World War I Begins

The greatest fear of the rulers of the Austria-Hungarian Empire was that
their empire would be destroyed by nationalist forces
Italians were the largest ethnic group in the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Which of the following is the best conclusion that can be drawn from the chart?
European nations had built large military forces and were preparing for war.
Which event had the immediate effect of causing Germany to declare war on the Allies?
Russia mobilizes its forces on Germany’s eastern borders.
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World War I Begins
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Which events sparked World War I? Check all that apply.
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand angered Austria.
Nationalism increased tensions in the Balkan peninsula.
Alliances caused a chain of events that pulled each country into war.
A mobilization plan allows a country to
assemble its armed forces and move them quickly.
Which country changed sides about a year after World War I began and joined the Allies?
Loyalty to one’s country or to people with a common language, religion, and history is known as
Which statement best explains why German leaders were irritated with colonialism in Africa?
They were angered because Germany had fewer colonies in Africa than Britain or France.
The Ottoman Empire contributed indirectly to the start of World War I
by Germany’s declaration of war on the empire, which spurred the race for more colonies. (maybe)
What part did militarism play in increasing tensions in Europe?
Militarism led to an arms race.

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