World History Info (1550-1650)

Spain gained all of the gold
and riches from the colonies they
Why was Spain considered to be the
wealthiest kingdom in Europe during
A religious truce.
What did Bourbon King Henry IV
declare in attempt to end the St.
Bartholemew’s Day Massacre?
30 miles.
How far was Phillip II’s palace from
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World History Info (1550-1650)
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14 years old.
How old was Akbar the Great said to be when he was enthroned?
The Ming Dynasty.
Which dynasty was in power of China during 1550-1650?
When did the Ming Dynasty begin its decline?
When did the Valois War take place?
What chemical that black human’s contain more of gives them a natural resistance to radiation?
True or false: The Southern Colonies depended on slavery for cheap work.
Circa 1700
When did Charles II die?

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