World History B Final Exam

Who led the Cuban communist revolution?
Fidel Castro
This movement began in Poland by Lech Walesea
What country was West Berlin surrounded by?
East Germany
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World History B Final Exam
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Who was the first prime minister of Pakistan?
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Who was the first prime minister of India?
Jaw Nehru
During the cold war, what was America’s basic policy toward communism?
What was the name given by Winston Churchill for the division of Europe?
le Iron Curtain
What is the name for the idea that if one country goes communist the next country will also?
Domino Theory
What was the method used by Gandhi to gain independence for India?
non-violence resistance UH DUH
The division of India and Pakistan is known as the…
Which country initially gained control of Kashmir?
The majority of people in Kashmir are what religion?
When was the closest the world has come to nuclear war?
The cuban missile crisis
Why did the west air lift supplies to Berlin?
The Soviets put up a blockade
What United States cold war policy is an example of containment?
Truman Doctrine
What was the purpose of the cultural revolution in China?
Remake society with young people with proper ideology.
What was the purpose of the Red Guard?
Attack the black categories
What was the result of the great leap forward?
A famine that killed 50 million people
What event led to the Raj?
Sepoy Mutiny
What did the revolt in Hungary and Czechoslovakia during the Cold War have in common?
They were crushed by the soviet union with force.
What were the internal causes?
Disparity of wealth, Nationalism
What were the external causes?
Arms race, imperialism, rivalries
Who was the last Czar of Russia?
Nicolas II
What questionable fellow dispensed advice to the Royal family during the Word War I era?
What event was the murder of workers demanding reform in the czarist government?
Bloody Sunday
Who led the october revolution of 1917?
Austin Roth. Jk Lenin
What group took power following the october/november revolution of 1917?
Who was assassinated to start world war I?
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
What type of warfare was fought during world war I?
What battle was the turning point of WWII in europe?
What advantage did Mao and the communists gain over the nationalists during the 1930s?
They had the support of the people who were treated fairly by the communists.
Which of the following is not a feature of a facists state?
Free elections
What was the appeal of Fascism in Italy and Germany that make people want to support it?
They promised order and strength in chaotic times
Which of the following was a part of Hitler’s belief system
Jews and communists were responsible for the loss of WWI
All german people must unite
germany needed lebensraum, living space
What was hitler’s goal for the night of the long knives?
To consolidate power and take revenge on his enemies
What was unusual about the japanese invasion of manchuria?
The move was made by members of the army without orders from the government
What group became a dominate power in the japanese political system?
the military
What country invaded the soviet union in world war II
what was the long march?
the journey taken by mao and the communists to get away from jiang
The policy followed by western leaders towards hitler before the world was known as:
Which country was not taken over by nazi germany during WWII
great britain
which of the following was not new technology used in WWI?
What was the war guilt clause
germany admitted they started the war
Hitler told the soldiers they didn’t loose WWI because they were:
stabbed in the back
According to Karl Marx who were the factory workers?
The industrial revolution began in:
What led to large labor force needed during the industrial revolution?
Agricultural advances
Which of the following was not an impact of the Industrial Revolution:
A. Rapid Urbanization
B. Labor Unions
C. Growth of middle class
D. Cottage industry ***
D. Cottage industry ***
Events that overthrew the english king without violence:
Glorious revolution
Which of the following is not one of the key conditions for industrialization:
Before the industrial revolution manufacturing was known as:
Cottage industry
What french leader led the reign of terror?
Who was the king of france during the French revolution?
Louis XVI
What is the name for the period of Radical control, noted for executions?
The Reign of Terror
What did Louis XVI and Robespierre have in common?
Both ended up on the guillotine
Led a successful revolt on Haiti
Toussiant Al-overture
Leads a successful uprising in Venezuela Ecuador and Peru:
Simon Bolivar
Many of the leaders of the independence movements in Latin America, such as Bolivar and San Martin, were from what social class?
During the 1880s the western powers divided up China into:
Spheres of Influence
The political spectrum
Where would a liberal be located?
Between socialism and moderate
Owner of the congo who called for the berlin conference?
King Leopold II
What event opened up japan to other countries?
The visit of matthew perry
Japan becamet the dominate asian power after defeating which 2 countries in war?
Russia and China
Which is not an effect of colonialism on Africa?
Equality of African people
What muslims group fought the soviet invaders in Afghanistan?
What is the group founded by Osama Bin Laden?
Which leader was known for his panarab approach?
Gamal Nasser
Which of the following was not captured in the 1967 war by Israel?
Southern Lebanon
Who aws not resent at the Camp David accords?
Gamal Nasser
What organization created the partition plan of Palestine following World War II?
United Nations
Which war gained Israel the occupied territories?
6 Day War
The idea the Arabs should unite culturally and politically?
Why did Osama Bin Laden hate the United States?
The U.S. supports the Saudi royal family.
U.S. army has bases in the Islamic Holy Land
The U.S. supports Israel
Who was responsible for the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993?
Ramzi Yousef
What event drew the modern map of the middle east?
Cairo Conference
What group won the afghanistan civil war in 1996 and granted asylum to Al-Qaeda?
Islamic fundamentalism does not appeal to which group?
The poor
Which of the follwing was not an Al-Qaeda operation before 9/11?
Iranian hostage crisis
Who were the victims and the perpetrator in the Bosnia Genocide?
Perpetrator = Bosnian Serbs
Victims = Bosnian citizens
Who were the victims and the perpetrator in the Cambodian Genocide?
Perpetrator = Pol Pot
Victims = Educated citizens (teachers, city workers)
Who were the victims and the perpetrator in the Nanking Genocide?
Perpetrators = Japanese Army
Victims = Nanking citizens (Chinese)
Who were the victims and the perpetrator in the Rwanda Genocide?
perpetrators = Hutus
victims = Tutsis
Who were the victims and the perpetrator in the Holocaust?
Perpatrators = Nazis
Victims = Jews
Who were the victims and the perpetrator in the Armenian Genocide?
Perpetrators: “Young Turk” government of the Ottoman Empire
Victims: Armenians
Who were the victims and the perpetrator in the Ukraine genocide?
Perpetrators: Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union
Victims: Ukraine people seeking independence from his rule

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