Virtual keyboard

There is a wide range of innovative input device selections available in the market today. Most of these input devices are designed for ease of use. Previous devices are usually developed and improved to devise new inventions fitting for the pressing needs of the computer client. In some cases, these brand new gadgets are dispensable, simply for plain entertainment.

Browsing through the internet has provided the writer with information about the latest input devices that have swamped the market for gadget finds. I have chosen three different keyboard innovations, putting them side by side, to identify their functionality and efficiency. Through a simple analysis of product descriptions, the value and marketability of each is also identified.

The virtual keyboard is a laser technology that takes input through keyboard to a new level. The virtual keyboard is an I-Tech innovation that is merely a projection of the standard keyboard interface. Practically speaking, the virtual keyboard can be cast on any type of surface. This is a perfect companion for laptop, PDA, Pocket PC, and Smart Phones users, accustomed to traveling around.

The virtual keyboard works in a complex manner as it processes movements of the hand and the fingers to identify and carry out various keystrokes. Each keystroke is coupled with a tapping sound for a realistic feel.  It does not use up much power because when it is not in use, it vanishes automatically from sight. The virtual keyboard can be connected to any device through USB or Bluetooth connection.

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The FrogPad mini keyboard is another interesting keyboard device because of its size. Its dimensions are smaller than the regular keyboard dimensions and it has only around 20 functional keys. Like the virtual keyboard, it is also designed for traveling and outdoor use.

An interesting fact about the FrogPad mini keyboard is that it is one-handed. Inputting only requires the use of one hand allowing you to do other things while typing. It can be connected to any type of device such as PDA, Laptop, Pocket PC’s, Smart Phones, and other varieties of mobile devices through USB. The FrogPad mini keyboard is widely used in computers installed in vehicles because of its functionality and simply because it saves much space. Its newest development is the FrogPad Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

The Step On It keyboard control pedals by Bilbo Innovation, Inc. is a plug and play  keyboard peripheral that makes use of a three electronic pedals in replacement of some keyboard keys, such as the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys. However, designating other keys to each pedal is allowed, as desired by the user. The objective of the keyboard control pedal is to reduce wrist strains that may have caused by prolonged typing activity.

Among the three keyboard innovations listed above, I think the device having the most market potential is the FrogPad mini keyboard. A lot people nowadays are looking for ways to maximize their time and be able to do multiple tasks at the same. The FrogPad mini keyboard enables you to this. As it saves much space, it is also easy to bring anywhere you want to go, through the use of handheld devices and other computers. It also offers a one-handed feature where it permits multi-tasking.

It also comes with features like switching left hand and the right hand, and its interface allows users for easy input. The I-tech virtual keyboard comes next with regards to market potential. Aside from its attractive and hi-tech design, it is also practical and functional for people on the go. It is best to use it with handheld devices to save space.

The most interesting thing about it is that it each keystroke is accompanied by a real tapping noise similar to the tapping sound in regular keyboard devices. It was creatively designed and well thought of, producing an innovation that captures the attention of the computer client. The Step On It keyboard control pedals are impractical. It results to confusion as it changes the way the keyboard is used. It complicates things because you have to mix the use of your fingers and your feet. I would have to say it has not proved its potential for consumer consumption.


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