Wipro Hrm Policy

Wipro is an Indian multinational, provider of information technology services, consulting, outsourcing services and research and development services. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. As of 2012, the company has over 1,30,000 employees and a worldwide presence with global centers across 54 countries. Human resource management may be defined as a set of policies, programmes and practices designed to maximize both personal and organizational objectives. OBJECTIVES OF WIPRO HRM: * Effective utilization of the available human resources. * Organizational structure of relationship. Development of human resource and rewarding them. * Compatibility of individual goals with those of the organization. * Maintain high morale of the employees. ACTIVITIES OF HRM * Recruitment. * Selection. * Placement. * Training. * Performance Appraisal. * Compensation. * Maintenance. RECRUITMENT Wipro’s recruitment consists of three rounds. ROUND 1 : * Written test. * Verbal test. * Aptitude test. * Technical test. ROUND 2 : Round 2 is a technical test. ROUND 3 : Round 3 is the final stage of the recruitment process and it concludes with the HR meeting.

Wipro Recruitment Drive organized by IPSR career center on Thursday, 7th October 2010 was another accomplishment in a long line of others. The venue – BVM College, Cherppunkal, Kottayam was teeming with candidates from all over the state. More than 600 job seekers attended the event, with a good 312 candidates having been shortlisted PLACEMENT Upon joining, the incumbent shall be given an employee code number by Manager(HR) and he shall fill up the joining forms and shall submit the same to the Manager(HR) for further course of action. Wipro recruit 40%employees from campus recruitment.

Another popular source for Wipro’s Recruitment is the Online Placement through National Skill Registry (NSA). Wipro’s campus placement for the year 2010-2011 TRAINING At Wipro, The HR department knows how critical time is for fulfilling training needs and hence developed competency in the area of rapid learning. An emerging form of content development, Rapid Learning helps to develop content in a short span of time using various tools. Wipro has strategic partnerships with leading technology provider to help employees choose the tool that suits their requirement best.

Based on research conducted in this area, Rapid Content Development can be used for any of the following content areas: * Critical training. * Minor change. * Short shelf life. * Frequent updates. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Are people developing as fast as the business is moving? In order to answer performance related questions, Wipro offers an integrated end-to-end performance management solutions. This solution is based on global people processes drawn from best practices and helps organization steam line their performance and evaluation process.

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Wipro Hrm Policy
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Wipro’s Performance Management solution not only helps you establish the best practices in Performance Management like 360degree appraisal, MBO, etc, but enables reduced Performance Management cycle time without compromising on the sub-processes which are so critical to HR values, like Work Planning Conference, Work Plan Establishment, Development plans and Objective setting, Interim Review, Overall evaluation, detecting Performance deficiencies, Tracking, Documentation and Archiving. Once reviewed by HR dept. Assistant (HR) updates the records for each employee’s score in the database.

COMPENSATION Compensation is a systematic approach to providing monetary value to employees in exchange for work performed. Compensation may achieve several purposes assisting in recruitment, job performance, and job satisfaction. Wages and salaries structure is very vital for the retention of the employees as due to stiff competition if proper salary is not given then the employees might shift to organizations providing higher salary. Therefore proper salary along with various other incentive methods should be used to retain the current employee work force.

Recently Wipro increased wages for its employees by 8%. EMPLOYEE WELFARE ACTIVITES 1) Education: Wipro has its own institute, where education is given to the employees’ children absolutely free. The school has classes from JR. kg to class-XII and is an english medium school. Free transportation facility is also provided to them. 2) Medical: Company’s philosophy is “Nobody should die without fund”. Company believes its responsibility towards health services to the provident of the employees go beyond the statutory provision. Being the petrochemical ndustry some of their process are considered hazardous. The company recognises the importance of good occupational health services. Therefore, at the manufacturing sites, they have well equipped, full fledged medical centre which are manned round the clock. 3) Housing: The company has it’s own township at different locations in Bangalore. If a house is available, the new employees are allotted the house otherwise the company can also hire a house. All the maintenance houses provided to employees by company is done by the company. ) Canteen: The company gives canteen facility under which food is provided to the employees but it is not compulsory for them. The employees get the allowance in their salary. The Contract Cell at Wipro invites tenders and the Contract cell signs detailed agreement with the contractor. The operation of the canteen is given on the contract. 5) Sports: To motivate the employees the company organises different sport tournaments i. e. Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc. ) Recreational activities: For the recreation of the employees, the company organises a get together with the families once in a year. The company also arranges for a short distance picnic for which the employess are allowed Rs. 100/- and free transportation. 7) Club Membership: The purpose of the club membership is to meet other members of the industrial community and interact with them for relation personnel leisure. 8) Insurance Policy: Wipro provides personal accident insurance policy of Rs 100000 for employees.

Premium of the company is half pay by employee and other will be paid by Wipro. ANNUAL LEAVE Every employee gets an annual leave of 30 days and if more than 30 days is taken, then leave will be deducted from the next year. ANNUAL SICK DAYS In a year, 5 days are given as leave for sick days. If more than 5 days are taken, a certain amount will be deducted from the salary. EDUCATION * Learning through internet is provided. * Education tie-ups: It provides Post Graduate Software Management (PGSM) program. It also gives middle management course for 5 weeks and distance learning.

BENEFITS * Medical assistance program is provided to all its employees. * Interest free loan is also provided to all its employees. * It provides credit cards for the employees as per the policy. * It provides Wipro Employee Stock Option Plan which allows Wipro to enable its employees to share the success of the company and be rewarded. RECOGNITION & REWARD * Wipro Hall of Frame. * Mastermind. * Thanks a zillion. * Dear boss. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ON WIPRO VIKRAM ADITYA KAR (1210721) NEHA RATHI (1210733) ASHWARIYA NAG (1210784)

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