Wearable tracking system for analysis of footballer efficiency

Wearable tracking system for analysis of footballer efficiency

“My function in the application of systems technology in the group project”

The inclusive purpose of this Part A Group undertaking was to develop a racy, wearable trailing system for analysis of footballer efficiency during a lucifer. I was portion of Group B of Group 8 ; my group’s assignment was to incorporate the accelerometer with the mbed development platform of the GPS-based system. The group consisted of four people including myself.

In drumhead the complete purpose of this undertaking was to develop a wearable GPS-based trailing system that can temporal enter the football players efficiency during an increased continuance of a 5 minute football lucifer. The possible donee for this system is the primary stakeholders who were identified as the football manager or lookout as they benefit from the football players efficiency. They would be able to place if the football participant is worth their salary merely by analyzing their public presentations during lucifers.

Accelerometer is an electromechanical device which measures acceleration due to motion and gravitation. The dynamic acceleration which is engendered by quivers from motions allows the capacitive accelerometer to specify in which way the user is traveling and what velocity. The inactive acceleration which is generated by the gravitative pull the measurings portrayed the angle of joust in relation to the Earth’s gravitative pull.

A big sum of clip and attempt throughout this undertaking has been spent on team-working – organizing the Group B squad, redacting the paperss achieved between us into a consistent manner and linguistic communication suited for non-technically minded readers. The intent of the group undertaking was to derive organizational, proficient, and systems technology accomplishments and cognition which I had expanded my apprehensions throughout this undertaking.

This study is structured into separate subdivisions – the first depicting the paperss created to help from a systems position. The 2nd focal points on the systems technology methods that have been applied ; why they were selected ; how they were tailored ; how good they worked and how these applications could be improved. The 2nd focal points on the functions I played within this undertaking with what I contributed besides.

The overall end of the group undertaking was to develop a robust, wearable trailing system for analysis of football player effectivity during a lucifer. The purpose for my tutorial group – Group B nevertheless, was to incorporate the accelerometer with the mbed development platform to enable extraction of the needed informations for tracking the system’s acceleration forces over clip. In this undertaking, I took the enterprise to be the squad leader/manage whose duty was to pull off and put to death the sub-system developments. I made sure that my fellow squad members followed the Management Plans integrating the applications of the systems technology procedure used for this undertaking.

As the tutorial group director I had the duty to set up the squad into a construction so that all members felt non merely that they had something to lend, but besides a say in the concluding sub-group study. That manner when it came to the testing of the overall system they wouldn’t feel that they had cheated their manner without lending to anything. One of the chief deliverables for this was in the signifier of a written study, which as a consequence of its size, and in an attempt I tried to include all group members, featured an input from each of them.

To back up this undertaking I created a System Engineering Management Plan ( SEMP ) and a Project Management Plan ( PMP ) with a small aid from my squad members. The intent of these direction paperss to place and depict the overall systems technology procedures and methods to be used during the development of this Group undertaking. I was entirely responsible for the PMP due to the fact that I was the sub-group director so it was my responsibility to pull off the undertaking and put to death it with organizational and proficient abilities.

To guarantee that there was communicating about the systems development throughout the undertaking I incorporated a communicating direction program. The communicating program involved a directory which had more than one contact information for each forces involved in our sub-group. I found it utile as I was able to update them utilizing the societal networking such as WhatsApp and Facebook to look into their electronic mails when needed. So following the communicating program was successful.

I allocated two of my co-workers from the group to bring forth the Work Breakdown construction. The intent behind utilizing this was to be after our work more expeditiously. The undertaking was characterised by time-limited activated with assigned fixed clip frames. The WBS affected the undertaking because it helps do the development of the sub-system consistent supplying effectual undertaking executing. By treating the undertakings at manus more clearly I was able assign duties. The functions provided were given to each of the members based on their strengths and what they were willing to make every bit good.

In order to follow the communicating program described in the Group study, I created a Facebook page for the Super Group to maintain up to day of the month with the other members of Group A and Group C of this undertaking. The page was rather successful as the pupils involved in our Super Group were now cognizant of the meetings up-coming with their anterior dockets. Members from each group were made admins so that they could add their fellow group members who I had missed out from their tutorial groups. With this page we were able to hold a successful football lucifer with the to the full incorporate system attached to one of the participants.

As system technology procedure are characteristic within the overall system life rhythm. This attack is iterative to the system design and development. The lifecycles used was SEMP, CONOPs, System Requirements, Software coding and Hardware fiction, Unit proving, Subsystem and system confirmation, Validation ( Testing ) .

However, to develop the accelerometer I customised this to accommodate my group’s life rhythm procedure of the sub-systems development. This diagram was designed like this as I believed that this would be a suited manner in implementing the following activities.

The first phase of the customised VEE diagram is the Requirements. As a group we recognised the user, system, functional and non-functional demands of the sub-system this helped with implementing the following phase of Management Plan paperss. This phase encountered the Project Management Plan ( PMP ) and the System Engineering Management Plan ( SEMP ) . The intent of such paperss provided a comprehensive baseline of what needed to be achieved within the undertaking, how they were achieved, who would be involved and how it will be communicated throughout the undertaking.

Cardinal direction: intents – hazard registry

Once these were written to a satisfactory criterion, our coder executed the 3rd phase of our life-cycle. This contains the cryptography and testing of the sub-system. We could non go on to the following phase until the concluding execution of the accelerometer was verified by me. Until so, I took the chance to leap to the study composing phase and get down the initial bill of exchanges of the Group and Individual studies.

After I verified our sub-system coding the integrating of the trailing system could be accomplished. The integrating merely took approximately two hours as it was rather easy one time all the sub-system cryptography were verified. This meant that in comparing to the Gantt chart which we achieved we were in front of agenda. This had an advantage as my sub-group were able to concentrate on the group study at manus utilizing up the clip allocated for the integrating of the system. When it came to the proving I didn’t take part in the lucifers its ego but I was the one entering the lucifers. I shared the images and picture with the other members in our super-groupo via facebook because I was the one videoing the testing. This means that the images seen in Group 8 sub-group group studies are most likely to be similar.

In decision the biggest obstruction, for me in my sentiment, was successful completion of this undertaking was team-working by trying to finish our assignment in clip with the other sub-groups in this undertaking. I found it disputing to do certain that my co-workers kept to the deadline of the undertakings that were allocated to them. Although at the terminal of everything the system constructed performed really good, bring forthing informations required. It was compacted plenty to be worn without set uping the footballer’s public presentation but it could hold been improved if we was provided with a lodging device for the system. As the system was attached to my co-worker with a brand displacement lodging device wrapped around him with tape.