US History Unit 7

Why did African Americans, Mexican immigrants, and Mexican Americans face especially hard times in the 1930s?
Lack of jobs, being laid off, discrimination
Why did some immigrants return to Mexico during the Great Depression
They had lost their jobs in the united states due to the great depression
How did the Bonus Army events help turn the nation against President Hoover?
Many Americans blamed Hoover for the attacking on the veterans
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Why did Americans support Franklin Roosevelt in 1932?
Because he was confident and made Americans feel as if the depression could be beaten. He also promised Americans a New Deal
What was the overall effect on the country of Roosevelts first New Deal programs?
The new deal programs convinced the people that the federal government was actually doing something to pull the nation out of depression
What were the 3 Rs?
Relief, Recovery, Reform
Why did some people oppose Roosevelts programs?
Some felt as if the president had not gone far enough
What was the second New Deal?
Social Security
How did the New deal help many American groups?
Everyone over 65 received a pension/ income from the government
What role did women play during Roosevelts presidency?
He appointed some women to positions in government agencies
What experiences in Bethunes life made her a good choice to advise Roosevelt on education and youth issues?
She was the president of the national association of colored women and the president of Bethunes cook college
When did the Manhattan Project begin?
Who was re elected for a fourth term?
Franklin D. Rosevelt
Which countries formed the Axis alliance?
Germany, Italy, Japan
What effects did the Treaty of Versailles have on Germany?
It blamed Germany for the war and declared Germany the loser of the war, and also forced them to pay reparations
What factors led to the rise of dictators during the 1920s and 1930s
Many people lost their faith in the Democratic government
What dictators rose to power because of these factors?
Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin
Why did Germany and Japan invade other countries?
For the resources that they had such as iron, oil, and coal and also to expand their power
What agreement did Germany and the Soviet Union make?
That Hitler could take sudetenland if he promised to seize no other land
How and where did Germany extend its conquests in Europe in 1940?
Nazi forces stormed Western Europe by air and land and boomer plans and powerful tanks
How did President Roosevelt help Allied nations?
He gave over $50 billion to the allies, and passed the Lend – Lease Act
What did Congress do after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor?
They declared war on Japan
Why were many Japanese Americans sent to interment camps during the war?
Because they feared that they were spies for Japan
What was the Allies “Europe First” policy?
If they took out Europe first, they thought that they could focus all of their energy on Japan
Why was D day important?
Troops got allied planes and bombed Germany defense post. Within a week, allies had taken the entire coast and by the end of September all of France was in Allied Lands
What effect did the war have on the US economy?
The war brought the us economy out of the Great Depression because many jobs were created out of it
What happened at the Battle of Midway?
Japanese Navy suffered heavy losses. Allies gained control of Japanese held islands
What strategy did the United Sates use to defeat Japan?
Island hopping
What major event led to the surrender of the Japanese forces?
Island hoping and taking over certain islands; cutting off supplies, making them use this stragity in the Japanese war
Why did Truman decide to use the atomic bomb?
To spare up to 1 million american lives
People who believe in limited government involvement in the economy
Communities where mostly Spanish-speaking people live
Japanese pilot who crashes his plane into an enemy ship
Home Owners Loan Corporation
Gave loans at low cost to homeowners so they can continue making their house payments
Internment Camp
A place in which people are confined especially during a time of war
An income for retired workers
An attempt to keep peace with an enemy by giving in to its demands
The deliberate destruction of a group of people based on their race, culture, or beliefs
German method of conducting war with Speed and force
Mary McLeod Bethune
Became the first african American woman to serve as the head of a federal agency
Joseph Stalin
Took control of the Soviet Union after lenins death and introduced the totalitarian state
Bonus Army
World War I veterans Who marched on Washington, D.C. Demanding payments for their service
Nicknames of shanty towns that acted as temporary communities during the Great Depression
Francis Townsend
Had the original idea of the social security act where citizens over 65 would be paid a pension
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The democrat who won the election of 1932
Adolf Hitler
Took control of Germany and brought the Nazi Party to power
Sit of D – Day
Benito Mussolini
Named dictator of Italy, brought fascism with him
Site of a key battle in the pacific
The Sudetenland was given to Germany by the Allies as a form of appeasement
President Roosevelt made the decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan
The D Day invasion took place in Berlin, Germany
Eleanor Roosevelt took an active role in government activities
The Tennessee Valley Authority built dams and helped to produce hydroelectricity
Italy, Germany and Japan formed the axis of Alliance
Roosevelts three Rs were rejuvenate, recovery, and reform
Japan and Germany invaded other counties to expand their territory, strengthen their military, and find new rescources
The “Big Three” consisted of Winston Churchill. Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protected peoples money in banks
Social Security Act
To provide a pension to people over 65
Wagner Act
To protect workers from unfair practices and let workers join unions and the right to negotiate with employees
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Protected peoples savings in banks
Securities and Exchange Commission
Regulated stock and gave stock information
Tennessee Valley Authority
built dams on the Tennessee River to control flooding and to help reduce hydroelctricity, or electricity produced by the power of quickly moving water
Public Works Administration
Created jobs and public works to stimulate the economy
Pearl Harbor
Attacked by the Japanese; thrust the U.S. into WW2
Nuremberg, Germany
Attacked by the Japan
Hiroshima, Japan
Sit of the WW2 war crime trials, where 24 Nazi leaders were convicted

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