Unit 1 Chapters 1-7 AP World History Study Guide.

Characteristics of Civilization?
Hunter/Food Gathering People
What is a Forager?
Foragers settled down permanently, domestication of animals and plants.
2 Factors that Led to the Agricultural Revolution?
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Unit 1 Chapters 1-7 AP World History Study Guide.
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Unit 1 Chapters 1-7 AP World History Study Guide.
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Wheat, Barley, Potatoes, squash, etc.
Examples of new foods in the Agricultural Revolution?
It allows it to store food, through seasons, bad weathers, etc.
What does an extra amount of food allow to do to a civilization?
Their was indeed conflict between Foragers and Farmers, but in general Farmers and foragers got along in some cases. In general, most of them fought over land, but Farmers had it more like infiltration than conquest towards the Forager’s land.
Farmers started using land from groups of foragers. What happened between them? (Like any conflict, the mood of the Foragers, fighting?)
Large stones that were left behind by ancient civilization. Usually indicated a sort of ritual or symbolism
The gods where worshipers of basic elements (Fire, Wind, Earth) and one was a Sky God with deities surrounding it. Also, it had lots of animals for symbolism that related to wild animals. One mainly was the leopard.
What were some of the gods that time? What did their symbols represent? Any animals that represented symbolism as well?
Religion back then was based on lots of ancestors. So being buried inside a burial chamber would mean you were Old and Wise. It was a way to depart ancestors.
How were burial chambers important and what did they symbolize?
Catal Huyuk, used as a long-distance trade center.
What was a famous town in Turkey that is one of the oldest cities dating to it?
Catal Huyuk was covered with sacred shrines, and it became a status symbol of power.
Why wa metal working so important in Catal Huyuk?
Self-governing urban center
What is a City-State?
It was the ruling of the monarch in the Zhou Dynasty.
What was the mandate of Heaven?
Man was evil, so harsh rules and strict punishments must happen.
Better suited for agriculture and trade, after Nubia was split by the Assyrians.
Why was Meroe an urban ceter?
Early Mesoamerica Civilization from 1200-400 B.C.E.
Who were the Olmecs?
Aligned their cities based on paths of certain stars, indication strong beliefs in astronomical events.
Why did the Olmecs align their cities?
Jaguars, crocodiles, snakes, sharks
Olmecs used several animals for symbolism, what were they?
Carved stone heads of individual leaders, making a calender, and developed a form of writing.
What are some of the enduring qualities of the Olmecs?
South America’s early urban civilizations, inherited many of the cultural economic characteristics of Caral
Chavíns, what was it?
Hittites, foremost power in Anatolia from 1700 B.C.E. to 1200 B.C.E. (Had the Horse Drawn Chariots.
Most powerful warrior-like civilization in Mesopotamia?
Political Fragment, economic deadline.
Who or what was the foreign influence of Egypt?
First famous woman pharaoh?
Ruler that spread belief of the god Aten
What was Akhenaten’s role in Egypt
Stopped spread of the god Aten
King Tut’s Role in Egypt
The Vedas
What were the Religious texts that helped study the Verdic Age?
A type of social status division based on color of skin
What was Varda?
Indian empire Mauryan grew the empire so big, it started having problems maintaining control of it, just like Alexander the Great’s problem with his empire.
Why was India always considered fragmented?
Chandragupta extended Mauryan control over it.
Famous general Alexander the Great turned around and created a void(emptiness). What happened with it?
Iron Smelting
What technology did the Mauryan’s develop?
He saw many dead people from military wars he was in, and he was overwhelmed by it.
Why did Ashoka convert to buddism?
Its natural resources and location
Why was South East Asia important the the trade system?
Zhang Jin
Who was the famous explorer to traverse the silk road?
Walnuts, pomegranates, spices, peaches, apricots, and other fruits and foods.
What were some products exported on the silk road?
The Stirrup, where you place your leg on the saddle.
What was the greatest invention in the Silk Road?
China, India, Africa
What were the three locations the Indian Maritine System connected?
Directed trade ships, etc.
Why were monsoons so important?
Great tradition: Shared by elites of religion
Small Tradition: Tradition surpassing local customs.
Difference between great and small tradition?
A family of people called niger-congo which had 300 spoken languages throughout the south of the equator
What was “Bantu”?
First ancient civilization of greece?
Linear B
Minoan used particular writing script
Broke the spirit of rebellious peoples
Mass Deportation was used for?
What technology allowed the Aranyans to come down from the mountains?
What is the official names for governors in King Darius’s Empire?
It stored valuable records of the empire(King Darius) like government records, food distribution, etc.
What was the function of Persepolis?
Greeks called id Ionia, which stands for a peaceful place.
What did the greeks viewed the water/sea/ocean as?
What was the fine material greeks mined to put in their statues?
Greek and the Aegean region lost contact from the rest of the world.
What was the dark ages of the Greek about?
What is a Greek city-state called?
What is a Greek Hilltop called?
Isolation of food for Athens.
What was the strategy that the Spartans used to win the Peloponnesian War?
It was about Alexander the Great’s empire and spreading its ideas and culture.
What was the Hellenistic Age about?
Roman Republic
Who was the center of power in Rome?
Commerce and trade
What was “Paux Romana” associated with?
the switching of 22 emperors, no stable emperor
Most visible symptom of the third century crisis?
Who was the person who helped Rome out of the third century crisis?
Who was the first christian emperor?
Edict of Milan
What did Constantine establish in his empire?
Period of time in Asia where corruption was everywhere?
Family was the basic unit of life in China because the importance of ancestors
How important was Family in China?
Barely any freedom, stay in house all day, married young.
Views of Confucianism on women?
1. Parents arranged marriage with husband
2. Women lived in husband’s house as stranger to prove she’s worth it.
Process of arrangement of marriage for a women in china?
Shi Huanagdi
Famous ruler in the Qin Dynasty?
Name of group of elite people in china?

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