasnt allowed by the contitution but he urged Congress the agree because it would double the size of the U.S.
In 1805 the Europeans were at war again, so what happened with American ships?
Frech warships were harassing American ships trading with Britain and British ships interfered with American ships trading with France.
What did the British to the American sailors to get more people in their navy?
British ships would kidnap american sailors to serve in thier navy.
What was the Embargo Act? When was it passed?
stopped at commerce with the Europeans, in 1807
Did the Embargo act have any effect on the French and British? The Americans?
France and Britain were largely unaffected. The americans hated the embargo
Who especially was unahppy with the embargo act? Why?
New Englanders because they made their living through trade
How did the Embargo act effect Jefferson’s reputation?
His popularity ended with this act because the people disliked the government interference in the economy.
Why did the US delcare war on Britain in 1812?
The British had continually interferred with shipping and ecouraged Native Americans to resist settlement of the West.
Why was the US declaring war on Britain stupid?
US only had a small army and navy and no foreign assistance. The US would now have to deal with the British and the Native Americans who were angered by Western Expansion.
What was the Missouri Compromise? Outlawed what? Proposed by who?
slavery would be permitted in Missouri and Maine would ne a nonslave state, kept peace between the north and south for 20 years. outlawed slavery north of the 36’30 degree Latitude Line, proposed by Henry Clay

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