U.S. History Final Exam Questions and Answers

What did the Puritans believe?
Salvation was predetermined, Christ was not present in the Eucharist, A learned sermon was the heart of worship.
Why was John Rolfe important to the eventual success of the Jamestown settlement?
He discovered that the colonists could grow tobacco and export it to England for a profit.
According to the Puritans, the saints were
People who had been saved.
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U.S. History Final Exam Questions and Answers
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U.S. History Final Exam Questions and Answers
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Harvard College was founded to train
How did the colonists attempt to reconcile with England in 1775?
They presented the Olive branch Petition to King George III to show their concerns.
The Northwest Ordinance declared that a territory could become a state when
its population exceeded the population of the smallest state.
Which of the following men was not a leading Federalist?
George Mason
Why are the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions so significant to American history?
They claimed that a state had the right to nullify federal laws it deemed unconstitutional.
What did the slogan “Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute” refer to?
The XYZ Affair
Which of the following was not a reason why the 1800 presidential election was so significant?
George Washington set the precedent of not running for a third term as president.
What did the Supreme Court decide in McCulloch v. Maryland?
It argued that states do not have the right to tax a federal entity.
The Rush-Bagot Treaty demilitarized…
the Great Lakes
In Worchester v. Georgia, the supreme court ruled that the Cherokee nation
was a distinct political community and entitled to federal protection.
The Erie Canal connected
Lake Erie to the Hudson River.
The Whig party was made up of former Federalists and former Republicans who
believed that the national government should encourage economic development.
How did John Quincy Adams win the 1924 presidential election?
He was selected by the house of representatives.
What was the dispute in the 1830s nullification crisis?
South Carolina questioned whether a stae was bound by congressional legislation.
How did the penny press influence publishing?
Because it made publishing cheaper, the penny press, or newspapers, could be more independent from political parties.
What is Joseph Smith’s significance to American history?
He founded the Mormon Church.
Why is the Battle of the Alamo significant?
It provided a rallying point for Texans in their struggles against Mexico.
What did the supreme Court rule in Dred Scott v. Sandford?
Slaves were not citizens; therefore, they could not sue in federal courts.
What was the cornerstone of the southern defense of slavery?
It was up to states to deal with slavery because there was nothing in the Constitution to forbid it.
What happened at Pottawatomie Creek?
John Brown massacred a group of pro-slavery settlers.
Why did the Confederacy expect assistance, or at least diplomatic recognition, from France or Great Britain?
The French and British upper classes were thought to be sympathetic to the South. A permanent division fo the United States would benefit European colonial designs in the Western Hemisphere. Britain depended on the South for Four-fifths of its cotton.
What happened at the First Battle of Bull Run?
Amateur armies on both sides fought a bloody battle, with confederate forces ultimately prevailing.
Where were Confederate forces defeated after their first incursion into the North in 1862?
Battle of Antietam.
What brought the Radical and moderate Republicans together in an alliance against President Johnson?
President Johnson vetoed the Freedmen’s Bureau bill and the Civil Rights Act of 1866.
With the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, Congress sought to
protect the citizenship rights of males.
Who won the 1876 presidential election?
Rutherford Hayes
The Freedmen’s Bureau was designed to
ensure the election of former slaves to public office.
What did the Fort Laramie Treaty require?
It required northern Plains Indians to move to a reservation in South Dakota.
Who fed the rags-to-riches myth in his novels?
Horatio Alger
How did James Duke influence American Society in the nineteenth century?
He used trading cards, box-top premiums, and so-called scientific endorsements to sell cigarettes to Americans.
What did Henry Grady advocate?
He advocated diversifying the economy and expanding industrial production in the south.
What happened to the USS Maine?
It lew up in Havana Harbor in 1898.
Who was known as the king of ragtime?
Scott Joplin
Who led the National American Woman Suffrage Association into the twentieth century?
Carrie Chapman Catt
The Grange was an
organization of farmers.
What did the Curtis Act do?
It dissolved the Indian Territory and abolished tribal governments.
Which of the following amendments is not accurately defined?
The seventeenth Amendment allows the direct election of members of the house of representatives.
In the jungle, Upton Sinclair exposed the corruption in
the meatpacking industry
Whose assassination triggered WWI?
Franz Ferdinand
Which of the following statements concerning the 1918 influenza pandemic is true?
It killed as many as 30 million people worldwide.
Which of the following examples reveals the nativism in the United States in the 1920s?
President Harding issued an executive order limiting the number of non-British immigrants.
What did Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, and Mary Pickford have in common?
They all became celebrities in the 1920s because of their acting in movies.
Which New Deal Legislation from 1933 provided jobs for young men in restoration and environmental projects?
Civilian Conservation Corps
Which of the following statements is not true about the new deal?
The new deal brought about full economic recovery, and by 1939 unemployment was no longer a serious problem.
Where did the United States drop the first atomic bomb?
How did Germany’s persecution of Jews during the 1930s benefit the Allies during WWII?
Many leading European scientists and intellectuals fled German control and aided the Allies during the war.
Why was the United States called the “arsenal of democracy?”
It produced 300,000 airplanes, 2.6 million machine guns, 6 million tons of bombs, and numerous other war materials.
President Harry Truman developed the Truman Doctrine in 1947 because he wanted to
provide military and economic aid for turkey and Greece so they could resist the spread of communism.
Why was the 1947 National Security Act significant?
It unified the armed forces under a single Department of Defense; Created the central intelligence agency; established the national security council.
In which country did the united states fight a war in the early 1950s?
Which of the following shows was the number one show on television throughout most of the 1950s?
I love Lucy
Why did President Eisenhower eventually support the desegregation of public schools?
He was forced to defend the law of the land after seeing the defiance of Arkansas governor Orville Faubus.
What did Dr. Benjamin Spock argue in common sense book of baby and child care?
He urged mothers to stay at home; parents to comfort crying babies, parents to avoid spankings.
During the Cuban Missile crisis the united states
instituted a quarantine of Cuba.
Which of the following accurately describes Lyndon Johnson’s policy on civil rights?
He enacted a sweeping civil rights law that granted the federal government new powers to fight segregation.
Where did a major race riot occur in 1965 that signaled an increase in racial violence for the next several years?
Los Angeles
When he used shuttle diplomacy, where was Henry Kissinger attempting to achieve a peace settlement?
The Middle East

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